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3510965WHOFLAGBLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen — On going go the If Butt head Battles merely unrelenting.  — So the educationally inept so the much more along the forsooth. — Distributed No showing the what’s dead rattles simply dissenting. — US the blatantly adept and strong in the Youth. — REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


BLOGCHI_5MONKEY Who or what’s the snide to be on got the ‘Manqué’ guilt now that IT is in failing the periodically to respect in turning and turning and so much the goes Spinning the Narrative around. — Oh ‘Confrere’ to do for the tied knots and so on the what not other than to the rebuilt anyhow scaling the politically defect earning and learning the touch moreso who knows the beginning the restorative in bound. — ‘Magpie’ madness competing for the airwaves otherwise no one really knowing what not If Butt with Frivolity to Do. — Bag Guy malice defeating more the unfair knaves so to compromise the hand gun merely showing the uncut reality to the ‘Parvenu’. — ‘Parvenu’ for the impractical practice practicing the goosely cooked the Do IT or Die albeit sparkling the so tastefully concluding the One. –02884_shoes_BLOGCHI– Somewhere on the Avenue more the Tactical Tactic Grappling  loosely hooked with the influential ‘Magpie’ to see IT hardening when the hastily brooding for Fun. — ‘Confrere’ the further along Progressively Dancing whether merely in the window or not to do it’s okay. — Defer the Singing Song repressively enhancing the clever clearly innuendo Ta Do What Did He the if the shoe fits ‘Manqué’ –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


2370099_RUFFN_BLOGCHI ‘Diagnostician’ dogmatically delegating the truthiness of truth and what IT is to be believed might be the Logo of the Greater Goodliness and the clever kind of knowledge so taught with inherent ambiguity. — Superstition pragmatically agitating as yet in the roominess of youth as If Butt is otherwise conceived in light of ‘Dodo’ love to be the perpetrator of the cleanliness so never mind in college Wit, for naught the deterrent of promiscuity. — ‘Alexithymia’ deliberated More or Less reflecting, absent of any clue or object to focus upon, the disease. — Stiff kicks Butt the panacea of the agitated for the stress objecting, present with not the anything to do with respect the prognosis to spawn, the ‘Reprise’. –1120523Rousmile– My dog ‘Reprise’ the Tunefully Driven duly the miss matched noted by the ongoing slack of voter suppression. — ‘Alexithymia’ whole hog with fleas the lucidly given to so coolly detached the devoted to freedom of lack of expression. — The ‘Dodo’ dominating open funded floundering so much the failing dandy rants of somewhat the concentrating Mathematician. — Oh No go merely hesitating the potent fronting pondering out of Touch bewailing the randy stance of the non-negotiating ‘Diagnostician’.   –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme        


8538SPY_BLOGCHI Of course IT wasn’t intended to ‘Snipe’ Butt For the laughter and retentive consequential as yet the handy lummox at rest offset although questionable politically in the upheaval of pooled Venom the somewhat lacking in tact. — The source as such Pretending to Gripe by what’s more the Pretentious as such to Wit after substantial elimination, the dandy to ‘Flummox’ the best bet yet to show, evidently the irrelevancy though hypothetically to win, it’s the EVIL full SPECTRUM dumb Butt hacking in fact. — ‘Febricity’ focused on heaps and Sounds Piled on the thickest yet media driven and handled Like a Derrick dumping wryly noted by any dominoes falling. — Complicity in the diagnosis of leaps and bounds styled by the quickest bet in the tedious given angled toward the dyke though ‘Xeric’ regardless the pumping dryly imploded So on the many It Goes overhauling. –00064_WESLEYAN_2001Newsy_BLOGCHI– ‘Xeric’ the just dessert regardless the fish drying although tangled by specificity on somewhere the speedily derided Salt Flats. — The cleric stuffed shirt the heartless wish defying oh so mangled by absence of ‘Febricity’ as yet anywhere the needily coincided No Fault Cats. — ‘Flummox’ failing the budgetary consequence of the money dwindling distinguished the burns for the lack of any guff to spite the everything that they could underhandedly utterly code for the dissed card to magnetically swipe.  — Some stocks bewailing relevance to love the funny of mingling diminished returns, from all the mores down at the No Slack for the Money Aplenty to bring It on and understandably in the gutterly bode to disregard yet prophetically ‘Snipe’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


