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Bloggerel Doggerel The Power of the Great 5

02011deer_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen — Overcoming the system that’s Gridlocked and broken — So much to the fix by the Vote — The underhanded however soft spoken — The Bill for Rights for whatever what’s wrote — Exchanging the people for money -00381_MASKmoria_BLOGCHI- Selling out for the stockholders good grief — Oligarchs outrageous and funny — Worms turning while sucking up to the damp Fallen Leaf. — Entertaining though otherwise still listening to no one — However so sustaining yet the spies so glistening and pay rolled for no fun — It might be about some Mythos training. — Rubber Banding on the run. — REFRESHToo much Fun– So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme –>> “Oui” –>> J.J.Rousseau –>> Ruffn

AWAD Rhetorical Devices

08386_LOGY_BLOGCHI ‘Antimetabole’ insignificantly referring though religiously insignificant to anything further referred. —  However the ‘Zeugma’  the gooder and bad.  — In the mean time ‘Synecdoche’ refraining though symbiotic so further recurred   —  Mad failing driven to ‘Epanalepsis’  while in the failing driven Mad. —   ‘Hendiadys’  constantly irritably and fluid   —   ‘Hendiadys’  however the constant conspiratorially and furthermore the lost and irretrievable outweighing the ridiculous so sad -05791DININGOUT_BLOGCHI-  Combining the one or another more or less the religions of the Christian and the Druid.   — And in between time: Oh so Glad. — Somewhat so regurgitated though  ‘Epanalepsis’ regurgitating somewhat  so.    —  ‘Synecdoche’ the seeker for the block upon the head —   ‘Zeugma’ or likely  so the otherwise for the if the and or the dumb Butt oh. — Uncle and  ‘Antimetabole’  Christians taking stock of all the dead while all the otherwise Druid the Dead are taking stock. — Or vice a the versa — Drinking the blood — The lust of the mud. — Wherever the Stoned Unhinged dread Breaking the Rock.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


01787_NUNS_BLOGCHI ‘Cryptesthesia’ malarkey so much simply particles and strings or ELF to ‘Adduce’ the lucky guesses and such and such so relatively and questionable and somewhat and intriguing — Parallel Universal studious and all — ‘Hendiadys’ the outbreak of skin and metaphorical the riotous  — Psoriasis so much so the dubious of the dead and reckoning on call — Nothing otherwise prophetic to  ‘Jibe’ or argue with the archdiocese — Voting anyway -00381_MASKmoria_BLOGCHI- ‘Banana Polish’ for the pole in the absence of the Fishing Hole — So much to booga booga wash denoting and away — One more just in case the too odious however the yet and abolish — Man in search of the otherwise some kinda mate or cultured wishing soul — In lieu of narcissism and Yo Momma’s ‘Banana Polish’ — Not enough yet the ‘Jibe’  jump left and spread all over for the jibbing — ‘Hendiadys’ so the relevant and apropos — No longer Climate Change bereft scientifically environmentally in the fibbing — Whichever the Way Did IT Go?‘Adduce’ or otherwise feign amnesia — How much did IT know and when did IT know they? — Or was it informally ‘Cryptesthesia’  — On Wit the Show and only then would IT show say? –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


00552parrots_BLOGCHI ‘Collywobbles’ differentiated — Some so many the ‘Baleful’ with Nada nor Ray ‘Iota’ of truth — ‘Epanalepsis’ under compensated -01864_PINK_BLOGCHI- ‘Internet Bambi’  or wailful the sleuth,  However, forsooth by the pailful luring the ‘Internet Bambi’Wherever Forgo the North South Dakota — ‘Epanalepsis’ namby-pamby — The preferably measured ‘Iota’‘Baleful’ faithfully believing — Unmistakable ‘Collywobbles’  — Coming or going or simply still frightfully leaving — Give IT a cracker and Polly Gobbles. — So on goes the tale to be furthermore Bill of Rightfully weaving. — Wherever the Dickish Humpty no longer Dumpty jolly hobbles. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


2280234_PINMAN_BLOGCHI ‘Chthonian’ revelations first and fore most aft the irrelevant collaborative efforts of type casting either Tweedle Dumb or dumber rebounded Tweedled Dee — ‘Quixotic’ government complications with narcissistic applications — The Platform not repeating for Rich as well as poor the personal downright dumbfounded duma needled ‘Synecdoche’ — Necrotic situations and artistic symbolic combinations  — So what not land of the brave and the home of the Hot Tuna casserole buzzed buzz buzz Light-year bumble bee — ‘Orphic’ innuendo so set forth in the poisoning Cola — For sooth Imbibing of the Sap —  However goes the death knoll more further loudly sounding by ‘Fauxbola’ — One more wandering Emu takes the heat from the ‘Emo Flap’‘Orphic’ not the failing in the symbiotic Stardust Memory -08045dummy_BLOGCHI- One or the some or another walk or run for the Cure though, however, super duper narcotic — Whatever though the harmonic wailing not to mention the chaotic New Yorker ‘Synecdoche’ — Regardless the other definitions remaining though in truth ‘Quixotic’ — Hiding out behind the faith in what otherworldly is after the fall though ‘Chthonian’Beastly Boys and girls engaging in what could be further never ending elastically termed erotic — Scientifically enraging by the cutting back of all so altered physically Newtonian. — Newer toys and curls and swirls so staging otherwise teamed robotic. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


