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09617_SWINE_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a PenThen againWhacky Doodles fornicating in the Court YARD — Common Criminals gestating manipulative information in the Industrial Park — So much for the substitute for selling short ribbed comfort Lard. — Politicians always running for office or lobbying on one or the another the Monetized Lark. — Lazy, Crazy Bacon. — And other number crunching heavenly eggs. -5265_heavenlyegg_BLOGCHI- After all Oui are what Oui eat. — Confined couch Freedom Fried potatoes not mistaken — Munching on mass marketed dumber chicken legs — Stars gazing back in the contemptible selfie — Popularized by the lesser discreet. — Batman Butt although younger the overhanging back porch still unhealthy. — Stigmatized by so much other heat. — REFRESH -tai-chi- Too much Fun — Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


04922elvisBLOGCHI ‘Disingenuous’ obligatory for further stress the defamation. — ‘Sodality’ reformatory with lesser the more likelihood of any more or less political confirmation. —  ‘Metastasize’ the references of Be the gadabout for the Under Over planned reforming. — So Super Size the preferences for ‘Clemency’ in the Police Gate missed understand the Uniforming. -8332_DISTURB_BLOGCHI- Stress disruptions Freedom for the stallion Balls. — ‘Clemency’ for corruption Howdy Doody rebellion calls. —  ‘Metastasize’ regarding the any aforementioned dumbing down polarity. — One back scratching the other back door with utterly religious methodical ‘Sodality’. — Profiting from Bullets, Buns and Bandaids for the militarily industrial strenuous. — Video marketing adhering overwhelming contrarily the freedoms territorial ‘Disingenuous’. — So Ultra the gathering informational deplorable — Profiteering the nefarious situational measurable and oh so simplified disturbingly adorable. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


3240711_ENVYHOTEL_BLOGCHI ‘Jaundiced’, jocular, jaded and cranky, whatever suburban, when best, better gutted defining. — ‘Languid’  languishing lately though otherwise the made up playful urban vernacular over rated, lanky, however, not yet succumbing to further rebutted refining. — Butt of first course that’s the curmudgeon down air on the one or another the next Discriminating Street. — Spare the ‘Retronym’ rod discarded for something better best spoiled perplexed and childish what’s so ever left over eliminating everything else to eat? — Willful ‘Cabotage’ containing two if By Sea Salt say stuffed, conjuring with ground meat, conceded and brown bought rice. — So much left over without the other enough though insuring no fault enduring defeated by sand, a frown and overwrought spice. -06649Starship_BLOGCHI- One or another cruise slipped regarding furthermore any acknowledged identifiable foodie with the trans beta fat deniable patronage. — Coming, Going, snooze, lose, shipped departing whether or not any sans data without that reliable ‘Cabotage’. — ‘Retronym’ rocket ship fueling for the coming innuendo. — ‘Languid’ clever money laundering, lounging superficially spare time the relatively reckless wandering. CAMPBELLSSOUP_BLOGCHI– The ‘Jaundiced’ stock tip for drooling with the Insider Humming to say so. — Morbid forever funny the pondering, scrounging carboniferous artificially sub prime pejoratively feckless squandering. — Whenever the tipped tip schooling beside her drumming: what did it say and when did it know?  — What? –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


2237_COWS_BLOGCHI ‘Laggard’ loquacious though lurking. — Watching all The Winners of the hour that cheat. — ‘Incontrovertible’ the smile left over for the audacious so smirking. — So on go the ‘Dalles’ overwhelmed drowning the sinners oh so rapidly converting the sour and sweet. — ‘Apoplectic’ on its face and the Back End denying. — Whether or not repeating for happenstance inherited traditional or otherwise phylogenetic. — Copacetic lost in Space Butt slack for simplified butt breath to Press Send complying. — The more clever the defeating victimized by circumstance kinetic converging conditional more energized by ‘Apoplectic’. —  Whatever the cost step back jack to further comprehend Death Defying. -05442_DISCOVERY_BLOGCHI- Though through the ‘Dalles’ emerging though not quite proportional stigmatized energetic. —  ‘Incontrovertible’ regarding the Merle Thing and the haggard   — Regardless the Cow’s sunny smoked disposition though the beef steak distortion synthesized pathetic. — So retarding the spin, swirl, swing still missing the ‘Laggard’. — However money coked if the any hows Butt good point grief break synthetic. — 900 million. — Following the media manipulated weather or not Anyway, IT’s the Money! — The ongoing undifferentiated political cotillion. — Whatsoever though stipulated the Gods Damned awful funny. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


webPTBarnumcircus11_BLOGCH! ‘Legerdemain’ linking the cart and the whining horse. — Such as entertainingly to further IT so the fact so ‘Subrogate’ the earned paging needs of the many. — However mocking ‘Scurvy’ Art or marked bread crumbs for the early dining over populated Butt of the loosely defining dinner course. — Though ‘Maudlin’ realistically for the heart bleeds in the media learned staging leads if any. —  ‘Maudlin’ though Globally Warm environmentally and Climate Change for the Intellectually curvy. -05438_BLIZZARD_BLOGCHI- Some see the door while so many others see so the longer, the Death March, across the bridge, hurry up and wait. — Delightfully the heavenly World without any Strange and further perpetuated ‘Scurvy’. — Indubitably though questionable to scientifically deflate the stronger moreso or less the one or the other scurry phony up or ‘Subrogate’. — Wishful thinking so to say It Ain’t Necessarily So. — It’s simply money and power, love of violence and the Schadenfreude toward defiance pain. 02954_FRANCIS_BLOGCHI– So much the binge drinking drunkard Butt regardless a little bit farther while peerless over pressured nefariously to go. — What’s funny for the hour, Love, compliance, the Bait and Switch science of competitively dubious motion of ‘Legerdemain’. — Oui know nothing linking what’s to further glorify anyhow the Reason to Place anyway, the bet better, Best treasured in Show. — With no facts for that matter what if IT be butt prepositionally reliance, the Sum of IT, precariously moving forward despite the broken alliance of the studious devotion of repetitively insane. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

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01168_CALDRONS_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a PenWho’s Your Hootie anyway? — Put in Mouth and Blow — Porpoise Rootie Kazootie Hell to pay — Who’s buying and selling the Bullets to Tell and shut up moreover to Show. — Neither either If Butt Or — However reclaiming a disclaimer — Nonsense is our only forte! — Less or More — Further delaying the gaming for the Major General mayhem marketing gamer. -3160614_MOMAPPLE_BLOGCHI- Links disappearing the same as before — So much further contradicting whatever It maliciously thought judiciously Oui Only Baloney should say. — How do some of these clowns get a Job wailing in most any oblivious situation. — Give US an education at First. — The affirmatively actively identified slob failing so many the obvious expectoration. — Otherwise the curse of redefining the hypocritical Wurst. — Whatever hard work how the Sausage is made. — Reforming one or another double bubble though political beginning to Burst. — Udder Nonsense and All in All whatever the Fair Use. -09842_HOLYCOW_BLOGCHI- Pretentious Crap — The Falsehoodie engaged in the Substance of Share Abuse. — The Conformational slap. — The unconfirmed Kim Dung Ill and morally obtuse. — Otherwise the Picayune to hunt It down and Eat it. — And die maybe — Hypothetically to fight though artistically florally Toulouse. — Further Fracking Fire in the Hole or lose IT to Beat It. — Baby, Baby, Baby — To whom should be given — The Benefit of Self Doubt. — Whatsoever the cynic’s remorse — Further Blasphemy dancing at the Twist and the Shout — Leaning In over to Pucker Ass Kissing for the course — Nothing left over to let it Work Out.  — REFRESH -tai-chi- Too much Fun — Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


08790pipes_BLOGCHI2 ‘Fiddlestick’ politically can’t stand viable. — Like the politician that would never tell the Debatable Old Testament lie. — ‘Constellate’ the religiously Dickish and methodically selling the rant planned metaphorically pliable. — Praising Jesus, Moses and Mohammed by choice or Occidental on the latest just as well selling so commercially the other Super Balls on the fly. — Fields of Killing still the Landing Point of the Gun. — Because uh ‘Nostrum’ so otherwise Spiritually polluted. — And getting there is merely all the fun. 3500609Rousseasmile– However though regrettable such simplicity convoluted. — Dieing until dearly departed forsaking to win in giving death. — It begs to differ for the whackier the ‘Nostrum’. — Applying as such regarded taking a win in every living merely open hearted while dieing in every forced Oxygenated Breath. — Save it for the lackey on the Wooly Bully rostrum. — And let the Democracy ‘Constellate’ choose which nose of the regrettably sleazy to pick. — The knave the behind the scenes theoretically cursed opossum. — Deliberating the latest overtly aggressive such as tracking the ordered clown or the Cheesy ‘Fiddlestick’. — It’s the money mattered conditionally in the conservatively shortly circuited claustrum. — Debilitating the greatness conversely oppressive to the touch so fracking watered down greasy give a little lick.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


08413skel_BLOGCHI Wherever ‘Nascent’ none the less or more the digitally implanted — Data driven babies the next dramatic in the Mother Play. — Creatively effervescent though complacent studiously so prodigiously and officially Treatment slanted. — ‘Evitable’ given maybes perplexed for the psychosomatic or some or another Rich Man at the expense of the Poor Man’s other another way. — ‘Alight’ on the Bench Marked hidden from any intrusive sight. — So said “For the Greater Good” though ultimately so so so to say regrettable. — Wherever the Institutionalized, the studious as such in the dark of night ‘Alight’. — However grasping straws in flight so judgmentally the precariously though duplicitous yet the somewhat through the why faulty the although anyway hey ‘Evitable’. -08266_JOEDUNTON_BLOGCHI- One Good Lie deserves another self serving interest compounding and furthermore adjacent. — Whatever that it says or does environmentally nefariously so superstitiously incredible. — Who would spy reserves the wealth swerving resounding and inevitably commonplace so resulting productively nor ‘Nascent’. — However it Plays precariously the Cash Flow obfuscates priorities insidiously the animal, mineral, the vegetable surreptitiously demonstrable. — All the while Doctor Frackensteen is still hiding under covered in some other Space consulting destructively in debasement. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

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03015_horsesass_BLOGCHI ‘Ultracrepidarian’ on Its other Race Tracking face. — ‘Mythomane’ sitting on the bench for the sake of being judicious. — ‘Libertine’ thus capitalized in any further Lost in mother Trace Fracking Space. — ‘Homunculus’ on the take of seeing superstitious. — ‘Vacuous’ though opinionated none the more or plunder less. — Somewhat so what the ‘Vacuous’ law enforcement comprehended. -00980horseycop_BLOGCHI- The ‘Homunculus’ derivative differentiated for moreover under stress. — ‘Libertine’ If Butt kicked lucrative proclivity brutality apprehended. — ‘Mythomane’ rebelliously becoming an octogenarian — With all other affirmative activity penalties suspended. — Journalistic Reporting or other ‘Ultracrepidarian’. — For what once the humorist or the otherwise thusly so frivolity informative pretended. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


02255_woundedhorseman_BLOGCHI ‘Railbird’ the relative related to money the only action in ITs game. — ‘Vacuous’ otherwise concerning the blame for the gods and countries so such codify. — Conservative belated so funny with coming attractions more or less some of the same shame. — Innocuous the Political Ecstasy discerning in name for the odds of effrontery too much though conflated yet somewhat out of touch though so ‘Mollify’. — ‘Anabasis’ with terms of endearment and further farce related to sudden self assurance and death. -03968_horsey_BLOGCHI copy- ‘Anabasis’ debated conflicted hypocritical waiting for the judgmentally to modify. — Oui are the worms of procurement though sparse and deflated by shortness of insurance and breath. — Metastasis, However, inflated yet falling defeating in spin whatsoever so cheerily circumstantially ‘Mollify’.  — The ‘Vacuous’ bureaucracy beckons. — Wherever the balling cheating to win under the nose of the watchful the wearily confidentially mensch marketed beating the goldeneye. — Whenever the ‘Railbird’ parlays or dead reckons. — Spouse abuse, child abuse, what’s the use in Plain Sight influentially cheating on the Fly.  –>> Rupert  Likes To  Rhyme