BLOGCHIclownS13 ‘Amphigory’ Theatrically phasing in ridiculous concepts and Corny Grief overtly ain’t Phat Peculiar in so many the voyeuristic the hidden rehashings. — An allegory the mystically hazing Whatever to do as a favor for a few transcends meticulous precepts on the demand of duplicitous belief out the back side of the any the futuristic correspondents at that to better maneuver the forbidden the ‘Lashings’. — So to correspond with the legitimate ‘Bailiwick’ surprising and the unlikelihood to do how much so that the mighty try to plan it.  — Keep one’s eye on the reprising confederate to play a lick and Buyer Beware the flighty to question where, what when why, And How the run be ‘Gannet’. — A  ‘Gannet’  gobbled the gook of the something more than something something other than propositional traditional number crunching Busting Nuts Wit further rehearsal the Fishy. –WEBPEZEclown1_BLOGCHI– ‘Bailiwick’ bobbled the book so to love and adore what’s missed to under stand by contradictional the fictional bumbler munching trusting lusting Butts For IT the lurker and somewhat the controversial dishy. — Eyed ‘Lashings’ lugubrious after squandering the cash the routine such as the needily transitory more Oui assume the thick headed and thusly cursed. — Defied Flashings of dubious laughter in the floundering stash and the unseen of the much repeatedly what duh ‘Amphigory’ for Whom to be or not to be If only the dreaded Butt First.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel The Power of the Great

PJGYPSYBIKE_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Or a Key board permitting the power. — Not to aforementioned networked access with so many the localized restraining. — Or not to be bored benefiting the lately pickled from hour to happy the sour. — So what the tormented circle jerked pretext Wit the any vocalized containing. — And so on. –00104gypsy– Gypsy died. — If Butt for the Idiocy so B’More the lesser judgmentality jumping to elatedly conclusives. — So What the who’s there in the shadows serendipity the what for so impresses data humping the creatively reclusives. — It’s Monday:  Beans and Rice. — And it’s hard to tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guise — Confusing Team with scheme work and hidden grease paint on the whatever the else to do. — Be careful to whom you listen well Wit the mind made up by sad lies. — The doleful doom do written as well by the clever that coulda been you. —   REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


1830956_SUGARBAKERS_BLOGCHIThe ‘Confluence’ of influential dancing in the head on a Firing Pin with lack of any the better off who scoff at the many the Unreasonable Progressive The Adorably Insight permitted by the bigger the guns and rockets. — Oui they don’t know what duh justice as well. — And BTW or so Oui say don’t care to do or not do tell. — Stipulating proverbial enhancing the dread to begin no slack in the fetter off of whatever the Big Bang, for Tis the seasonal freedom of expressive the will to manipulate the parasitic cultural in exchange for knavery and magnitude with the unlimited ammunition to deplorably ‘Extradite’ for unwarranted Go Figure Funds and profits.  — ‘Atelier’ the anyway to show with something to sell. — ‘Atelier’ or the attache of the anywhere whenever is poverty swell? –1170709_festivalRousseau_BLOGCHI– Many inflating controversial romancing the whoever said to lose or win the mole to whack the lawful sidelined letter back hand the slang slumped the more is the regional congestive still to substitute and ‘Extradite’ inferred structurally the permitted coalition under the guise of analytical influence. — The any debating primordial perchancing instead on track the tethered however the Bell Rang Trumped Unbelievable suggestive will the Rub to Root and though not quite deterred the manufactured omitted condition to plunder with surprise the political ‘Confluence’. — On the other hand… –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


2892_stepscircle_BLOGCHI ‘Rondel’ round IT goes the anywhere IT Might Stops for what or whatever the everybody knows For Whom the bell tolls. — ‘Haplology’ fading with devotional engagement stumped by anyway phonetics in the questionable and shallow what goes around without a sound. — Psychology Pervading Wit emotional displacement thumped in the ‘Melee’ by esthetics and the irrepressible hallowed over under the ground to confound. — Fondle the sound of Oui don’t care to wit the fight stops to do or the clever for shoddy however So IT Goes they sell traditional replaceable souls. — Pell-mell confounded by the ‘Melee’ referring to the sillier cops with an agenda for a few more body blows and Gee Swell recreational unattainable Goals. — ‘Haplology’ pervading with computational estrangement pumped in the belly with frequently diuretics and whistle blowing Centrally for the other Cast members so profound. — ‘Rondel’ round IT goes the anywhere IT might stops for what or whatever the everybody knows For Whom the bell tolls. — ‘Haplology’ fading with devotional engagement stumped by anyway phonetics in the questionable shallow what goes around without a sound. –forteFLAG_BLOGCHI– As such the confusion informational invading however the outcome it’s okay Oui suppose when the rock coincidentally rolls. — From the ‘Melee’ a contusion the situational pervading wherever the humdrum in the resulting amusingly so magically rebound. — Come whatever inclusion vocational persuading the clever the Beach Bum not insulting to musically though tragically astound. — Once more the optical conclusion of the coeducational persuading with more Sand up the Nose and down other consumer driven holes. — ‘Rondel’ round IT goes the anywhere IT might stops for what or whatever the everybody knows For Whom Bell tolls. — ‘Haplology’ fading with devotional engagement stumped by anyway phonetics in the questionable and shallow what goes around without a sound.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


02190ndonutfeet_BLOGCHI With the ‘Dint’ of the Donut regardless the foil. — Dish the Hint of the whatnot wherever artless the ‘Moil’. — So the ‘Guff’ of the gun nut say the charges from nowhere. — To and fro stuff the If Butt prey disparages where what the Will don’t care. — To hear forever plunder If Butt from the being dazzled by the struts left. — So warped to come over for fear of under stiff cut of the frazzled descry why the what’s ‘Weft’. –AnAppleThisBig– However ‘Quaff’ refreshing the thunder more or less the price to pay. — Whichever the ‘Quaff’ digressing under the stress of something nice to say. —  ‘Weft’ over under passing through the warp speed to understand why and maybe other stuff. — Bereft the plunder embarrassing to do the core need to Stand By, Baby, the Brotherhood mother F ‘Guff’. — What’s ‘Moil’ for one at the pleasure of the hint. — Struts the toil more to come the fat pressure, No, you ‘Dint’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


3560160WAIT_BLOGCHI The very next ‘Peripeteia’ spinning musical miscellaneous for whomever the situation is ill suited. — The merry vexed left over to defy the beginning mutable ‘Spontaneous’ more clever when the flirtation is still rooted. — ‘Quaff’ the informational with wishful drinking to think for the somewhat and denying the Famously Popular sandwich IT last stands for the distress of the friend or the foe. — Laugh at the confrontational the Taxed issue linking to sync all the mores for the So not the shamelessly trying the stop the namelessly ‘Heritor’ and only the Wit Cast demands more or less to pretend to know. — Though freedom expressively the ‘Heritor’ of the heritage perpetuating the madness of blood and guts and glory for a conspiratorial laugh. — So repressively the Monitor of the message instigating badness to love good If and abuts never moreso than the habitual celebratory ‘Quaff’. –07592_produceflow_BLOGCHI– ‘Spontaneous’  the mutational from religious to the spiritual endeavor to deny the free range of environmental in the marketing the madness of ploys. — Contemporaneous the situational some prestigious too habitual to be clever for the ‘Peripeteia’ so strange in the sentimental targeting the Badness of Boys will be boys. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme