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2760988_RousseauReflecting_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — CLIMATE CHANGE — Shoot with a CameraFight with a PenCredibility Confounding — Ants tracking aside Butt stepping in step. — Inevitability resounding — Planned cracking to hide what’s mapping inept. — However the fear but the naming war mongering. — Profitably motivated assured — So clever the near what’s the gaming for hungering. — Sharing the wealth pro rated insured. — Whatever, No Static, A talking Gecko statistically improbable. — Skullduggerous innuendo in play. — However erratic the stalking Echo metaphysically unstoppable — Dull buggerous the crescendo so to say. — Freedom of expression with no audience participation –ECHOFRANK_BLOGCHI– Splintered Webs or so it goes magnetically employed. — Dum dee dumb dumb such depression Wit some one or another the fraudulent biblical situation. —  Interred the ebbs and flows pathetically over joyed  — Whatever is the Dim Sum and variable suppression ITs hum drum for the other wit such corpulence the political confrontation. — Deferred the threads it shows pathologically so many deployed. — Give Peas a Chance Anyway. — REFRESHtai-chiToo much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


09917_FLAG_BLOGCHI ‘Connate’ for the sake of it no birthright determining the factor. — ‘Sorb’ unconsciously the mistake of it So colored blindly the eyesight of the undermining melliferous contractor. — ‘Ramble’ so the Delighting to be forgetting any other contributing factors of the what’s in it for the ‘Fardel’ some larder. — Gamble Such as the any other the sighting to see regretting the many distributing detractors of anymore the hard sell hum drum ardor. — ‘Maunder’ Mickey Mouse like passively aggressive the so and so on attempts at that’s sleeping though dim some deterring. –clown12_BLOGCHI– However the saunter sticky louse like massively depressive so to know one preempts the other rats keeping them so slim from referring. — ‘Maunder’ down around with delightfully treacherous class. — White Man overbooked ‘Fardel’ like before or the fakery aspect. — So ‘Ramble’ the Clown to sound with self-righteously lecherous sass. — The slightly overcooked to more than ‘Sorb’ one or more the Bakery Suspect. — Can ‘Connate’ with the Spies happiness pursuit. — Irrefutably cases pending, — Then hesitate for the otherwise sappiness don’t shoot. — Indubitably spaces mending. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


2734WARRIORCON_BLOGCHI The ‘Liegeman’ Domain thusly navigate the lusty on the Make the Donuts in the legacy to such and such the appreciative nervousness for all of the Lincoln Log fun to merrily provide. — Somewhat C SPAN insane the ‘Interpellate’ the crusty on the take from the what knots contemptuously Wit the so many still in the clutch Butt just as much the secretive serviced mess with a hotdog bun verily on the side. — Bubble wrapped in bacon boxed and shipped out all over otherwise so far and any other way meander or trust the depravity to find another away. — ‘Quixotic’ though with the conceivable unwillingness and left overs to rehabilitate the human resources all the more so this and that they squander or trust to save it for another day. — ‘Maunder’ to knit pick the irretrievable instill the best bereft from any the more political money left over to furthermore squeaky cleaned and recycled let alone to periodically defrauding thus the furthermore shout about the illegitimate money launder. — Blundering the further Fish Sticks what’s interweavable killed the Acid test for the analytical funny theft here to for geeky gleaned archetypal Bad to the Bone and more or less left so spasmodically in the further will marauding to be sure about the preliminary funny ‘Maunder’. — Over yonder the other two bit prick Butts Unbelievable though the over billing decides the pay day for the neurotic. –WEBALLET11_BLOGCHI– And so IT goes the first responder sister brother to Wit another Cheap Trick of what’s Preconceivable so the under willing coincides to anyway bore the ‘Quixotic’. — ‘Interpellate’ crossed divided disguising what’s more or less the under why the siege man. — Aggregate what’s flossed coincided surmising if Butts for the stress plundered thunder by the ‘Liegeman’. — However as such so the nearly regarded with the grist of ledger disdain.  — Whomever so such and such as much for the dearly imparted with the gift of legerdemain. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


3510965FORWHOMFLAGBLOGCHI More or lesser ‘Apprehension’ so plundered for the cardigan and The Heart Felt Stimulator arrested. — ‘Fardel’ the outed stresser comprehension blundered furthering more the bargaining eliminator protested.  — ‘Dragoman’ self centered bending over backwards with a wink and a nod and further Sympathy for The Nearer Whichever Some Devil. — ‘Turncoat’ further trading and maybe might be re-entered defending older bad actors split the staff and the rod, the bland the whatever inconsistency in the mirrored dumbed down never on the level. –3160719_APPLENOSE_BLOGCHI– Jump Down,  ‘Turncoat’ always around, coming in through the Bath Roomier Reflection. — Stumped Clown with the ‘Dragoman’ sound, humming to eat the Gloomier Dooming the Math Confection. — Wherever to soften the ‘Fardel’ stressed yet figuratively defaced fading Butt first quickly. — However the often marred fell best bet in the literally private space invading the what’s wurst the sickly. — None the less more or lesser the never ending due to the Poe Boys ‘Apprehension’. — Oh do confess the scored investor Whenever bending through the Dough Noise Suspension. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


06638_ROSES_BLOGCHI ‘Ramble’ Butt For the relative relationships while all of the don’t necessarily like the other when normally the Circuitous Psychos Babble. — So clever the ‘Contradistinction’ of This That and The Others indefinitely defined and over and over and over again repeatedly defining. — ‘Precarious’ what’s more the decorative informational slips slide the style falls in and again like butter then formerly for Fortuitous the Sideshows that dabble. — Whatever the brand of ‘Cesspit’ instinction Butt Chew the Dirty Rat the Druthers apparently confined and over and over and over again conceitedly redesigning. — The ‘Cesspit’ for otherwise more the seedlings,  Peaches and Herbs and other spices lingering unobtrusively on the shelf. — The Respite Score, however, the balance the need for more the speed set up, over, under and out though methodically ‘Precarious’. — No sense of it the Lord of the Spies conceding teaches the bland disturbs the another devices more on malingering for gone inclusively the better best bested in health. –1030091_READ_BLOGCHI– To Be the More the clever whatever determined the greed before indeed the plunder so shout though periodically gregarious. — With ‘Contradistinction’ of seed for wherever The One or Another the nefarious and so on intensifies abusively the gamble. — Pretense of it the Bored of the flies self defeating reaches up through the sand perturbs the All Mother of Advices deplored for the conclusively Net weather Stressed tested for the sugar wealth. — Whichever the Mantra of Species extinction the need for whatever the humorously schadenfreude fun for one or the another in the hilarious foregone demystifies conclusively the ‘Ramble’.  — Such the common sense of it deplored by the wise, stealth over eating teaches to do what bland reverts the any other love concise is restored exclusively to get better blessed with gooder health. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


1407 jade_BLOGCHI Think globular-Acting nobler: Although Illegally Parked and seemingly abandoned how so they say bold reasoned the one more package of ‘Disinformation’. — With such obvious ‘Rancor’ and divergent Decks on the Hall while walking dead teetering precarious over some other not permitted splintering Points of View. — So ‘Sorb’ the in or on the front or Back of any the Bay old seasoned in the ongoing so the comedic situation. —  Oblivious all the mores or less convergent ‘Whodunit’ after all if the Style Talking is said in metering with the hilarious to come wit remitted considering Dis Joints or two. — However the Twain should the meeting on the higher the Nefarious Illustrious Alert. — ‘Whodunit’ did it the abandonment further created with incompetence the however the overruled the idiot so stopping the mothers to do. — ‘Sorb’ wit in it or superficially the pain would worth beating none the liar the gregarious justice dessert. –05604photop_BLOGCHI– Whenever the split it the time and place negated by happenstance the clever so schooled in the hideous so dropping the other Suede Shoe. — ‘Rancor’ the main for the sake of how the banker looked cooking so par for the cursing diversions for the youth and the missed out because of the occasion of notoriety celebration. — Anchor the pain on the take for the canker now booked looking so Hear How the Star for the immersing of other versions of the truth and persuasion of a variety of  ‘Disinformation’. — Anyway: — Whenever the swayed rat is in seeming near the far dislocated. — Wherever the Strayed Cat so scheming here now IT are the disassociated. — Very Interesting Butt Stupid or so they might say. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


09847cow_BLOGCHI Although ‘Piebald’ Butt Blue and lamely Red enough no longer mulled harken the illustrious Linear all Over. — ‘Connate’ referrals so often misguided an aberration to further knock wurst the suspicious paunchier the ethereal behold. — ‘Harelip’ such as the physical called what to do operational namely instead the skinnier under fed tough though stronger to further dulled sharpen the industrious composer. — Berate the squirrels so scoffing derided with hesitation and no other Butt First the ‘Expeditious’ in the Crunchier Cereal they be otherwise sold. — ‘Expeditious’ in free work thinking though opinionated stinking stuck in the mud replaces the druthers and hatters for brothers without anything further in tact. — Malicious to be retracting so on stimulated by knee jerk counteracting drinking muck and the blood defaces the many the others in matters of mothers and fathers in fact.  –09842_HOLYCOW_BLOGCHI– However would I,  the ‘Harelip’ disadvantaged. — Old timey Guttural humor left to further react. — The clever Any Where Hip the good guy mismanaged. — However the offer still not under contract. — Convinced or ‘Connate’ efforts stigmatized in the wetter Frankensteen Mold. — Shoe flied old schooly ‘Piebald’ reactive nuts Gray Areas Holy Cowed Conducive — Minced Blued Bonnet the cover marginalized by some other goods for the equality billed for the better business bets bold. — Dude or Dyed Wooly the so called didactic what say the hilarious butt All Together Now not anyhow inconclusive. — We’re on it the hover categorized by the Dumb Broods where frivolity willed to the typesetter’s forgiveness gets old. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel The Receptive 33

01108halfpriceHAPPY_BLOGCHI  Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — CLIMATE CHANGE — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen — How so the derogatorily inflamed somewhat the so many the jesters distorted refutable. — Although monetarily defamed if Butt to know the many protesters contorted in cahoot able. — So some say this and the others say that while statistically some others say nothing. —06407mini2_BLOGCHI Though dumb might dismiss and the druthers fight scat Style voyeuristically to come, the primarily colors might be bluffing. — To make no otherwise mistake about it — The Word is in the Drill Press alone or vicey versey. — Character driven fictionalized so on to react wit wit. — The nerd not for the swill stressed Stark Ravens Mad to the bone the more Dicey the Controversy. — Or So IT Goes the War of Art and Parking Validation. — Terrorists are everywhere or so they say on TV. — They’re joking, right?  — They must be: This IS America. — REFRESHtai-chiToo much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


01620sketch_BLOGCHI Any the ‘Cybrarian’ to bewail more Interpreted the Dancing with so autonomous separation of the Whatever the Church as such and such otherwise Somewhat, somewhere Constitutionally prejudicial so what, the hypocritically Stated. — Many the Librarian ‘Ventail’ the steam easing for the protected bore prancing with anonymous H Christ preparation in the clever the lurch as such somewhat jazz out of touch for the media Spies pretty near but not plumb institutionally judicial if Butt don’t care politically overrated. — ‘Stinkaroo’ asked why done did it over and over again, However, so many yet linger for the fun turned around on the lingering Sharia Fart Joke. — What to Do Run the Wit it now and then whenever if any the moving stinger gunned down by the unfair to middling fingering the vocal diarrhea whether there for for the money or Art bloke. –3160719_APPLENOSE_BLOGCHI– Buckaroo Bonsai The thinker to do with the morally repugnant therefore to tinker with inequality monetarily theologically tax tracked for a fee under stress trouble based. —  ‘Stinkaroo’ don’t fly goes the Orally Indulgent fun drinker with no apology chronologically facts backed up to the dour Oui Oui more or less double spaced. —  ‘Ventail’ heavy metal indulging scores the stuttering Jab the Cat’s Scratching style mores the host of the postal further perturbed. — ‘Cybrarian’ on the levy divulging more muttering Lab Rats hatching while the Coast to Coast coastal Precursor Disturbed.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


7938_ODD_BLOGCHI ‘Preprandial’ thought policing, expressing free expression under the Big Intrusive Stoned Jet. — ‘Seafarer’ aberration increasing, stressing would be further suppression to Plunder the insidious Inconclusive Droned Net. — Them there ‘Mesmerize’ the glitterati with fictionalized factions and missed interpreted and sundry although the plan the any items killed as such sobriety revealing. — Anywhere the Spies versus the Other Spies and the literati institutionalized retractions of the never been kissed diverted by the somewhat studious devices with the also ran the many orders filled instilled with a variety of stealing. –09818pointer_BLOGCHI– ‘Mesmerize’ caring the other way subliminally should have known Surreptitiously Hypnotic. — ‘Seafarer’ wearing what to say the druthers disguise cynically overblown expeditiously quixotic. — ‘Preprandial’ motivational though much has after the fact become categorized digestive. — Substantial situational so such as for laughter the tact so dim sum patronized regressive.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme