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00693_PROTECTNSERVE_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a Pen  — So they take it out on the children — Galvanizing enemies for life — Send off the lambs to the furthering slaughter — Poverty and strife — So many Really Bad examples abounding — So much Profit off of death and destruction — However no further warning sounding — So goes the doubled down the secretive sauce reduction. — Refugees on Parade. — REFRESH — If we miss our routine 1+1 for a day — I’m either dead or in jail. — Because somebody out there is really Crazy — Really. — So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>>L.T.Rhyme“Oui” –>> J.J.Rousseau


1343498316992831_BLOGCHI ‘Picayune’ the variable of Repetitive Innuendo – Where  ‘Kludge’ engulfs the corrupted system — To further ‘Garble’ whatever was — Somewhat the  ‘Shtick’  of Don’t Ask Why -061112D-028.BLOGCHI- While ‘Sober Drunk’ resolving to the gathering of the peers — ‘Sober Drunk’ world problem solving after six or seven beers — The Shtick’  is he’s part of the problem — Go to the Greta the  ‘Garble’ along — The ‘Kludge’ of such a different tune — With no one agreeing on The Same Song — However ‘Picayune’.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


3455_trainscrubbing_blogchi1Nonpareil‘ chocolate candy  — Picayune efforts for the other unrest — The devilish the disruptor the Janitorial Dandy.  — Regardless the pathway or say another popped quizzical test — Bounding on critically the bully pulpit — Not judiciously supremely conducted — So much for the better the nutter the butter the military industrial culprit — For whatever the flukey flutter of the mythical best  — With all the facts in superficially deconstructed — The ongoing the unbalanced the over-the- whelmingly so stressed — Railroading the ill equipped and under funded so malnourished — However to the Jury pretentiously marketed and extremely digressed.  — So many redacted the redundant so the under grounded flourished. — Somehow or another so many yet depressed. — The ‘Restive‘ the unconsciousness so shaken -fruitman3459_BLOGCHI- So it Goes the Public Trust falling short  — The any the so another road missed or so taken  –  Butt for the Shame of the Un ‘Selfie’ the cohort  — To Hopefully ‘Disambiguate‘ the further punking — – So much any  ‘Bropinion’ redefined — Going the deeper for the further spelunking  — So much many the  ‘Bropinion’  so further inclined. —   ‘Disambiguate’  the and Justice for All Together Now  — ‘Selfie’  the beginning nor the end  — ‘Restive’  Liars and con men go the thieves anyhow  — So not  ‘Nonpareil’  yet in the winning furthermore  To So otherwise Pretend. –>>  Rupert  Likes  To Rhyme


RAVEN06112lady    B’More or Less – Go On — They be applauding Domestic Violence — Heroically Rice the Crispier getting Game — Star Spangled Old Bay seasonal unlikely to repair — Some or another Courtly Activity  still more or less demanding silence — Hitting in the face off spitting it out by the any other name — So many otherwise cheering more than likely sit and stare — Like the walking dead — Jurors Giggling over staging of the oblivious goes the perjury — Anyway to otherwise someone getting head. — Somewhat  ‘Obsequious’  Still the Same — Regarding cash flow and the element of money — An object of dismaying for better lack of devious dental surgery — Observant of ‘Gibbosity‘ in the planetary funny — So many the ‘Tweep‘ yet to another as yet groupless from the swarm -07188_rapnroll_BLOGCHI- Nothing here is ultimately local  — We’ve got our Love to keep US Warm. — So many the Wacky Doodle otherwise on being vocal — So much other information on so and so on if you so please — What it is when Stalking becomes the splintered webbing norm Norm — For the Yokel.  — Says the ‘Apostate’  with further confirmation of an obviously anti Social Disease — Further persecuting Innuendo still evolving — ‘Charge Buddy‘ taking cash back in the making of the change — With all the other Fine Print in the realm of problem solving -POEbo306chome2 copy- ‘Charge Buddy‘ butt back door Nutty Butty redefining the normal from the strange — Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  –  ‘Apostate’ not buying vowels in poverty but otherwise on the cheap — Can’t afford to buy another hat   — So much energy expounding none left over for the  ‘Tweep‘ — Oh go on just say it shortly no the longer you dirty rat. — ‘Gibbosity‘ some result of the perhaps iniquitous though oblique –  ‘Obsequious’  though ubiquitous yet non conforming so to speak. — Rupert Likes To Rhyme


3240707_HOTELJUNKER_BLOGCHI ‘Numismatic’ rendering relative to further the boning someone the notches collecting — Like scalps or blood or dismembered bodies — Not anything All American otherwise inadvertently seemingly not worthy the Continental Shelf introspecting — A Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle to say what’s West the least in the Booming thick of the Border — Or the Kiddies on Parade  –  ‘Favonian’ breezes bringing complacency gathered for further feasting and disorder — One more ‘Harbinger’ of the furthering What’s the South of the looming Brick and Mortar charade –   ‘Somnolent’  citizenry for naught forever stigmatized  — So much for the legalization of Oh So entertainingly Drugs — What it is yet as prohibition unmarketable and otherwise of from the source to do — Militarily such as somewhat  ‘Dickmatized’  -03308apex_BLOGCHI- Pre taxed capitalization by the white wigged judgery and other so unrestrained the duplicitous single minded the benevolent appearing profiteering thugs — Which other foot in the what ever mouth however or some other the remaining horse shoe –   ‘Dickmatized’  as generally practiced by dramatically Dickensian Picaroon Practitioners  –   ‘Somnolent’ sleep overs and pool sided barbecues and overly extended drawn out pig roasts — Unforgiven the likes of the Corporate Machiavellian Lorna Dune Conditioners -3240711_ENVYHOTEL_BLOGCHI- ‘Harbinger’ of celebratory profitability records and cooler subsidized tax breaks with champagne toasts — But for the Up and coming the Out so physically unrelated Newtonian — None the what’s less favorably though overtly charismatic — Otherwise known as aka the Oliver Twist and Shout out for the linguistically  constipated  ‘Favonian’ — Never the less interest free bonded  ‘Numismatic’. –  Calculating Shame. — So much nevertheless draconian. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

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03020_WARRIORS_BLOGCHI Once the Die is Cast All Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a PenSo much lost in translationArrogance Entitlement and every point that’s moot  — The broader the scope of separation — The wider the wage GAP to boot.  — Some giving up the lesser — Regardless of whatever the more — Tossing around the environmental stresser — With freedom so expressing in the closing of the bathroom door. – Just Because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not about you. — May the Farce be with you. — And may you find a competent ethical attorney — Forget about it. — Are you really that paranoid? -02730_FACTORY_BLOGCHI- Among the so many the mentally ill  — So much in the food Oui Oui eat — Oh — So take another pill. — It’s all Good for the economy — The savory and the sweet — So much so the luxury — Someone somewhat turning up the heat. — Why so ever should we continue this quest — With so many free games and APPS to choose — Like a lemming — like the rest — Just one or another freebee working — Whether or not to Win or Lose. — Always the Cosmic Circle Jerking. — What about those shoes? — Where propaganda? — However whenever why who broke the news.   — REFRESH — If we miss our routine 1+1 for a day — I’m either dead or in jail. — Because somebody out there is really Crazy — Really. — So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>>L.T.Rhyme“Oui” –>> J.J.Rousseau


FREIX2360962 Politically viable retractable ‘Euthenics’ — Whoever the Power Over whatever doesn’t matter, Don’t cha know — While some ‘Execrate’ middle eastern stated hoody irascible hygienics  — ‘Indomitable’ plumbing for whatsoever so furthermore on the gotta gotta go — Ridiculously ‘AG’ the Urban confrontational separatist unequally goes the Plight — So what the ‘AG’ so misconstrued somewhat inconsistent simplistically abominable — Some of it in it for the down and dirty IRA dog downed righteously in the often guttural fight — The dictatorial criminal intent otherwise fortuitously ‘Indomitable’ — Not really striving for the end of history — Opportunistic at best — Attempting the indelible Laundry MarkSurrealistically Referring to the Kool Aid Acid Test — Standing up to despots not historically a mystery -2380603_ZAPPA_BLOGCHI- One more or another some lazily walk around for the pick-a-nick in the park — Over estimating respites of rhetorically the sophistry — To further differentiate the Cardinal from the Lark. — So the humorously some deep seated personal problems of clarity yet to obfuscate — The over and under again silly the professorial political identics   — Less than idyllic the moral acuity to  with great hilarity say what  ‘Execrate’   –  However to discover the whether weather or not climate changing so and so on other than ‘Euthenics’ –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


02398bgelt_blogchi ‘Cacophonous with all due respect — Though there is little politically right or left over so deemed due so otherwise in turned So Due Do Respectful — Falsified, fortified, Secretly funded for effect — All for the powerful of money though to the Oui Oui people the citizenry continuously neglectful. — Arrogant ‘Celerity’ using ordinarily as publicity for the caviar and prickly prawns — Living a life as some one else or an otherwise conditionally duplicitous unchecked — Human shields talking points power plays and religiosity practically prancing practicing pawns.  — Loose ends blurred lines superstitious and metabolically an ‘Aglet’ –  *_*  in the shadow of a demonstrable mythological asteroid -3160792_DOLPHINS_BLOGCHI- So much many otherwise defeated by the abject neglect — *_* over one or another summered stockinged regenerated hemorrhoid — So much left unbalanced by omission of an  Aglet‘Celerity’ of the monstrous  — Though it all is subject to rewrite for the entertainingly porpoise — Merely Echoes of  ‘Cacophonous‘ –   Skullduggerous mindedly picaroons Knit the picky while ignoring habeas corpus. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


1348056188239_ROUSSEAUSWIM_BLOGCHI    The ‘Bohemian’ unfettered while yet shackled to a desk — ‘Damson’  Raining Princely Through the otherwise one or another the sharing haze — How else will the Garden Grow? — ‘Gretna Green’ redefined as burlesque — ‘Whitehall’ truth or dare on better the fruitless doggerel days — The somewhat hearted ‘Rounceval’ misguided to otherwise go on with the furthering show.  -07585circusdawn_BLOGCHI- ‘Rounceval’  topped off for the entertaining.  — Whatever the skin in the Game — ‘Whitehall‘ regarding wherever it’s rockets red raining. — Unbeknownst by any other name — ‘Gretna Green’ illegitimately practically still however the dominating daughters — Redefining imagery scientifically profit motivational  — ‘Damson‘ fruit so casting poverty upon the boiling pollutedly contaminating waters  — ‘Bohemian‘ confrontational.   — Ongoing the traditional “So It Goes” the Tribal Slaughters. — Some just gotta kill. –>>  Rupert Likes To  Rhyme


TRAIN   Happy with a ‘Requisite’  suspension  of so anything non-believing  –  ‘Laciniate’ any further cannibalistic cynical innuendo of the justifiable apprehension with the any the reason for the grieving — It’s not quite that real anyway — Unless it’s on TV — Or trending on the splintered Web — What did you say? — How can this be — The intrinsic value of celeb. — Electronically the illusion –  ‘Rounceval’ overloaded informational    — Less than ‘Palpable’ information  — The trendiness of utter confusion — Everything is for sale   —   ‘#nofux’  the confrontational   – The under grounded railroading situation   — Or some idiot political judgeship might throw your ass in jail — Unless you’ve got the money — The truth Fix is more than likely in  -08424_BURGERFRIES_BLOGCHI- ‘#nofux’ they steal whatever they can   — Wherever else should we begin — A Central American frying pan? — The most commoner childlike cannon fodder — Any ‘Palpable’  competition under the rug so swept away.  — Or maybe into the  ‘Rouncival’  cooler.  — Or somewhere else where it’s desolate –  So to  ‘Laciniate’  the inept ruler  — Of course it’s broke whatsoever it’s  ‘Requisite’ ? — Revised, rescinded, re-evaluated rectified — So on goes the infrastructural deficit — They lied.  — Of course.  — Implied. –>>  Rupert  Likes To  Rhyme