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01770_EAGLE_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a PenThe Statute of LibertariansForming a Country of Old Men — However the Life and times of the liberated Contrarian — Lost in the where whether how any why who when. — — The What Gives and the Double Take. — Dem Crazy overtly Conservatives — REFRESHToo much Fun– So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


5265heavenlyegg_BLOGCHI ‘Vespertide’ somewhere or another more or less derided coming or going  — Regardless of whoever comes first —  The other so ‘Shrive’  if however alive though the perceived perception of ignorant or somehow misguided the slumming All Knowing — Redefining the rest and the holiday wurst — Somewhat ‘Vitriolic’ though absurdly so mocking  — In one or another aside — If butt so  ‘Vitriolic’  like Pippy Longstocking    — Whichever the  ‘Shrive’ the unlikelihood dance or the other the fasting collateral damaged free ride  — Wherever the Roll or the Rocking — Whether the boiled egg for breakfast or so perchance lasting till the lateral mismanaged ‘Vespertide’.      –>> Rupert  Likes To Rhyme


buddha907_BLOGCHI ‘Gemeinschaft’  neglected to a fault for obsessive compulsive complacency — Nor the  ‘Strafe’  to ever matter to Wit so many casualties along the way — However so the  ‘Gleichschaltung’ disseminated by the Terminated Redundancy  — In the ‘Sitzkrieg’ is the effort of so the any other Song They Say  — ‘Leitmotif’  repeated never ending — Somewhat like the seasonal falling fluttering terminal leaf -4598_coffeecup_BLOGCHI- No longer any messaged twit worth otherwise the clever sending  — Whenever left or right the neglected the calling stuttering  ‘Leitmotif’  — ‘Sitzkrieg’ for the cause of other freedom  —  ‘Gleichschaltung’  the Vape of the Corporate State  —  Wherever the ‘Strafe’ the smoke em if you need em  — ‘Gemeinschaft’  for the mores to otherwise habitually Love Till Death than hate.  –>> Rupert  Likes To Rhyme

Golden Handcuffs

00251bookEM_BLOGCHI ‘Golden Handcuffs’ and a Golden Shower there’s more to the deal than the sweet bread meats superseded the privatized eye — Opinionated options insinuated to bolster the ‘Huffy’ — What’s the no business denying if not but another overcompensated unregulated Spy versus the other spy lie — ‘Bovarism’ expressing that everything One especially else is substandard rule adoptions unsubstantiated puffy — The ‘Leitmotif’ of everything Wall Street involving the mother Pizza Pie.  —  Well, ‘My Twitter Account Was Hacked’Damned Russians‘My Twitter Account Was Hacked’‘Leitmotif’ renditions with obvious repercussions. -01624bustED_BLOGCHI- ‘Bovarism’ innuendo the secret is safe with me. — Sold out crushing with bluster and the new and so olden the bluffs — One more schism to do however the strafe to bliss the ‘Huffy’ — Some old some blue so though otherwise Butt for Two the fluffy shackled by  ‘Golden Handcuffs’ — Never minds so to only dis the scruffy. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


troopers70 ‘Exculpate’ with naïveté compounding the fractured culpable criminal.  — So long as IT’s got The Blood Money to pay — So contaminate the otherwise ‘Apocryphal’ while so disregarding the over marketed the subliminal  — However the truth ‘Weal’ disseminated with nothing other funnier of so otherwise to say.   — ‘Sitzkrieg’ in the lame duck terminal giving the heading — The ‘Lumbersexual’, hotel worker, Congressional Page turning on. -03308apex_BLOGCHI- A drop a dime by the ‘Lumbersexual’ forgoing the blanket for the more ruggedly appearing for a living the bedding — Down air ‘Sitzkrieg’ with the appetite for any apprehension of peace yearning gone — So in any State of ‘Weal’ carry the bucket of crap. — ‘Apocryphal’ so otherwise passed down or out classed so written — Confirming yet to further ‘Exculpate’ with a conformational face slap. — So to Praise the sassed, the sheepish and smitten. — Some further overlooking any Interrogational Rap. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


00499_LINCOLN_BLOGCHI Over ‘Exposure’ the hyperbolic with so much relevance enduring — ‘Chiaroscuro’ as yet the ill circumscribed mastered plan.  — ‘Officious’ though Bucolic Wit such alter egoist prevalence insuring — ‘Chicanery’ so it goes the under whelming also running before it all the prescribed disaster began.  — ‘Gleichschaltung’ the fear of many while destroying any environmentally equality conspiring — However so soft the mother spoke — The ‘Harsh Toke’ of disparity while so toying with frivolity of the under paid for quality hiring -09144_HANDJIVE_BLOGCHI- The hacking after aloft the other ‘Harsh Toke’. — ‘Gleichschaltung’ for the feeding corporate rats Down Air at duh Wall Street grainery — So profitably pernicious — The Coke Bros through seeding the faulting stats everywhere duh ‘Chicanery’ — Oh so Plutocratic ‘Officious’‘Chiaroscuro’ the oft clear cut balanced disclosure denying — The Bang for the buck that’s Stately politically seditious — Wherever more over the under ‘Exposure’ defying. — Melodramatic motivation as of lately ultimately suspicious.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


08134_WRECKINGBALL_BLOGCHI ‘Star-crossed’, ill fated, double crossed, turned around — Playing politics with the environmental ‘Leitmotif’ regurgitated — So to ‘Remonstrate’ objectify although the making some nary a sound — ‘Strafe’ however not to dignify the falling leaf and so many minds lead carbonated — ‘What’s Gucci?’ got to do with it after all the Leaves are Browned? — Some others would say ‘What’s Gucci?’ — Whatever left rightfully the watering hole unsafe — For the good do pray Hoochie Coochie — Compounding and potable water with metabolically organized the another method of the bordering role ‘Strafe’ — To further circumnavigate effectively — The Hokey Pokey slow dancing compound — Such to ‘Remonstrate’ retrospectively — ‘Leitmotif’ by the pound — However the method of timing ring tossed — So much on the table selectively — The misguided missing memory  ‘Star-crossed’. — Otherwise such as down and dirty done so the able collectively. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


4697_biketire_BLOGCHI ‘Gemeinschaft’ — What’s in it for them too. — The Sequel Friend and Foe the Like. — The New Day marketed goody Du Du — As so Easy as Riding a Stationary Bike. — The Dogs Laughed. — Regarding the Ratings and so many others the over rated — Utterly legislatively infected and over staffed — ‘Rife’ the Golden Showered Ruling over under wear stated — ‘Gossamer’  googled webbing the marketed craft. — ‘Rufescent’ innuendo likening to the minimum slaving waged — Further destroying the environmentally structured Boys Club Fight condition -08584_WINGS_BLOGCHI- Some seemingly all in all for some Mastered Car Racing staged — Welcome to the new age of Web Site Rendition — Taken to task ‘Rufescent’ the judgmental leaning — Dangling on the ‘Gossamer’ right wing — ‘Rife’ with Special K Street and of course IT the B’More or less the well meaning — ‘Gemeinschaft’ gathered yet dancing in the Ring around the Rosewater bite sting. — Gone daft and battered yet furthermore prancing — Is it futility to the beat or simply the Deep Blue Sea moored screening? — For utter utility the blow glancing butt neat. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel Resoluteness

092003 (001)_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot Somebody – with a Camera — Fight with a Pen — Everything to say and do will be held up against — The Wall Mother Fracker — Contextually irrelevant — Or whatever the clever pretense — One more or another the judgmental slacker — However goes the picaroon prevalent  — Interpreted sub Sexual too  — Oui get the Government Oui deserve — What else is an idiot to otherwise Du Du. — Though adding insult to insulting injurious — Whenever the foot is in the other shoe — So go the yellow consulting the curious — Everything is broken so there’s nothing else that’s new. — Leaving alone the softly spoken — Adding to the furious cast away in the so organic the dumpster to stew. — While working toward for the natural break — Ya think this is Easy — The what gives and the double take. — REFRESHToo much Fun– So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


SMOKIN_BLOGCHI ‘Meliorism’ the fairytale grim — With not very hard the ‘Charlatan’ kind always so trying — ‘Pell-mell’ efforts on a politically stale whim — So much many the manufactured mind bought and paid for in so many ways by opinionated lying  —  ‘What’s the damage?’ inquiring —  ‘What’s the damage?’ to boot -02067smoke_BLOGCHI- ‘Pell-mell’ the unSatisfied Mind does the hiring — Waiting for the other the next ‘Charlatan’ to shoot — The Fun in the Middle the schism — Although at the top legislatively injudiciously somewhat financially at the root — On the run from the latest ‘Meliorism’ — Whatever the Oui duh could give creatively expeditiously if butt insubstantially Scat the Hoot. –>> Rupert  Likes To  Rhyme