00978_HAG_BLOGCHI ‘Poltergeist’ you can’t come in unless you can Name that Tune — Candied Yam Now and Later however, The Cheesy the Moon is Still the Same old same old big old helium filled pretentious Corporate Red Balloon   — ‘Sempiternal’ situational and never ending nor ‘Zeugma’ denoting and differentiated from what  — Though ‘Sere’ there everywhere dependent on the if and or overcompensated by the bigger dumb and dumber illogical logistical Humpty Dumpty butt. -06925ballOOns_BLOGCHI- ‘Sere’  Democracy not voting Conservatively happier with the concurring Gridlock so politically infernal —  ‘Zeugma’  the energy drink diuretic  — Hope Springs otherwise nor lacking exceptionally ‘Sempiternal’   — The media ‘Poltergeist’  in the corner self indulgent making Money Copacetic.  — So go the Dreamers denoting however so many the dark money the hackers yet conceptually nocturnal.  — Wherever the Voter remains intolerant  apathetic. –>>  Rupert  Likes To  Rhyme

That’s not you

‘That’s not you’ or is it otherwise filling oddly enough other spaces.  — Regretfully not even caring enough to for ego recognizing any other faces.  — Something or another for the spare time — So on goes the vote — Something something or another so to share time — However it’s done it’s not already wrote — On the other hand: ‘That’s not you.’  –>> L.T.Rhyme


02952_EGGICON_BLOGCHI ‘Antimetabole’ and Uncle Sam pay ‘Homage’ businesslike the tax break. — Though longing longer the ‘Odontoid’ eye so biting — More so other Cutting The Future protective services on the other spike facts done double take.  — However the Derivative fake stocks so exciting — With a further ‘Waft’ of back scratching insincerity — Like two pigs on a ‘Waft’ — Pork on toast -5265heavenlyegg_BLOGCHI-  So ill prepared for any clarity  — Adam and Eve gone daft — Challenging regardless for the least or the most — ‘Odontoid’  and nails pointedly fighting — ‘Homage’ or taxes in turn — So much many the pressures inciting — Whenever the money so hoarded to burn — Wherever the Holy Shanty done Holy  — Infrastructural lessons to build upon and learn  — Son of Sam Uncle say ‘Antimetabole’  — Closing the loopholes to girn. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel Modesty 31

2320_FANDANCING_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a PenHowever It Goes Without SayingThe Process being bought Drop a DimeThe Middle Class struggles for survival — Rebellion Simply lost in the Dismembering Gridlock the rhyme. — Once again upon a time the disclaimer — Some of the Links and particles and strings might however change -03323_MASK_BLOGCHI- Of course things presented by the character Rhyme the real Gamer — However the illiterate Picaroon Persecuters and affirmative judgeships and really wacky Inept or otherwise Unethical Lawyers actively things attempt to rearrange — With so much in the system corruptible — The Smaltimore or less life of the Strange — So much many in the meantime interruptible — “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.” — Ask a nurse — The system admonished — Furthermore making the noise — The thankless task is the curse. — Carrying on boys will be boys — Blow the Whistle otherwise not withstanding  — However the better yet worse — So much the fruitless still demanding — One character or another meta perverse. — Dang HackersREFRESHToo much Fun– So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme –>> “Oui” –>> J.J.Rousseau –>> Ruffn


SaveduhChesapea_BLOGCHI ‘Maunder’ so simplistically gathered — Also run Voted on the low Cut and run away from the talking points freeze dried — The ‘Quickhatch’ so prep cooked and super foamy lathered — All So ‘Whet’ for the taste of the tax cut infrastructure broken juke joints dead men walking sneeze fried. — Isn’t that what the taxes pay Shimmy Shimmy for? — ‘Come Correct’ to the much bigger picture — Some Wit so much opportunity say gimme gimme tax free more -WEBUNIONMINECOM-BLOGCHI- Fee for any and all future privatized public services not written in any zany scripture  — ‘Come Correct’ for the Democratic best bet — Wherever it is it’s a door — Equal pay, opportunity, Instamatic gratification, free Willie for the good govern the mentally so ‘Whet’‘Quickhatch’ the Mercenary Politician to further squander — However Rich Richly to pay taxes for whatever else the great gooder to get —  Whenever the crosshatch so grid locked so to metaphorically ‘Maunder’  — The greatest is the environmental shoulder wooder coulder Climate Changing Fracking fluidly the debt ridden Crackademia threat. — Let no one, Wall Street, Bankers, K Street or otherwise, so and so to put historically asunder. — There ain’t never a dirty dollar that IT turned away IT so soul wrenching academically met. — The Conservative goal is the Democracy to further plunder. —  And then what will Oui do?  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme