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US.3.29.16.P1510207 Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Now and then the other when the why whatever the where the Whom the If Butt for. — Ebbing Flow Contextually who could ask for anything more. — It’s a conspiracy of Butt of course. — Institutionalized hackers lurking attempting to manipulate the premeditated secrecy till then the outcome comes about. — Revolutionized slackers actually working stretching due to stipulate what’s contaminated illegally and then some in the Twist and Shout. — There is no real help to be had. — You’re on your own until the end should come. — Death becomes you don’t feel sad. — Look over your shoulder There Lurking — The faceless conspicuous intruder so bored. — Paid to do a job that’s creepy and destructive. — Out of Space Trust the ridiculous consumer of the Lord Booga Booga deplored. — Freedom to Practice Religion and Law and ParcheesiSKULLBONES.3.30.16.P1510295:- Separation of Church and States Butts on call the sleazy! — However the Standing Still gathered. — The inferiority complexities blathered. — Still the Hey Day for the Hackers no suggestion. — Competence of the worker in question. — In Stereo the typically of the musically endowed However the Morals Corrupt. — The inflow metaphysically so the scrutiny allowed to endeavor the laurels erupt. — And the Walls come tumbling down. — REFRESH — Still Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to Various Sources and Dictionaries too — Disclaiming the obviously and sometimes maliciously or more than likely profitably by the powerfully motivated statistically speaking Data Gathering and misdirecting. –tai-chiWho Knows what, where, who, why, when anyhow anymore if the assuming links change while others are simply disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and OnionsB’More the Less than the Runyon.Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm. — If Butt. — However:- Who cares? –>> L.T.Rhyme


POLICERICE.4.28.16.P1550518So what the Wit the ‘Gonzo’ Gorgonzola Cheesy Contemporary Journalistic none the less So Sigh Some stand ‘Furuncle’ needs the popped corn popping the subjectively cultured boiling the otherwise Networked ‘Invincible’ under stressed Butt So growing media the bank scoff laterally spun. — If Butt the spit or swallow more Fun So Love the Breezy Fragmentary Voyeuristic gone duress No Lie done grand the mumble breeds the hot porn stopping the inventively punctured toiling nether Spies the Vet perked the Mythical Plunder Guest What No showing the premium yank off naturally fun. –CISCO.4.28.16.P1550520– Some would say permissible while others the humble troubled say hopping done so much inadmissible oh no mad about to outlive the gummed singer bummer come the blessed though paused all knowing in the Blarney Frank troth the masterfully done. — Dumb come what may ‘Invincible’ style the druthers of ‘Furuncle’ bubbled pay cropping none though such inexplicable ‘Gonzo’ gadabout to forgive the hummed dinger drummer some bequest show caused forgoing thin the Starry Crank Cough mathematically won. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


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Ruffn.4.25.16.P1550182RousseauCUBE.4.25.16.P1550100‘Juxtapose’ so some would say although ‘Rejoinder’ by the way the favorite ‘Flivver’ had ITs day, the Better Beater is the play. — The ‘Flivver’ old but better made, ‘Rejoinder’ bold and better paid. — The time for change is overdue so ‘Juxtapose’ that It’s Up to You. — Whatever would you choose to do? –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


VETBROADWAY.4.24.16.P1540971More or Less the ‘Feckless’ IT’s a given hypothetically aired why the eagerly illusive ‘Alfresco’ walked about for more or less the environmentally destructive and yet Head But Butt Economically Conducive to the principle ‘Omniscient’ or not however in the know. — For the stress the reckless driven Analytically so dared by the legally conclusive guessed so stalked the lout for sure the test congeniality constructive to pet the fed the what not, the comically instructive to do invincible the show the if butt to be efficient more now the clever So and so. — Assure the stealthier sleep defenses of sufficient showing fetter yet there world’s apart shall guess IT though the fun defeats rent petty giving Data driven precious love the beatings finds the garbage in and garbage out and eating dug up garbage for the win win in the Get Go more of the Dumpster Diving Stew and Gift the overcast Cards plunder the broken bounder bracing. –RuffnRousseau.4.24.16.P1540995– Adore the wealthier cheap expenses of ‘Omniscient’ knowing better debt where à la carte ‘Alfresco’ on the streets Tent City Living garbled messages the ‘Feckless’ of the meetings minds so tarnished for the din din where withy all the what ever is IT to let go for a Conniving Idiot To Do with Grand Stiffed Glassed Shards under the open counter spacing.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Yom Tov

Volunteer.4.23.16.P1540834‘Yom Tov’ dealing doubled down ‘Distend’ Dat End to defend the better blend for the ‘Exodus’ or a cynical dispatched tourist migration with a wetter worn mealy wormed and ritually done religiously produced absent of that old timey tribal feeling welcomed unless IT’s the Badly Traditional Fritter Broke in the Metaphorical Fix. — Dumb suave feeling troubled the clown missed blend Fat Friend to Defend the bitter trend more presumptuous dour clinical the detached purist integration Wit the debtor born really squirmed and RescuecornerEX.4.22.16.P1540657habitually the fun brilliantly deduced the content to love the bold blimey concealing bedlam the won stress fits the Madly conditional bitter bloke in the allegorical mix. — However the nebulous to Better Pretend How the Greater the what not whatever this poorly so written the crappy sum of its parts in the Tangible Mud. — Wherever the ‘Exodus’ from the fetter ‘Distend’ Now or Later the If Butt endeavor kissed courtly so smitten the happy ‘Yom Tov’ and the Love IT imparts with animal blood. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


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