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Bloggerel Doggerel Approach 41

3490076ZAPPACLAUS_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Granted the grandly seasonal renderings from now on until It’s fake all over and then some. — Supplanted the blandly unreasonable meanderings to come anyhow when the gin mill bits may call over the hum drum. — So much many the marketed pure and simple the misleading — Out of touch ifn any the sparkled lure of the older heart still bleeding. — If Butt First… — REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whatever. — Maybe Daily though we gots no luxuriously time flies entertaining costly cable and Nightly Baby ifn when notoriously we are rhyme wise and maybe baby able. — B’More Never the less the RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


johnny-web-redapple Money Changes there and again everything ass hauling bone at a lost the expense of everything and everybody else in the ‘Gramarye’ policing. — Funny the rearranges nare the ‘Paragon’ of the cleverly phone calling sting of false pretense the teething ring to understand the degree of shoddy wealth to win with reverie the Solar Fleecing. — Corrupted so the ‘Hireling’ to do most about any the thing for Such Little Money regardless of the task at Handily So Faded so to speak double speak along many the shining path. — Disrupted though the over under that’s the thing to go roast the sprout the many sting more the crutch to whittle funny artless love the mask that dandily berated by the sneak and troubled weak and strong if any the whining ‘Bibliotaph’. –3160593_APPLEBOOK_BLOGCHI– The otherwise ‘Bibliotaph’ so hoarding swell booked upon the time once the food for the thoughtless congress aspiring. — To gather Spies the pictograph distorting well cooked to spawn sublime ensconce the rude unconscious pretext of the ‘Hireling’. — The ‘Paragon’ of virtuoso working for food, a ham on rye or maybe for why the reverie. — The Pentagon of nurtured so so lurking to intrude the scam to die for they be bored by the ‘Gramarye’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


DOTHE_07547_BLOGCHI5‘Imputable’ the suggestively the Data Massed electronically Hysterical Madness caused by environmentally the seducing toxins engaged here the hunger gamed and over there the merry thus. — Irrefutable the progressively deflated harassed sardonically numerical the Hip on Campus paused why philosophically deducing options restaged from the fear monger arraigned anywhere ‘Emeritus’. — Peel the ‘Nocturne’ musically Induced By Counting statistically Wall Flowers and so many others the reasons for money ER to mock earn? –flowers7018_BLOGCHI– Feel the stock burn conclusively produced for surmounting any ethically on call powers before discovered allegiance to the funnier ‘Nocturne’. — ‘Emeritus’ so knowing the wise cracking they say politically engaging whatever the whatnot goes the data wurst than burnt toast in the polling computable. — Querulous so showing the Spies hacking anyway critically rampaging the clever however the If Butt the Instigator First the plan learnt most pigeon holing ‘Imputable’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


00025CRAZYRUSSIAN_BLOGCHIWhenever maybe to hesitate after a bit of for the soothsayer Hasty Brooding with blathering ‘Pandiculation’ pandering and so what if the timing is off. — However left to the ‘Colligate’ the laughter to wit or the toothier Pasty Pudding swift gathering articulation meandering of the wing nut If Butt for the Rhyming Wiz scoff. — IT could be that the might maybe the second ‘Prate’ wanta be beat begins sporadically at all cost to see so what the fake secure the cookie amour over under to see unready do crumble. –07840_SCRATCHOFFman_BLOGCHI– Or IT would see that the insight where they be the beckoned ‘Prate’ could be defeat thins periodically lost at sea or not on the make for sure so do the rookie for fun however the thunder be ready to mumble. — Rather known in the ‘Colligate’ fails to find blaming Timmy in the Well so supersedes by servicing the categorically stifling stipulation. — And the other lightweight blown nails the mind Gaming Gimme not to over sell though the Wild Wood Weeded in the furthering the metaphorically licensing ‘Pandiculation’. — And so on. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


WEB00613sharkAbsolutely ‘Stridulous’ for sounding Utterly Bored the Black Jack grating abounded so and so to why the winner with furthermore dismay the superstitious more than counteracting the morbid. — The tenuous dour grounding the buttery scored off the rack constipating although confounded by the beginner and BTW what’s the score sayeth the ambitious surmounting the ‘Torpid’. — Pass the remote although ‘Fastuous’ mini Slowly Gainsaying on the grounds for reflectively the dispersal working to scoff the limp of the hell bent reporting. — Morass left to float to so go the fatuous skinny lowly the insane preying done the rounds expectantly circle jerking off the ‘Impertinent’ distorting. — Irrelevant ‘Bibulous’ stereotyping otherwise gaining under cover the darkness absorbing whatever the astutely fabulous converting. –01108halfprice_BLOGCHI– The in-eloquent and ‘Bibulous’ out of fear although griping to mesmerize detaining the plunder over under the incarnate distorting wherever contentedly acutely the Chivalrous Reverting. —  ‘Impertinent’ recreation not for the better or worse conflicted after all to buy the torturous redundancy. — Turbulent confrontation If But the fetter off of the first depicted laughter on the fly the somewhat ‘Fastuous’ incumbency. — ‘Torpid’ terrorized the whenever caused the effective scared tactics incredulous the grating. — Fervid stigmatized the however paused the inter connective bared plastics  ‘Stridulous’ by the over rating. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


02900_SMILE_BLOGCHI‘Oniomania’ delivering economic reliability preying on the weakness of so much the carnivores and the meekness up a notch of the uniqueness of the All In Line the graduated omnivorous task when targeted institutionally buying. — Mass hysteria and the further blistering packs and gastronomic deniability, aging in the bleakness, Love the Watch, and the sleekness to define the other situated ‘Bibulous’ that the megalomania masked man marketed in conditionally denying. — ‘Minatory’ none the less the analytical herders not often heard of tough on the plunder compensated repeatedly and fully for the subservient Sound of Silence. — Regulatory fun under duress go the political murders to soften the any word of Just Enough the under estimated strategically so stands the Bully though ‘Transient’ always around the violence. — Is nothing sacred in the further on going with so many the established rabbits running of the flaky and ‘Transient’ delivered in such a way as much to hold the phone down while the supplication contributory. –02072seenmyshoes_BLOGCHI– The bluffing they said in the birder so worded amid showing the Hit if any refurbished habits punning love the shaky impatient to be slivered out of touch the lone clown style in identification of the ‘Minatory’.  — ‘Bibulous so connected transforming the Monsters Mashing potatoes and Other Stuff And So On goes the seasoning crisis with spices and druthers herbs and a Mesopotamia. — Congruous though rejected the swarming mobsters flashing out of When the Bay goes If Butt just enough the Show of Shows the reasoning Wit slices and dices in others blurbs of ‘Oniomania’,  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel Retreat

1YELLOWOnce the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — And always the Thankfully though troubles knowing the decision to meaningless of the thunder More living dead. — Weather or not the indoors dwelling — Bubbles gums blowing on the television screening under stress ahead giving — Whenever If Butt the blatant Whores Selling. — Joyfully Here Now wherever whirled peas on earth. — However they know although nobody is telling. — Freedom of Expression or whatever its worth. — And so much for the right of rebuttal — Running and hiding although the Fractured to do list Besides — Out of touch for the slight of the if butt first for the scuttle. — The cunning less more of the manufactured the clueless Frankensteen’s Brides. — Contemporary output the content keeps flowing. — So ridiculous otherwise none the less. — Exemplary the Pig’s foot the intent without knowing. — Conspicuous the Spies pun largesse. — REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whatever. — Maybe Daily though we gots no luxuriously time flies entertaining costly cable and Nightly Baby ifn when notoriously we are rhyme wise and maybe baby able. — B’More Never the less the RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


0999_buffet_BLOGCHI‘Gormandize’ what to do defiantly competitively shoveling IT in for the unresolved eat the pie proclivity flavorings and a munch in the face of the hungry by the way. — Romanticize ‘Xanadu’ don’t do High Society Sensitivity with the groveling Wit more than the problem solved the by and buy the laborings played the lunch just in case love the country anyway. — ‘Impertinent’ persistence Bleeding Patiently remembering the how Oui got here the better the basis bold to know them. –00547ibis_BLOGCHI– Divergent resistance feeding blatantly dismembering the now free so what near the wetter spaces hold the ‘Phloem’. — ‘Phloem’ the on and on the tubular to tell them nutritionally more than the ornament detailing. — To show them the Dog Gone Peculiar to sell them conditionally the before plan of the ‘Impertinent’ failing.  — Question why the ‘Xanadu’ anyway the by the way musically the obesity officiated to further in other words the insight to stigmatize if you please for the broiled brown fig just a bit Wooly Bully Wit stuffing. — Banzai Buckaroo for the day with amusingly complicity the frustrated murmurs to bite the birds Wit and satirize the ‘Gormandize’ more the oiled down Pig on a Split in a Pit bully bluffing.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


03672SHEEP_BLOGCHICrack ‘Dyed-In-The-Wool’ the insanity Absurdly Engaging and furthermore to understand the gathering of the droning on fractious. — Backside teaching in School the profanity covertly estranging ever sure the Slow demand blathering the gotta love the moaning of ‘Fastuous’. — Out of the Box when ‘Uxorious’ the passively aggressive the blunder grand the cracker so noted. –09234_GOAT_BLOGCHI– Devout like the fox then mysterious the dramatically oppressive to understand the ‘Slacker’ though devoted. — Wherever the ‘Slacker’ denied access more delirious as much the inauthentic and deceptive. — So clever the hacker defied the practice for ‘Uxorious’ as such schizophrenic the perspective. — ‘Fastuous’ fading fatally overwhelmed by the commoner the breeding carcass If Butt Defied by the Fool. — Anxious invading prenatally compelled why the phenomena bleeding heartless if not ‘Dyed-In-The-Wool’.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


4492_manybuds_BLOGCHI Grieving over ‘Henotheism’ or love of genitalia in other words the fake tattoo imprint of the competitive Godding List to die for fun to understand beside and profit,  — Leaving to discover hedonism of the ‘Penetralia’ the Just deserves to make to do with the dim squint to love the repetitive nodding and more done over and over again to try to run and hide and stop IT. — The ongoing  ‘Inexorable’ explanations with not much the ominous confrontation necessary of the methodically morbid given over to the Darker Arts regarding nothing though always looking for a greater meaning pretending, the bacteria eating psychosis conflicted everywhere. — So knowing Flexible determination IF Butts touch the obvious fixation in the commentary of the ‘Torpid’ though driven leftover from the sharper parts distorting bluffing in the hallways cooking the more debating convening extending, the criteria conceding neurosis restricted by market share. — ‘Torpid’ be the task at hand imparting the doing not much of anything mangled acceptable at best for the eating chicken wings infernally in time less concerting. –01222_MANYSANTAS_BLOGCHI– Thwarted see the mask to stand the guarding viewing in the clutch the Other String dangled ‘Inexorable’  put to rest the such retreating hoping springs internally in the rhyme stress diverting. — Happy ‘Penetralia’ bleeding contextually cavalierly hearted the further along the knowing in keeping with the multicultural give to forgive the Iseewizzee wasee oh well schism. — Snappy Necromania feeding sexually on the dearly departed one for the Other Song in the sewing and reaping of the so what adorable live and let live non compete Clause to sell ‘Henotheism’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme