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Bloggerel Doggerel Contemplation 8

CORNER.1.30.16.P1400819Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — But of course there’s no hope against the money running with all of US the Rats on the bottom consuming junk food and Sugar Snacks  and hammering the other nails so studious on the bottom groveling. — So much the information explosion and the marketing of so much the bunk rude offensively off the racks so stammering the gather fails though ludicrous the common offering. — REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too though obviously and sometimes maliciously Who Knows Anything anymore when links change while others are simply disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whatever have no fear fearing the nay sayers pelting. — B’More the Less than the Runyon.Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm although the so many retiring and so on until Death Becomes US never that corporately funded academically desperate by farce and anyway so many simply following the orders of Plutocratic and occasional subterranean Zombie Overlords and a few Low Life not quite on the level management types. — So what. –>> L.T.Rhyme


CHILD.P1410471Play by Play, Blow by Blow, What duh Dickens the ‘Peccadillo’ Fear the Boss demeaning the rhyme you’re fired simplistically so goes the fun collective. —  Any way the Oui don’t know, Such Slim Pickens on Wit the show ‘Reredos’ screening time again and again before all the slime is expired mystically who knows also the run perspective. — ‘Dipsy-Doodle’ done did IT again like the otherwise slippery noodle dangling. –P1410969– Apple Strudel fun nit wit now and then strike the fake disguise in the ‘Dipsy-Doodle’ angling. — ‘Reredos’ done the do over none ALEC Redefining the racing in the moreso competitive statistical innuendo. — Dental Floss none the moreover fund the smarter the Tech inclining encasing although repetitive the metaphysical ‘Peccadillo’.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


BROADWAY.2.6.16.P1420272Engaged as Much the ‘Fatuity’ of such yet still understand alive the something about IT with so many the Drooling Vultures Waiting on the wings what forgetting the flying empower in the confidence If Butt the Verbally Manned many care in the matters of money the generation gap the gaping hole at looking whether shattered. — Presaged as such the congruity as much the bet the will and drive outwit though any the schooling cultures abating fun sings not regretting the dying fire power thin the ‘Provenance’ not to the galley withstand anywhere to begin wherever the masters of the funny interpretation slap the vaping soul that better cooking mattered. — ‘Rescript’ wording slipped so the otherwise quipped to Do It Again and then again in the Get Go for the variety of markets making neurotic maybe. — Diverting ‘Rescript’ how the Spies so they skipped not to advertise anew Bit the Pen now and when for the Big Show and the more notoriety of the carcass faking robotic baby. –FLAGPOWMIA.2.6.16.P1420014– Comic journalism providing the editor deciding plunder ‘Provenance’ in the deleting for the other hedonistic winner feeding for phonetic sake and regurgitating innuendo into snoozing perpetuity forever grandly. — Economic Astigmatism coinciding the competitor abiding under consequence more than needing that the mechanistic inter breeding more demented make and the titillating crescendo no win nor losing to ‘Fatuity’ however blandly. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


BELL.2.5.16.P1410990The sudden the ‘Yerk’ decided upon the rude resulting the Kick in the Head by the man drummed percussion of the Bronco bucking far gone inconclusively panting. — Curmudgeon the work derided fore lorn the dude consulting stick IT to the Dead why the Pan thumbed discussion to Love the ‘Unco’ sucking moron within elusively ranting. —  ‘Saga’ sage deliberately confusing the drug induced by the weakness of fun on the make in the clever the winning openly the scaly style. — The Dogma page so brilliantly the choosing the thug seduced by the meekness done for the sake of the ever spinning remotely the daily ‘Diel’. — ‘Alar’ embattled by aluminum residue on the side infusing and other heavy metals seduced by organic confusion by far conspicuous still the Lead Belly seen Gag singing. — The other Star rattled on the fly for the hooligan to continue to run the tide excusing grand mother and the baby battles reduced to mechanic the conclusion ‘Alar’ such ridiculous swill the Red Jelly Bean Bag flinging. — The dirty ‘Diel’ done in the Dirty so Cheaply wrestling with the lack of money by the pretension of stigmata and the other If Butt to be sure the illusory lost Unchained the Melody to the adulterated plan thing. –FOODAMERICA.2.5.16.P1410967– The wordy feel fun in the nerdy though sleepily nestling Wit the slack Love of Honey so why the apprehension of the ‘Saga’ to understand Mother and what furthermore the Usury cost sustained in the legacy so complicated can bring. — Somewhere the ‘Unco’ the same the dang doppelganger or not to be doing the work for the work sake not regarding the ruthless engaged in compromising factors. — So much anywhere the bunco in name the troubled gang banger for what to be showing to the clerk for the ‘Yerk’ fake Butt discarding the toothless restaged mesmerizing detractors.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


FLAME.2.5.16.P1420065Confidentially sharing bunions aching,  ‘Challah’ and twisted innuendo justifiably confusing in the controlling interested surviving or knots in the religiously free debating due some moral guidance failing justice the so undignified manipulating circumstantial off the shelf unnerving co-dependent. — Occidentally the ‘Paring’ onions baking, Ooh La La resisted the memento undeniably perusing the extolling twisted conniving If Bots to begin brilliantly to be inflating the New Slum Floral subsidence entailing Trust US somehow although what duh signified eliminating potential to the in the self serving transcendent. — Competitively ‘Nugatory’ by far and away when originality pretended in the higher order of not competing and everything simply follows the delusion of the Do Duh Song hey diddle Yogi. — Sensitively obligatory ‘Alar’ anyway then the locality offended by the liar distorted So What repeating the bland upswing dimly wallows in confusion to Gotta Love the Go Get Along Little Dogie. — However embracing the ‘Alar’ plunder to or from commuting to the slicked bewitch the whichever by fumitory the deniability undeniable in perchancing. — Whatever the spacing the radar under to do some computing though the Picked up Stitch to so endeavor why the ‘Nugatory’ of reliability to come the viable enhancing. –SIPBITE.2.5.16.P1420169– The ‘Paring’ cast upon the waters and the Splintered Webs expanding much beyond the unintended consequentially as such presumably one or another the pretentious or illusory though fearless bombastic the voiceless and tight fisted fear mongering in disguise as some under fed bell curved allah. — So caring to last far gone the borders of the Disinterested Ebbs the demanding the nudges so spawned the defending providentially the crutch community begun by the mother conscientious for the prudery so so merely peerless materialistic and pointless to delight in the although twisted otherwise the wonder bread well served ‘Challah’.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel Return 44

bernierou1340304Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a PenFire with Fire and a choice word now and then. — Engaged in the pattern of feigning entertainment — Though the feign isn’t faking though restaged for the arraignment. — Wherever the freedom of expression and thought long gone more for the suppression of some people and the bought. — Paid for in the winking and the nodding the elitist — Made more in the stinking and the prodding the machinist. — However the not all is lost. — For the clever the If But is the cost. — Or not. — Oui the People. — Somewhat the over done did IT the reconditioned the Holy Cow. — Oh so over the Get Wit IT to crack the contradiction of the Super Owl. — Only to be outdone by the really wacky doodles and dunce. — Anyhow. — To the studious no less that IT might pretend to second guess the ever changing virtue of repeating now and then. –GNOME.ALONE.1.30.16.P1400715– Over and over the insanity of the statistical inanity interpenetrated thusly in the Zen. — However much engaging in the rhyme and reasonable restaging whatever comes about in the result. — The clever funding so the gauging anytime the seasonable the aging however dumbs IT down in the Inevitable Consult.  — REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too though obviously and sometimes maliciously links change while others are simply disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whatever have no fear fearing the nay sayers pelting. — B’More the Less than the Runyon.Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm although the so many retiring and so on until Death Becomes US never that corporately funded academically desperate by farce and anyway so many simply following the orders of Plutocratic and occasional subterranean Zombie Overlords and a few Low Life not quite on the level management types. –>> L.T.Rhyme


00130DRUMS__BLOGCHI ‘Desiderata’ planned the Bucket List in the all consuming efforts of the Few Controlling the interesting compounded blimey skinny anyway why so much blather wins guiding lightly all aglow and Avon Calling somewhat par for the course in the malicious battle for money and power and More Than Shoes in the Shining. — Pez fed data hand puppet kissed to begin on the call resuming the endeavor to do extolling the dwindling Dumbfounded Shimmy shimmy ‘Inveigh’ as such to gather what begins abiding brightly to know the raven stalling If Butt by far from the source of the superstitious rattle more funny by the hour before the Blues Defining. — ‘Whilom’ won’t it as such believe the Maybe Baby, the Unbelievable to Touch the feel of the single file there the Evil lurks so disheartened in the shadows of the anima knowing nothing other than when ahead so beckoned the Fool Be Sailing. — Style UM flaunt IT to the touch to deceive the shady lady conceivable as crutch the deal of the dingle ‘Diel’  or  ‘Diel’ in the mingle style  where upheaval works to play in the part Oui suppose the stamina showing the bluffing then dead reckoned so Cool in the bewailing. –HOMELESS.– The come what may the opened arms perchancing to fate creating thusly so what’s the ‘Diel’ drums in tongues the shadows neurotically fading. — ‘Whilom’ smut per say invoked by Swarms Dancing so Late invading morosely though If Smuts the feel what the hum dumb matters moronically evading. — The Space ‘Inveigh’ deters the deluded as so provoked in distracting by so much money and resisting the data of the single minded Spy to fight in the clutch to like fun Plucky like before. — Save face to play refers excluded as though So Smoked Attracting why the crutch of persisting ‘Desiderata’ to Love the jingle blinded by the light and so much unlike the Lucky Strike for more. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


SAIL_BLOGCHI_08743Whirled Peas with the ‘Alpenglow’ of love gone persisting in the morning the sailor stalked warming although the land lubber wondering if Mountaineer Sailing thusly would however apply with what Oui the better half to work with. — ‘Surcease’ helping the Go on of push shove resisting the warning the whaler talked forming Argo the Bland blubber squandering the Wish You Were Here entailing justly the good and the clever so why the slip knot to be whether HaHave or Not With? — Some the ‘Saga’ believing with another element of conceiving the unconscious mind and the Wit of the bliss and the thunder of blather more buttocks bits in the third or forth quartered the open pith punning. — To come the regatta perceiving split to gather resonant above weaving so obnoxious the find of the Hit or ‘Reminisce’ so this More or Less to understand rather For what it’s Worth ordered verboten stiff gunning. — ‘Reminisce’ or that sleazy when the so much many is uneasy however the inclusive banana the Frozen Daiquiri consisting in somewhat the only occasional alcohol the adventure. — Dotted Swiss so the cheesy then the soft touch of any the breezy wherever the obtrusive the ‘Saga’ chosen quackery the twisting the If Butt Baloney sustainable rational the surrender. –webduhChesapea‘Surcease’ sure desisting the stuff business stopped is tracked risking the fraudulent claims to happen so out of despite love the thrifty the Flavored Tanking Insight. — For pleas more enlisting enough of the forgiveness copped fracked frisking the monumental names of ‘Alpenglow’ in the night of the swiftly tailored banking delight.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


BIGTOP. ‘Fanfare’ manipulating of the Commoner Plan regarding the Poll Taking Greeting in the phone call Methodical Whenever from the bucking brand some bronco the If Butt Spies defer to the statistically confrontation to share the love of the unconsciously rough ideally still somewhat feeling rather by the Big Toe the Reaper manipulated. — Also ran fair in the stipulating to understand discarding the hole making fleeting thin the gone raw radical forever the trucking man come ‘Unco’ to do what’s otherwise so stir the significantly the population everywhere to push the shove so goes the inequality thus touchy feely healing to gather why dig in the sleeper so stipulated. — ‘Foliage’ thickening in the ground work greening of the basically pragmatical much more the defined than the unfair and the fancy so the designated driver simulated by the seductive with the thoughtless abstaining. — College quickening within around to lurk meaning gracefully mathematical as such before the refined plan anywhere the ‘Aeromancy’ outdated  the survivor why stimulated by the Collective Unconscious in the training. — There any the ‘Aeromancy’ ridiculously in the making however the layers are presented in some New Age occurring mismanaged by the autocrat still greedily dire planning the ongoing circus for ratings. –JAMESJOYCE.– So share many the Sandy Fancy conspicuously for the taking whoever the nay sayers by far resented the dumb ‘Foliage’ concurring disparaged why the diplomat’s will needily fire fanning the all knowing versus more debatings. — ‘Unco’ the rod sparing in lieu of the entertainment factor in the participating much the greater the frugality of everywhere the behooving of the psychologically tortured. — Bunco the squad caring to do though the containment detractor to win over the hesitating as such now or later the equality of the ‘Fanfare’ in the Grooving of Technologically forward. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


HUSTLE. In circles the ‘Yerk’ engaging like a Crowning Achievement Affair nor the other badge courageous leading no place other than strutting here for Lack of Over There. — More levels the clerk still paging strike with frowning bereavement despair for the druthers ‘Cadge’ contagious needing just in case the no wonder plan in the cutting back on fear to share. — ‘Abject’ the poverty stricken deluded inconclusive to know composed the selling before the bad and the bold with no pejorative response to Go. — Expect some to nobility quicken refuted unobtrusive to show as Opposed to Telling any more the old or in the breathing one or the other spatially timed in place projected the gold or some other the narrative new ‘Nonce’ although. — So clear and ‘Nonce’ the danger handling the tools beyond comprehension of competitive dissension when the greedy and powerful play on the verge always of utter scholarly destruction and disrespect through Corporate defended to plunder the marketed bliss no less. –SHOPPING.– No fear planned the sconce the stranger wrangling fools respond not to mention repetitive retention then the needy and doubtful so say so on to merge anyway the Mutter of This poverty obstruction Oui ‘Abject’ to do the inordinate offended under the targeted escrow distress. — Such wealthy the ‘Cadge’ revolting with the so much more wastefully composing whenever in nor out of the rhymeless reasonable reasoned treatable trick in work. — Much healthy the catch consulting Wit to grow as such for the tastefully exposing however the skin of the timeless seasonable seasoned unbeatable chicken ‘Yerk’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme