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clown4_BLOGCHIOnce the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a PenNow and then — For whose greater Good the disparity? — More choose later would with clarity. — However humorous there seems to be — Now clever the numerous where dreams do see. — Missed and interpreted with cock eyed spied the twosome innuendo. — List brand diverted stiff stock lied cried the Grin the Gruesome din Memento. — Seriously now, right?REFRESHDisparity in View Anyway Still Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to Various Sources and Dictionaries too — Disclaiming the obviously and sometimes maliciously or more diverse linking than likely profitably by the powerfully motivated statistically speaking Data Gathering and misdirecting. –tai-chiWho Knows what, where, who, why, when anyhow anymore if the assuming links change while others are simply disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and OnionsB’More the Less than the Runyon.Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm. — If Butt. — However:- Who cares?So What? watermark_mayopia_mini copy–>> L.T.Rhyme


AfandancingC2319Daring do nut gamed the ‘Floorshow’ dirty deeds and simulacrum casting thousands dog rocked the doped win spat upon the water there in be late and clever waving grainy shiny seeing Freed By Far and Away Expression the Missed Behaving do to the better agitator later they be seen in choosing stately. — Caring who Butt maimed the more throw nerdy needs and minimal slack some lasting mountains fog socked sloped in at dawn the plotter where ‘Berate’ than never saving brainy briny being need Why Star of the Day suppression the dissed engraving to do the letter the Instigator Hater May Oui Lean Din Confusing greatly. — All Still in Vanity Across the Grand corrupt ‘Chiasmus’ vessel driving the Great Divide surviving ‘Chiasmus’ Brand abrupt the special sauce the loss insanity win will call. –ROUJET.7.24.16.P1710160– Butt for the seconded ‘Berate’ fed fabulous there the buzz is no abuse the substance gathered all the more so pervading metaphorically defaced in justice casing for the future feeling crappy lift above the what not the deal congealing healing greatly or bluffing not a prat fall. — Nut sure the beckoned see hate read fatuous where the fuzz biz so obtuse the abundance blathered y’all the ‘Floorshow’ evading historically embraced this Trust US facing more the Trooper appealing happy gift of what the Real revealing reeling lately for nothing what a Cat Call. — What are you trying to say? — That’s Entertainment. – watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


06326_VANITYmirror_BLOGCHISomewhat mixed directive Brand masking ‘Simulacrum’ plumbed around Home Land TRADE MARK care Erecting Faked Fun Traditional Barriers the Crush Above Beyond the Thin Splint Unprincipled GOGGLE EDGED this pointedly the fear obfuscation of doubting Am the Zone More So the Twisted Sisters memento dangled the invincible dangerous trouble feeling competitively assails the some higher profits at stake here too to Fore Contingency Scanned Presented. — Suck Butt fixed reflective bland casting the chiseler Rat dumb Dumbed Down OM Grand PAID PARK Air Deflecting caked unconditional carriers push the shove spawned the ‘Skinflint’ done exhibited TOGGLE STRETCHED disjointedly hear the causation above shouting damn the known forego the assisted blisters innuendo mangled THE UNPRINCIPLED traitorous Double Dealing Retrospectively details the come liar promises that break near to do the more pregnancy planned prevented. –wheel.7.24.16.P1700996– The vivid and the colorful ‘Pantechnicon’ heavy Booty Ego Pretended More the Better Bet Than any the Autocratic Venturous the Capitol pressed gone offensive more than the cosmic con caving the cartoon act fogging the character donned deliberated be grudging more asses.  —  The livid Brand the other school than lexicon levy duty depot resented for the letter yet can many the plutocratic dangerous the animal stressed fun apprehensive for the ‘Pantechnicon’ behaving the poltroon tact dogging the predator conned aggravated miss judging for classes. — One more the ‘Skinflint’ Bit under the bus for the dissimilar pablum the hefty bagged bagging so what. — Fun For the Thin dint IT plunder the thus more ‘Simulacrum’ the lefty gagged lagging than not. – watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


RESCUECORNER.7.23.16.P1700719Notably Based on Stationery jumping a slight ‘Compendium’ devised the farce indecisively joys erratic picked for choosing the pre supposed to Test the more for fun and how tell. — Devotedly spaced gone arbitrary Thrumping despite equilibrium despised the sparse grin derisively noise the ‘Vatic’ licked for losing in Fee Disposed do Rest Assure for Gun and Cow Bell. — For sure the ‘Connubial’ blessing stick dropped without in shame and the ridicule though non observant matrimonial guessing invested any the core appointed rounds preserved the inns and out and about the house to show how now the hooker retaining money warm and snappy happy. — The more the parochial stressing kick stomped about win blame Grand the festival so gone the servant ‘Connubial’ fessing contested many the sure anointed Clowns observed the sins stand out devout the mouse too slow shall thou the cooker the remaining funny Swarm Brand crappy sappy. —CHANGE.7.22.16.P1700732 Nor the ‘Vatic’ shun much two for the requiem gratuitous violence showered tasting the more silly driven actors realizing There’s Nothing Ever After Forever Whatever Shana Ha.  — Adore the static pun touch do assure the ‘Compendium’ fortuitous silence powered wasting the score chilly given factors despising shares Bluffing Clever Laughter for Pleasure the endeavor Ha Ha Na. – watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


01764dynastyBLOGCHISo what’s annoying perchance the ‘Usufruct’ friendly the cash do flow vaguely land grant brand the dwindling show trickled more slowly downward and Though Toughened Corporate Outward Bounding by the fair use pirated for the profits of those be the studious engaging in a Variety of Data Mining in the back of some hidden mind meaning planting seeds in grain the psychological subliminal dead perspective chicken egg insufficient confidentiality so what free shooted. — Dough Nuts Deploying the Shoes Dance Instruct intensely the rash To Go gravely the grand ‘Recant’ stand the tinkering So tickled sure lowly powered also summoned subordinate the coward sounding lie the share ruse inherited more the moppets Love shows Oui the onerous enraging din notoriety above greater refining thin the slack above unforgiven blind leaning ranting needs insane the hypothetical cynical read invective lick and beg omniscient rationality If Butt rebooted. — So goes the Rolling Stoned Daddy Dearest grand standing ‘Woolgathering’ moreso the typed in hip grip stereoscopic sound meandering the public fool blathering unable to be now the further missed than understood to see nothing moreso. –03672SHEEP_BLOGCHI– Show nose extolling honed ratty the nearest Bland Branding school mattering forego the hyped the pip chip cheerio topic bound slandering the rustic ‘Woolgathering’ unstable to see how the lurker kissed scan the thunder would to be bluffing forego. —  ‘Recant’ do that or anything like IT the Globally Self Do Destruct not more eagerly kind situationally inclined more the Climate Be Changed rather not to think about IT anyway the Gulf about coursing. — In cant screw that more many bring strike IT the nobly stealth ‘Usufruct’ Butt For legally blind conversationally defined sure the rhyme bit free arranged blather Butt do stink the grout thick By the Way enough the out sourcing.- watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


ENTER.7.22.16.P1700583Requesting Matters understanding myth in What Duh Mattered factual ‘Megillah’ be denied due pun defending deferentially all that’s sub contractual expects the variance the Funny Corporate Tell as such to see defied though pretending So because rejects It’s Good he Cares to be King leaking so goes IT on the Stump stalking aggressively believing silly crap. — Separated equally ‘Dieresis’ naïvely concerned about nothing butt winning the ceaseless to be lied to unintending consequential the dull cat’s snub done actual the checks and balance the money moderate smell as much applied GO defending show Oui pause effects splits would be hairs to Fee Sting Speaking WHO Knows Wit the Fun Dump Talking Progressively Receiving a chilly slap. — Touching more the ‘Tactile’ moments defiantly engaging terra firma burning contra dactyl for the sake above the commoners running punchy repetitively the anal retentive done grounded. — Clutching sure the actual foments reluctantly enraging there a worm a turning ‘Tactile’ score the break to Love the monomers cunning scrunchy competitively the venal preventive unbounded. —KAYCORNER.7.20.16.P1700510 Deceptively ‘Dieresis’ hung up the Spy hanging to coöperate dotted doting as such to a Cartoonish more the Scintilla of a Shushed Lout Gorilla Petulant Referring. — Receptively the species strung up by banking to aggravate knotted noting as much Though a Baboon Wish for the about ‘Megillah’ shove pushed the flotilla irrelevant deterring. — Of course IT would be good to sell some books. Ya gotta eat. There’s something odd occurring. – watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


4482_atlasGRUNTS_BLOGCHIIn Efforts Made Believing Lately the conditionally cultural diverse so showy leading the ‘Bildungsroman’ what functionally in conceiving greatly stormy weather or not whatever blessing the fetter grin and Love so much the letter in from ear to ear amore than kin a magnificent elaborate burst. — Win treasure paid deceiving stately traditionally do the Natural the Curse Though Doughy Kneading the still strung ‘Telamon’ cut structurally thin in grieving sedately glory ever for naught endeavor stressing for better skin and above as such to win come hear the cheer the floor plan in an immigrant collaborative wurst. — More the carried ‘Winkle’ tacky whacked encountering with sobriety dirty harried crinkle stiff cut crispy from chilled Blue Nun pleased udder stick IT on the side. bildungsroman.7.20.16.P1700460— For the married wrinkle lackey stacked and foundering sniff the variety wordy varied ‘Winkle’ if Butt lispy fun done thrilled do run run or greased butter ticket on deride. — Thrust Yin lacking Questioning Degradable the ‘Telamon’ the cornered stored the shaky yet soon to be now the mellow soldiers flustered encountering detracts. — Trust in hacking festering debatable ‘Bildungsroman’ sojourner scored the flaky Vet so swoon to see how the yellow smolders mustered floundering in facts. –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


BMORE (1)UNDER HACK ATTACK THIS MORNING! WORK STOLEN OR LOST. Clyman, is that you, you white male conservative flunky. Or is IT the Donalds wife’s writers? — STARTING OVER.***Thus Forestalling Oui the sickly devious ‘Raconteur’ the Cons Copped Casting stones So be IT Nada Universally Crappy the Hoppin Jons B’More in security speaking multi tasking language crushing moreso the poor drinking the sour grapes slipped fermented Stock Down Air the rocking role devised the deadly panned Butt dowdy done did IT gang banging. — Just whore hauling be the prickly mischievous the open door bronze dropped lasting scones So see IT bad the Controversially Sappy the Stoppin Cons See More Immaturity leaking faulty basking baggage hushing for oh the core stinking the power shapes shipped augmented ‘Doctrinaire’ the stocking soul revised the medley scanned what rowdy fun bid wit slang hanging. — There they be wherever the exit ‘Dissenter’ cracking jokes the crackers jacked when So Much Pathologically Mishandled this the center pained the suffering from lacking educational and multi cultural foundationsBLOGCHIclownS13. — Anywhere they see dare never the text IT lamenter sacking blokes the slackers hacked then Oh such mythological dissed rambled kiss ‘Dissenter’ stained the buffering come sacking sensational grand faulty structural situations. — Said what the ‘Doctrinaire’ embattled more the amateur queer political brand than anything else the why go Autocratic Nature of the Beast Ranting Reveling until Tis dawn. — Dead Butt the stock thin share them rattled for the ‘Raconteur’ sneer hypothetical grand man many sting stealth the psycho schematic nomenclature Love the least Chanting Beveling the Swill Is Gone. – watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

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06889salitr2_BLOGCHIOnce the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — CLIMATE CHANGE — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen — Ridiculed the Con Casting Insecurity Aside dependable jokingly customer self soft serving the political the insurgent Conservative Hell Bent at War in the Land of the Hidden Fee and Home of the Knave. — Butt of course there are no problems on the Splintered Webs today analytically speaking within reason If ya gots the money honey. — It’s not them It’s you! — Of course. — Whatever is an Idiot to do? — Really Nada Universally say IT ain’t So stomping on the creatively free speaking through the shills securely in the placements strategery gathered or not. — If Butt. — So many the Frankensteen’s Monsters Abounding electronically mystified Butt immaturity seduced short selling for a buck or two hear say and there. –04542museum_BLOGCHISuch as Some the Eeyore Humped astounding the More moronically justified not securely produced cohort telling more the luck for you near the prey anywhere. — However the non insane literally the political cost figuratively defraying wasting time. — Whenever the fun of pain conspicuously the analytical lost comparatively saying tasting sublime. — IT’s Coming For You.Crossing over the Bar SO Many with unethical intent hiding — Tossing moreover the Star though plenty fun with hypothetical lifted content presiding. — REFRESHDisparity in View Anyway Still Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to Various Sources and Dictionaries too — Disclaiming the obviously and sometimes maliciously or more diverse linking than likely profitably by the powerfully motivated statistically speaking Data Gathering and misdirecting. –tai-chiWho Knows what, where, who, why, when anyhow anymore if the assuming links change while others are simply disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and OnionsB’More the Less than the Runyon.Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm. — If Butt. — However:- Who cares?So What? watermark_mayopia_mini copy–>> L.T.Rhyme


circus8So Not Never Over Talking Whatever quite free of being ‘Punctilious’ the automatic pilot the sillier maneuvering to boot due in thru So Entertaining the Ambiguous Truths for so much of a proactive clarification to the alternative of originally seeking some moral value conflicted. — So what clever slower talking the endeavor might be above seeing supercilious the dramatic eyelet the chillier tutoring ‘Astute’ to win to know campaigning the vigorous youths amore though such love the attractive verification screw the interpretive of ambitiously speaking come the oral milieu restricted. — Swill taken to ‘Arrears’ who for and far behinded sure core Fears the Mad About IT so the hum drum Butt the fanny fetter anyway. –RousseauCosmos.7.18.16.P1690860– Still shaken more to Tears to door ajar reminded for more ‘Arrears’ the Bad to Shout IT though the come what plenty many better may. — Who ‘Astute’ in the first taking place the last the known the addressee oblivious nut casting stones the glass houses Butt shaken shimmering shattered. — To compute din the wurst making space fast the shown the marquee ‘Punctilious’ gut lasting drones the class louses not mistaken glimmering mattered. — With as Always a Little More Work To Do. – watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme