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4482_atlasGRUNTS_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Beware the Domino large medium bait and carryout switch — Count your change and pick up every stitch. — So much so cabled the double dealing — Once a mistake — twice a bad break — Third maybe a charm but first spread the alarm. — Trade practicing concealing — What is it that you’re feeling overwhelmed? — Flicking switches — Turning knobs — Manipulating US the powerless slobs — So is the Government complicit time to Vote — However citizenry appealing — One more method of corporate stealing — Internationally illicit on a furthering the data capture so the monetarily note — Jump in still time for swimming — However likely so goes the IT the skimming. — And yet the disclaimer all for the naughty so lying the gamer with linkage to nowhere to boot — Everything is broken so much for soft spoken — Ask questions later the Butt Camera Anyway so “No Boundaries” still the root for the home team so otherwise paid lab rats to furthermore fish in a barrel to shoot. — Whoever the front or the backing — So so one more the criminal furthering so for the cookie dough  hacking. — Otherwise to further comedically dramatize — Change the channel or pass the remote. – REFRESHToo much Fun – So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme –>> “Oui” –>> J.J.Rousseau


4719ROCKNROLL_BLOGCHI ‘Pandurate’ any body not likely as fit — The ‘Pisher’ yet pissed off — Though such ‘Pallid’ the Wit — However they scoff — Whether to ‘Wheedle’ complimentary in IT the political speak — Through the eye of the needle though alimentary a bit hypocritical ‘Fleek’ — Whenever ‘Fleek’ fleeting somehow the tweak Dee Dee so to Speak Tweedle. — Wherever the unworthy so goes the weak Dee Dumber meek ‘Wheedle’ 3240711_ENVYHOTEL_BLOGCHI—- Nothing less nor more than luxurious linguistic fruit salad. —  More or less changing from Black and White to spurious so altruistic acute ‘Pallid’ — So why not the King Fisher‘Pandurate’ the trickle down so flipped out over so somewhat devious the Mystic Cute Ballad  — Regardless the record so referring the soggy rhymes of the other show and tell of the furthermore sting ‘Pisher’ — More points scored concurring in the foggy Life and Times of the gooder nutter butter know better hot damn nevermore though quite possibly redemptive the well wisher. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


09423_AMBITION_BLOGCHI ‘Luftmensch’ so conservatively disregarding a good nights sleep. — So IT though fiction yet ‘Immix’ the further funding ducats with so much many the misleading to manipulate with entertaining the innuendo — The ‘Rapier’ Wit wit DAT dere Materialistic Creep. — ‘Descry’ the rebellious in Honky Kong coming ultimately to a wacky so sustaining crescendo — ‘That’s How We Roll’ democratically proclaiming — While so many others want the cake and to eat of it sustaining the terrible party too dues — Or also —  ‘That’s How We Roll’ conservatively defaming — Plutocratic taking over in the good old red white and so many doing nothing and simply crying the after the fact tardy blues. -1030091_READ_BLOGCHI- Or so so. — However the protests Oui ‘Descry’  — So much many for totally safety and the comfortable fix. — ‘Rapier’ preying for happy piece meals in the economic spies versus other spies   — So much very many burned and hidden UN references ‘Immix’   — Some how much and when better use for the bully bully pulpit while so dreaming on or about the working girls the backbench — Butt! — However the Stones  turned and further differences from the Other Shticks  — Left alone rest assured for any more or less the effort swirls the ‘Luftmensch’.   — Say what?     –>> Rupert  Likes To Rhyme

Sotto Voce

00978_HAG_BLOGCHI ‘Sotto Voce’ discussion “So it Goes” the Coming Election — Without the congressional ‘Helpmate’  — After long and hard circumspection  — And so much money in the Student Body collection yelp plate — So whatever the ‘Cogent’ method of the ongoing Conservative Projection‘Breadcrumbing’ for the fickled so fingering of so much many the fatality of the Conservationist Furthering of some Life in Chains cockeyed militaristic so as such contaminated industrialized fate.  — Regardless the Path Be to Heaven or hell nor the Flapdoodle Mutt under the cowardly mask -01311_CONSTANT_BLOGCHI-   ‘Breadcrumbing’ with the ritualistically so otherwise so much many the furthering for the cleverer so Heaven Sent — Nothing that we’d ever by and buy sell as well as corrupting the sad Standard Poodle as a lumbering task  — A simpler method breeding however ER ‘Cogent’So Much Resistance from the citizenry elected the ‘Helpmate’ such impending impeached so obsessionally defeated. — Somewhat ‘Sotto Voce’ so otherwise spent — How much many the Dreamers says the law as detected to be so furthermore succumbing impeded — Which ever the Way however that they wherever they never woulda thunk it whenever otherwise Done Gone and Went. — Wait, Don’t tell me. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


04896_beethoven_BLOGCHI Lab Rats consuming other Lab Rats —  Competing for the better anyway pay off — ‘Fainéant’ competitors so somewhat beheading plagiarizing so many other the some or another other than journalistic Stray Cats — A self defeating attention grabbing ‘Foible’ so dead letter without no more nothing than a day off. — Terracotta ‘Hypogeum’ Pyramid land empowered furthermore to so act so — Dim Sum much ‘StankFace’ economically viable for better longevity and forbidden fruit health — To standoff the growing viral load in though ipso matter of fact O -02900_SMILE_BLOGCHI3‘StankFace’ smiling on the inside from What Rocks the sound and other connectivity and Hidden to the Grounded Boot Wealth‘Hypogeum’ hacking lacking so much more than any the other subversive tact though — The NSA so slacking catching culprits terrorizing — Not so much the  ‘Foible’ so privatized bad for business that they can’t all Corporate Interest conflicted for the better part — Otherwise so citizens working for the Citizenry Mesmerizing — So to the jealousy best wishes and the also failed the ‘Fainéant’ restricted to the letter At Heart. — Simply the timely tabled practiced value added memorizing.  — So much the further more ending as yet for beginning at the another stigmatizing reindeer trend sweater forgiving the other debtor start. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


01042_ROADKILL_BLOGCHI ‘Fissiparous’ recipes for the Road Daily Dally Dilly Kill — Mixed in to the simmering Pot of overcooked Dumpster Stew —  ‘Teleology’ methodology and loss so easily bought the manipulated butt buy the Free Willy Will   — While watching the war go by with a play by play and another alternative worldly overbooked Point of Silly View. —  ‘Xerophilous’ refugees expanding — Somewhat the  ‘Dactyloscopy’  for an idiot omelet wherever that gets ya. — Knucklehead Smiff ‘Plutomania’ at best the under educated so furthermore demanding -00616_Archy_BLOGCHI- You betcha — All play and no work makes the secondarily sloppy  — Oh so denying the  ‘Plutomania’ of so many connected the rest — Bookim Printim take away the vote by the DNA supplemented ‘Dactyloscopy’.   —  However the ‘Xerophilous’ versus the dirtier the water test. —  Chlorinated ‘Teleology’ with another dose of the so abusive poison for the cure  — The fragmented ‘Fissiparous’ working the etymology  — Only your empirical Hair Dresser Knows better not even for sure. — Furthermore the engineering Knee Jerking Sociology.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


03792applepucker_BLOGCHI ‘Götterdämmerung’  O so what. —  John, Paul and George it’s all your fault — Bah —  So much reflected in the utter damn songs sung O no Butt! — ‘Resolute’ or so otherwise the might be everything else is somewhat a call for the naught — Nah — The ‘Plutomania’ regeneration edition or not so much idealistically the ongoing situation — Or was that the last thirty-five years? — Somewhat sticky at best — There has never been that much out of touch competition realistically in the world of further the Corporate castration —  Lean in and Pucker —  It’s so that the ‘Bibliophobe’ has no more for the crying any dirty wordy tears in the so neighborly other beers — Somehow picky like the rest. — Midnight trucker — The lack of empathy that It  ‘Walks Both Sides of the Street’  -3160719_APPLENOSE_BLOGCHI- Formally They will with no further confirmation  — Methodically disproportionate the Littler FeetSomewhat Stuck right/left so heard of say hear whatever the more or less credibility to whittle yet left in the middle  — Balanced on the higher beamer the after Other the what we’re here After Life Dreamer — Yet IT  ‘Walks Both Sides of the Street’ if only a little   — With the ‘Bibliophobe’  simply rewriting history by writ of reckoning with the Cloud —  ‘Plutomania’  yet conforming the Climate Changing to Boot — However the yet beckoning narcissistic and mirrored in the once more the covered up shroud — Whenever the method porked butt to be  ‘Resolute’  —  ‘Götterdämmerung’ O so still the yet Singing Out Loud.    –>> Rupert  Likes To  Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel Splitting Apart 39

08509CAKE_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a PenLearn how to tread water — If you don’t believe There’s a WarFollow the Money. — Wink wink nod nod. — The coming election is not even that funny. — Of course he’s a nice guy. — REFRESHToo much Fun – So Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. -tai-chi- With NPR and TED — The BBC and Cold Beer Wit Onions — Whether DAILY or whenever. — Saving the Scene. — Never the less RunyonsBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme –>> “Oui” –>> J.J.Rousseau


05660morecrab_BLOGCHI Regardless the method for discovering authenticity, ‘Dactyloscopy’ somewhat as good as any other such resulting — However, for the otherwise cause of such reflectively under covering synchronicity — So much  ‘Palaver’ wasting time on merely the peekaboo touch consulting —  ‘Iwis’  Cotton was not a monkey after all — Though so many ‘Effete’ efforts for the so and so sensible the Corporate Crackademia Striving for ultimately political correctness   — ‘Dick Butterflies’ Bupkis just one or another so the colorful honky waiting for the Rice and beans Hoppin John so otherwise irrelevant presidential on call — ‘Dick Butterflies’ over out and about with such nasty entertainingly nonsensical directness  -SaveduhChesapea_BLOGCHI- So much More Conservatively to Talk about hand over hand over inches ‘Effete’  — ‘Iwis’  more or less the better the look at it than otherwise portrayed by a medical school cadaver  — However demanding the look of the kind and whenever the sour the sweet  — Forget about all the Climate Change up whenever the political  ‘Palaver’  —   ‘Dactyloscopy’   more so branding the method, the madness the marking with some kinda sorta ulterior gladness or otherwise, However, the rhymes or not photographs while the faith in GMO popcorn popping  — Forget the colonoscopy and look up somebody Else’s (_*_) regarding the inferior so more so the clever — So many Spies versus so many other spies and no time for Oui Oui Sergeants  or on the move the further drainage however the backed up clogging forlorn stopping. –>>  Rupert  Likes To  Rhyme


webPTBarnumcircus11 Take a ‘Chansonette’ for instance As Ridiculous as It is conflicted and anything else though eyes only restricted might seem — Do Wah Diddy ditty ‘Xerophilous’ or did he not so so such as deviously imagined and over extended — Somewhat ‘Recalcitrant’ with so many others simply living for another outside insidiously inflicted into the weather wrong or right dream — Although with ‘Teleological’ tongue in cheek if and or butt what is  is as previously recommended — Going with the Flow with such fabulously codified ‘Fabs’  — While working with the empirical electromagnetic slow frequently so more so than theological. -04725_DOLL_BLOGCHI- If it’s not one thing it’s your mother’s genetically induced although more so the trans fat modified ‘Fabs’. — What of it the evolution of Nature’s planned obsolescence in The Act Naturally the nature of ‘Teleological’ — Though ‘Recalcitrant’ because of whatever that happened on Mars — Or else so there it’s the Divine Naturally plan adapted ‘Xerophilous’  — Somewhat to slacken by driving in electric cars. — Overwhelmed by the Climate of the Megalopolis – Or otherwise something good or better to think or dance on it. — Say for some the life and times in the recapped rejuvenated Metropolis —  Find them for if it should be or not the Law of the Letter ‘Chansonette’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme