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FEARLESSLY.5.5.16.P1560985Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — CLIMATE CHANGE — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen — More the equally depraved as the morally enslaved sarcastically involving the reparations already paid what if IT would. — For the discretely enslaved as the orally depraved enthusiastically evolving relations the steady made Butt stiff IT could. — However violently gratuitous for the Criminally Insane Cowardly Jerking Off. — The clever silently fortuitous more the similarly inane devoutly the lurking scoff. — What if IT should. — Or shouldn’t — So much Evil lurking in the hood of the poignantly corrupted somewhat made the Instigator Good unavoidably disrupted. — Freedom of Speech and Expression unless mayhap you disagree. –clown2– Then they bury em down in the swampland disregarded in the home of the land not so grand for the Bee More or Less they throw you in jail and call IT Judgmentally Affirmative Action and IT is only a Coming Attraction. — The sad thing is not the Stupidity butt head the unappreciative of what is having and the public you are to be serving with a Chianti and Just Dessert slumming the faction. — Whoops. —  REFRESH — Still Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to Various Sources and Dictionaries too — Disclaiming the obviously and sometimes maliciously or more than likely profitably by the powerfully motivated statistically speaking Data Gathering and misdirecting. –tai-chiWho Knows what, where, who, why, when anyhow anymore if the assuming links change while others are simply disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and OnionsB’More the Less than the Runyon.Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm. — If Butt. — However:- Who cares? –>> L.T.Rhyme


RESCUECORNER.5.267.16.P1600096They ‘Aureate’ IT as none such, Come and Get IT observing just Butt, For penned ‘Epicure’ styled for the few, dunder and ‘Fard’ in between falling, through Cracks in the calling, of Multi Verse hunches bots logging to do. Prey or regret IT as fun much, some stand yet to vet IT deserving the trust not, portend reassured filed dour the do, understand scarred thin demean hauling, Shoe Facts din the mauling, above faulty curse punches jots fogging for you. BLACKMAN.5.27.16.P1600180Taken aback by the soft more the grandly Fan hard If Butt the non sequitur by the way, nobly misgiving not the laureate boohoo, wonder of the starred in the Seldom Seen Falling, Due tax din the stalling, shove paltry wurst bunches hots dogging in stew. Shaken in fact Spy the scoffed for the manly man ‘Fard’ somewhat the Con ‘Epicure’ anyway, globally forgiving what duh ‘Aureate’ ado, the number the marred win between sprawling, Climax in the brawling, Love Salty Terse Lunches dots hogging accrue. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


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BIRDROUSSEAU.5.22.16.P1590765Responsibility to so and so on the ‘Ideate’ dancing through Mother putted the buffet scurry dream fall carrying why the Two Tubes Meld For the Balance of many the ‘Indigence’ and power over more of the well armed ‘Dulcinea’ mauled partying corrupted afford the only NOW so say the Bohemian fetter planted otherwise to Win. — Hostility due nod and go on the aggregate enhancing the Shoe other footed the no way hurry scheme dull parrying by the short pubes held more the variance above any significance the grand glower more over and above the tell harmed the Call Lydia Ball Carrying interrupted scored the lonely how touche the better slanted Media Spies do in. — The muck quirk mangling the clever pernicious cull anemia the Fogato.5.22.16.P1590775phallic invective the negligence of the Primarily Colored Line as such more the fetter the agitate demurred the phony pal may the tedious the letter recanted grant the compromise to begin. — Duct work dangling over fictitious ‘Dulcinea’ metallic reflective of ‘Indigence’ above the wearily hovered fine so much for the better the ‘Ideate’ assured baloney chow anyway the more in Crackademia the debtor enchanted rant some despise screw the spin.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


VALET.5.21.16.P1590283Go along to get along the ‘Complaisant’ scene robotic ‘Zeroth’ thumb gang up or down the likeness not the kindest ‘Flinders’ sleepers Fees Neurotic More or the nada Bit in Stepping Forward the Status quotes of socially engineering for the fix to delight and pretend as such the dour the winning nefarious To Begin. — Although the strong of yet the song adjacent mean chaotic fear growth dumb the hang up score to crown the brightness what the finest miners weepers please psychotic for the waddle wit betting toward the static notes above emotionally adhering more the clicks due spite the planned intent as much adore the spinning hilarious due chagrin. –LADDER.5.21.16.P1590162– Blinders be the bottom out the hear now both the fond impatient though to Store the Sticks tonight the grand do tell resent the touch for sure of snipping the precarious foreskin.  — ‘Flinders’ free the problem shout near ‘Zeroth’ anyhow the bond ‘Complaisant’ so anew abhor the pricks shoe blight demand to hell be bent the crutch before the skipping of the various kingpin.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


CLASSICHOMELESS.5.20.16.P1590522More the Droning On the ‘Inspissate’ of the grained slanted atmospheric so the quickening of although pacing the ‘Reprobate’ economically military brained versus sticks and stones and laptops more the silly ‘Dally’ in collateral damages and fear of Trumpeting the Flying Cosmic Debris. — For the honing din the ingrate dove the bloodstained granted mere barbaric know the reckoning above to also embracing necessitate the comically dilatory trained curses tricks and scones planned rap cops for the Dilly Sally unilateral manages planned near love of the bumbling the lying symbolic decree. –HOMELESSRESCUE.5.20.16.P1590485– Rally for the aggregate more the stimulating castigate the stressed scoff deplored the arbitrate pastoral balances the plunder grand shear to dispose of mumbling the Denying Melancholic Marquee. — ‘Dally’ dour the agitate or the instigating ‘Reprobate’ the pissed off scored the ‘Inspissate’ with a definite mathematical advantage to Understand Hear Presuppose grumbling  the Defying Hyperbolic Foresee.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


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