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forteFLAG_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a PenSo what? — Well, Rhyme is a character and Rousseau is a Dog and Ruff is a cat occasionally appearing — Somewhat indelibly contracted or so lost in the Fog with enough protein and fat yet to a healthier diet adhering. — Moderation in point — Contradictory to so somewhat genetically engineering — However no one way to anoint — On the other hand simply persevering. — Attempting to hang out at that Multi Universal Joint — So anyway the Flag was still there. — For Now — At the treacherous Mercies of the Stately legislators and some Dude called ALEC oh so working for the Corporate State –So free to come and go with displeasure — Using the commoner men as lab Rats — Or some otherwise some other to Cut or Dish Bait — So humorously the So the Laws are confusing -00984horseart_BLOGCHI- So to catch US however they can — However historically perusing — Documenting the also and the anyway how the wandering eye ran. — Art for Art sake however — The business is promoting some novel — So much many the foolish and the clever — Otherwise denoting to furtherly grovel. — REFRESHToo much Fun – So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme –>>  “Oui”  –>> J.J.Rousseau


12BARREL_BLOGCHI Alpha Beta ‘Capapie’ — Misunderstanding what’s confounding — Not necessarily how it seems to be — So many another ‘Imbroglio’ diffusing resounding — Gathering anything but so some good or bad the ‘Rapt’ attention — Oh so many the other distractions furthermore confusing though astounding — Otherwise as such and so marketed mildly entertaining — Lack of further Flow for ‘Abeerance’ — So much otherwise so close to abstaining — However deluded for the sake of appearance — ‘Abeerance’ reflective of some sensibility restraint — So many the Football Games more fun — Whoopee — So cushioned, however, the somewhat not so too tightly the ‘Rapt’ — While mucho numerously waiting cross bordered innately for the distraction of the Spectator conditional Rapture — Whether over the egg head beaten or slightly silly bitch slapped. -09020_MCFLAG_BLOGCHI- Wherever the hierarchical ordered the stately attraction of such so defamed yet Obligatory traditional stature — ‘Imbroglio’ so fore thoughtlessly deterred by whoever has the bigger gun — ‘Capapie’ or lower just in case so referred the modest i so bodily armored on the fly or so On and On and So On the run. — Oh say can you see — Where what however when the who goes therefore more over or whichever the answer ask why. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


4221_cowwindow_BLOGCHI ‘Recapitulate’  over and over again — With utterly  ‘Degust’ the process of milking so many the cash and the mechanically stacking the insider trading the hard driving the decked out political kowtow — And any so ‘Reprove’ the further away the now and the many the much more sober wherever Over There then  — ‘Prorogue’  the on going recess though however the any the sow how — Yet the ‘Repose’ of the Undemocratic Democracy  — ‘Repose’ further moreover to any likelihood to in any the any other way move  — While the wallowing in Money for Nothing and such systematically the ongoing hypocrisy -2340451_SWINE_BLOGCHI- ‘Prorogue’  whenever the electioneering however the necessity so ‘Reprove’  — ‘Degust’  of anyhow the momentary secondarily peace — So many breathing heavily from the taking so much hurried the little time to enemy mine emasculate — However the ongoing fire in the other the hole or the belly yet to regroup as opposed to not necessarily cease  — Dietary lack of national distribution and fiber due to Splintered Webbing more than likely to lacking butt to furthermore digestively ‘Recapitulate’.  — Over and Over again. –>>  Rupert Likes to Rhyme


03672GUMSHOE_BLOGCHI ‘Clandestine’ operations in so much as reflected in a furtherly separated unrealistic compartmentalized society — Color coded for starters and otherwise so much economically the so many others simply put, box topped in. — Many others gathered for the gathering ‘Repose’ man thrown away with so much confusion and intrigue and the furthermore impropriety. — Learning to Play the piano for survival is a good a place as any as not yet stopped again to begin — Don’t Shoot — The Piano Player. — Checking the longer for the shorter under the hood. — Politically ‘Osculate’ with some or another other group since the TV Stations are fully booked. — So many the other Spies deflating any other the further attempts to reboot — Or so to say some other the Wing and a Prayer  — High notes low notes so to otherwise if they could — Why is it so otherwise that the Democracy Goose is maybe so fully smoked or the books overly cooked –  So much for the pride and the passion of Greed –  ‘Precocial’  or peer pressured so indoctrinated into the gluttony of preservatives, additives and faster foods and lead paint -1640625_fountduck_BLOGCHI– Regardless the Good or Bad or the Ugly in the packaging of any seed — Or the buying and selling of the other than hacker  — ‘Tinder Bombing’ whatever that is and however the facts of what it ain’t — With the oversight commitment of the corporate backer — However goes the music so calming — With the genetically modified additive for any further restraint — Carpet bagging or ‘Tinder Bombing’‘Precocial’ delivery of ducklings out of the animal crackers the box -BLOGCHI_SPAMRV- And ‘Osculate’ so otherwise with the singular power of the vote — Healing hands of the digitized so much for the other cuckoo clocks — In touch with the greater the numbers counting with more than the fingers and toes — “So it Goes”  — Simplistic voters calling the any shots of any particular note — Then returning to home to the enlightenment of watching more TV in ‘Repose’ — With the cleansing of the lower intestine — Or the upper or higher and so forth with another one of those — So much otherwise remaining ‘Clandestine’ –  If butt for the thorn save the Rose.       –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


DOTHE_07547_BLOGCHI5 ‘Indelible’ though historical markers so often if ill repeated attempts in the Marketing of Military or other such simply regrettable madness — ‘Prorogue’ the inconvenient somewhat Man from Uncle Aunty truthiness of  governmental intellectually unsound news desk carnival barkers and the relatively undefeated media attempts at propagandized fear and otherwise Inevitable Sadness. — Such the ‘Sweven’ comes at eleven or the much later bedtime or during the Day — So much Twenty-four hours — Religiously the ‘Pica’ the elitist with so somewhat the outrageous appetite for ashes to ashes and dust to chalk or some other anyway loose Butt which — Of course as such so utterly defeatist that’s easy for you anyhow boringly to say: — Sour Grapes or Hearts and Flowers? — Such saying as the Spy Versus the other the Spy or one or another the ‘Snitch Bitch’Vice Versus  — Some other ‘Snitch Bitch’ — So some or another the obesity curses -4482_atlasGRUNTS_BLOGCHI- ‘Pica’ pitching what’s nutritionally a little less filling than manna from heaven. — Perhaps — The thinking consumer unconditionally given to so following whatsoever is in vogue. — So much the ideal is an opening in the role of the relevant or the otherwise loaded the ‘Sweven’ — Reality or the rumor so somewhat traditionally driven though how hollow any attempt so ‘Prorogue’ — Such as what makes any the comedic situation compellable — Utterly indigestible yet still so many on the lack of the given on the take — However the scars remain though however acetic in the ongoing genetic mutation ‘Indelible’  — Some things impossible to copy let alone aside the difficulty of so many otherwise so driven on the make. — Sometimes better read written than the melodiously though good the fortune tell-able. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


06782sailboats_BLOGCHI ‘Pulchritudinous’ referenced thusly surrounding US Variably daily So Go Lightly — Pictures worth so many a thousand of words or two — One more ‘Fleer’ deference confounding US so to otherwise cuss merrily gayly so on the go rather otherwise slightly — Another autocratic ‘Spendthrift’ buying Political Time, Initiatives, or thousands of nerds or two — With undivided derision so to ‘Reprove’ whatever they don’t not necessarily like — Whether ‘Gumby Shoulders’ or Pushing Up Boulders to the top of another steep hill -04175_lulu_blogchi- Diet and exercise so somehow to soothe or otherwise riding a stationary bike. — Though ‘Gumby Shoulders’ suggest ingesting one or another Super Big Pharmaceutical Pill — Side Effects overwhelming yet derogatorily so to egotistically ‘Reprove’ — Whatever the weakness or Maybe, Baby, just for the hedonistic thrill — Whenever the ‘Merry Pranksters’ whatever the irretrievable groove. — However some simply standing in line waiting for the proper legal lift — Others Drinking California Wine or more so the druthers of beer. — Economically Derivative interest compounding the death of any ‘Spendthrift’ — Still others so thinking while walking some Straight Line is there nothing to fear but the ‘Fleer’ — Itself though sexually the effort reflected for the activity to remain ‘Pulchritudinous’  — Though Beauty is in the eye of the “Wish you were here” — Having a wonderful time. — So What. — Yet somewhat so platitudinous — Wherever the so Far Butt  — Giving Heads For the otherwise Near. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


P2480275_ROUMUZ_BLOGCHI ‘Suffrage’ the Fools as of yet not so not anyway nor voting — Though the rights so much left  vulnerable for the States to take away.  — ALEC or Alice in some Wonderland By The Way so so denoting — So many such ‘Beneficent’ without ulterior motive or so they say. — Such ‘Degust’ while otherwise perusing so much lack of Congressional interaction — The candidates so playing to the TV republic at hand — So ‘Rusticate’ while confusing out of touch the professional retraction — It constipates so the saying and the churning stomach of the otherwise so orangely tanned. -04173_flag_BLOGCHI- ‘Raptivist’ so inclined to do tell few the far between prefixed the obsessional complicated faction. — So much many other the ‘Raptivist’ such the Anyhow Misunderstood — Rather nonpareil some yet ‘Rusticate’ betwixt awhile the Urban Center is burned so psychologically infrastructural in the abstraction — So many poverty stricken while so much anyway so dissed in the somewhat Somehow  or Another Roget’s Thesaurus Neighborhood.  — Oui Oui don’t have to like the delivery to believe so much is earned while so mined in the Further Sounding — The ‘Degust’ of some sounding so otherwise artistically ‘Beneficent’ or so they say they however would. — B’More the lesser so the musical noise we drive by yet somewhat find confounding — ‘Suffrage’ of the citizen power Re Imagined for the furthering Democracy of the Greater Good.  –>> Rupert  Likes To  Rhyme


03257autobarn_BLOGCHI Oui Oui ‘Recapitulate’ the value of What it is to Vote. — The fewer in the milieu — Rule the fewer that take note. — With Real Power to accrue. — Or otherwise so to buy that Lingering Wrote. — Though ‘Languorous’ so the longing — That some such things to teach, however, matters changing. — The ‘Operose’ Democracy though belonging — To the ‘Ethos’ of free speech, however, and the so money that chatters estranging. –  He who has the money shouldn’t necessarily make the Democracy Rules. — Oh ‘Facebook Warrior’ wandering -2470151_EPICROU_BLOGCHI- The State of Ships and corporate hacking public schools — Forlorn or unforgiving  ‘Facebook Warrior’ methods squandering  — The ‘Ethos’ of utterly ignorance and the apathy of US the mundane mediocre Melancholy Fools. — Yet pondering — We don’t know and we don’t care — So it goes the ‘Operose’  — Almost too much to grin and bare — Though hypothetically oh so morose — Activity of the unconsciously addictive Video Game — For some or so they say  — While some others refer to another yet proclivity statistically predictive all the same. — While some others yet so ‘Languorous’  prefer to kneel and pray  — Butt only so ‘Recapitulate’ to put off death another day. — #Sheer#s Vote   –>> Rupert  Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel The Wanderer 14

01770_EAGLE_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a PenChallenge with the buying — Connect with a Vote — The legislatively so stately the ALEC some lying — Swarm entreating so note — Justice better done try to did to catch up with technology — Dinosaurs judging the masses — Somethings so wrong with outdated methodology — Oh so redefining the over the underwear classes. — Such Scientifically manipulating Sociology — Printouts of context over ruling — However the verb or the noun — All of US idiots need a bitter more schooling — For soothing the walls so the Crumbling Down — So many the Hipper so Drooling — Too many Bozos and one too many the picaroon clown. — – Such tongue in the Cheekily Hee Hawing situational.  -09423_AMBITION_BLOGCHI- Though otherwise so goes the disclaimer — Links come and go — While others so show the same ER — Whatever the when the deception — And How much so the privileged Did he Know? — So much many the wavering perception. — You’re aware that Rhyme is a character of fiction — Maybe not — Not to excuse the ongoing the contradiction — So what? — REFRESHToo much Fun – So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>>L.T.Rhyme“Oui” –>> J.J.Rousseau


00547ibis_BLOGCHI The ‘Crinose’ truth and the bald faced lie — No longer so to save any the ‘Dovecote’  — When upward and onward some so wings flailing to fly — Otherwise pass the remote. — However the some  questioning why — So say trying to ‘Quench’ the revolutionary thirst — Goes the utterance of the Spy versus Spy — With the greatest of the power in hand — So to Rock the Vote otherwise so overwhelmingly cursed — By the spicy the jerk off and the overly bland — ‘Quench’ the anything nevertheless furthermore — Or is it for spilling the blood and the guts — Stuck outside without a raincoat -4719ROCKNROLL_BLOGCHI- Seeking for the some or another the political whore — Wallowing in the mud with so many the other seriously thrilling folk nuts — So it goes within the ‘Dovecoat’ — How and whatever the analytical score — A case in point to suppose — Another clip joint appraised for the clever — Whenever it is to get someone or another’s cooked goat — A bird of an otherwise flocking feather  — Or the mother of one of those — So Cry me a River however –  Over there or for any such place — While some or another brush off the ‘Crinose’.  — Or otherwise some other dual face –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme