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Once the Die is Cast — All Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen —- REFRESH -tai-chi- Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


3160801_DOLPHINAPPLE_BLOGCHI So Said the ‘Dilettante’ with implausible deniability whenever the will tell shows the lack of expertly responsible as many much though anyways the solitary apathetically neglected nerdly phase endearing. — Any ‘Verdigris’ rubbed out on the palms effectively as such the Bee Causable reliability in the What duh frack giving slack of perversely inevitable the copperless penny such and such or so on goes the derogatory Politically Corrected wordily craze adhering. — The keys to any ‘Leechdom spying so gained in the study of the Beat Sage’s Tooth. — The birds and Bees but the symptom vying so reigned in though otherwise to muddy the others swarming the tweet pages ‘Forsooth’. — ‘Forsooth’ though in deed forsaken by in turn the withering middle class heights. — Whenever the road less need be taken in the land of Seven Billion dithering little morass Delights. — However the ‘Leechdom’ occasionally much worse perverse than the so Painted Bird so called Disease. -02341belieblend2BLOGCHI- Whenever though courageously the curse explains itself in verse though terse whether or not over written so stained by so installed ‘Verdigris’. — The ‘Dilettante’ engaging whichever lost Font does the vain gloriously up staging. — However nonchalant the aging clever cost to never flaunt whatever once was however the pain notoriously enraging. — So much conformity flying in the face space reality to the Spying death. — The enormity of Just in Case by Case congeniality and Freedom’s Dieing breath. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


02389_CONFUCIUSTREE_BLOGCHI ‘Autochthon’ though tribally or inanimate with no really chance or free styled after lunch so willed or will he while Sleeping to Escape. — However, the ‘Dendrochronology’ contaminate with at least one ringy dingy overwhelmed by the out of happenstance style although pursuing still awkward if butt to be Wild in a Bunch the distilled key for the keeping in shape. — So goes the ‘Ulterior’ motivational counteracting slightly Dirty any Down in deed Butt the dumbing done for the countered non action heroically. -1544treewall_BLOGCHI- ‘Hieratic’ behavior of the heretic in the sound bite of the wordy in need of the humming some so what fun for the Coming Floundered Attraction though stoically. — The ‘Hieratic’ endeavor hierarchical or so and so somewhat concerning presumed Situational Superior. — Dogmatic eat dogmatic somewhat farcical determining If Butt the over consumed motivational ‘Ulterior’. — Cut Down in its Prime interesting due to the look askance in the resulting ‘Dendrochronology’. — So It Goes around through the ‘Autochthon’ or the poison somewhat time and again anew to so what the furtherance consulting through parapsychology. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


02655UKRAINSUNSET_BLOGCHI Through ‘Furtherance’ of further marketed gibberish where informational overloading jabbers methodically with udder confusion. — One or another Jackanapes’ targeted evolving to a conversational gloating attention grabber although hypothetically it’s Clutter Profusion. — Precise ‘Intaglio’ so covered over some meaning lost butt ingrained for historical costumed Chronological Reference. — The ‘Seism’ device shaking hovered if butt, however, arraigned though hysterical the somewhat the ulterior motivational drained by the screening of any the presumed innocently though not any the logical preference. -08076_Walters_BLOGCHI-  ‘Seism’ seismically trending as not always as such detected whenever the earth so goes in the methodically spiritually moving. — Though not always so does IT theoretically expected with ‘Intaglio’ the in truth, however, the carving in stone for Whatever It’s Worth still spasmodically ritually behooving. -08509CAKE_BLOGCHI- Impulsively though ‘Jackanapes’ enticing, however, so on goes the Caged Bird Singing. — Compulsively through blather IT greatly escapes further splicing so goes as the wind blows enraged by the ‘Furtherance of any wordily overblown bell curved and staged silently unheard of anyhow ringing. — Rupert Likes To Rhyme


06743Adrinkwater_BLOGCHI1 ‘Cantabile’ in America or controversial Democracy bought and paid scored backwardly butt for the knot flowing. — Another ‘Nonevent’ Election encyclical with the further hypocrisy of the all for naught made all for the best though bet better the be thirsty more or less in the not sure if but knowing. — Possibilities somewhat entertainingly so. — What’s in it for Oui? — Which way if Butt did It go? — Whatever should anyone Expectorate’? — Wherever the Fool ever backing the more cunning the linguist. -flowers7018_BLOGCHI- Regarding the open never mindlessly ‘Obstinate’. — The cruel clever so compounding the blood thirsty hacking and running up interest. — Though any ‘Obstinate’ opponents slave holders and slaves. — So many components share holders and knaves. — ‘Expectorate’ more or less symbolically mother fracking. — Whoever the ALEC in the ‘Nonevent’ for stress periodically some other backing. — So much more many the others with really nothing to say. — So say it with flowers when ‘Cantabile’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

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WEBACES9_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a PenNow and then — Though for whatsoever is there anything the more or less worth fighting. — When the Game is already being rigged. — So much are the Plutocrats Back Hacking and delighting — Played armaments and sold wild cards under the table reneged. — However so much for entertainment and someone the Amusement only — Butt of Course there is not much of anything that Oui know — Butt the clever out of touch with otherwise so much Baloney. — So somewhat anyway still on Wit Duh Show. —- REFRESH -tai-chi- Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


08424_BURGERFRIES_BLOGCHI So to ‘Gibber’ with jabber in the marketing of gibberish while so much many missed the pointless of so Watts such and such though melodious the chanting of philosophically the Undone to Wit yet psychedelically kicky information. — Wherever the ‘Firebrand’ smoldering with Blabber Butt For the harking so intensified and feverish the style as any such at risked though religiously erroneous in the slanting under the microscopically for the fun bun of it to spin the therapeutically Sticky Situation. — ‘Confabulate’ anything the further along without hidden agenda hiding moreso any other profundity in the hypothetical meaning. -07226brits_BLOGCHI- Such as hesitate in the Sing Sing Singing a song so smitten deriding yet for ego and to further ‘Confabulate’ for attention the punditry of so much audacious political screening. — Name recognition of the ‘Firebrand’ burning without passionate nor discriminating the endeavor. — So Goes for the ‘Gibber’ of any cognition not to understand earning the affectionate for the debilitating narcissistic and who really knows somewhat in the instigating so what so ever. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Mal de mer

01671_SEAPORT_BLOGCHI ‘Mal de mer’ defining nauseous, lost at sea, so Navy Blues covered over and PuPunch Drunk stigmatized to boot. — ‘Expiate’ for the Freedom Fried potatoes where fried trans-fat and starch is a given at birth. — A ‘Dichotomy’ of either or so just ya might as well so much for the gravy dues smothered and another hunch sunk specialized otherwise shoot. — Low expectations and slower the Ides of March it’s somebody’s liven self worth. — The ‘Dichotomy’ of the Good and Evil Yay Whichever the Teams deterrent. — ‘Expiate’ for Who’s to Bless Pork Butt to the so marketed Earth Mother trashed and blamed. -SaveduhChesapea_BLOGCHI‘Mal de mer’ from so many sentences running or so it seems concurrent. — All in the somewhat whatever, whenever, however, whoever, wherever though why in laundered cash in the Heaven’s So Named. — Aw. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


DSC00146bearly - Copy ‘Abstentious’ though so actively seeking nothing. — ‘Arterious’ all though any Tao the Pooh. — ‘Placentious’ some udder constructively sneaking and bluffing. — ‘Aerious’ so and so anyhow whatever to Scooby Du Du. — Or not ‘Duoliteral’ hypothetically IT anyhow in play stuffing. — ‘Duoliteral’ done did IT what Diddy Done Did He Go Figuratively Gnu? — ‘Aerious’ the so dual headed whoever wherever the more or less WATTS did it say? 01599HANDJOB_BLOGCHI– However, on the other hand so otherwise ‘Placentious’. — ‘Arterious’ or through somewhat or another vein the dreaded or in the others or another problem solving way. — The clever and the mother bland so whatsoever Who are those Guys ‘Abstentious’? — More or less the druthers further more knotted unintentionally yet somehow evolving too cliche. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


04607_BITSNPIECES_BLOGCHI The ongoing ‘Quandary’ overdeveloped by prioritizing the end and the mean methodically spirited as somewhat so and so it’s only about and money. — ‘Anthesis’ further enveloped stigmatizing let’s pretend, magic beans and some other melodically the lyrics Bits and Pieces what’s to know other than Tits and Shout and funny. — Death, Destruction, Mayhem Marketing, Madness the entertaining ‘Zephyr’ always blowing. -09842_HOLYCOW_BLOGCHI- ‘Duoliteral’ decimals systematically off put anyways somewhat not so clever however, yet IT always seems to BE Put EM Up shut EM Up ER otherwise slow going. — ‘Duoliteral’ more or less alphabetically limited though constructive critically encased by effort and care for the production Spies that Everybody Knows to Bite down on the scruffy the heifer. -03672SHEEP_BLOGCHI- Vegetable, mineral under stress collectively poison spilling so destructive hypothetically erased the lie to share on the wings of the otherwise bland So IT Goes the light and Fluffy ‘Zephyr’. — ‘Anthesis’ furthermore extended to the Heaps and Heaps of so much many old farts and turds and tubs of dirty Laundry. — Psychokinesis though keeping score of whatever so comprehended the deeper the sleep of the other sheeps off putting to touch yet coexisting in some other words and hubs of such a ‘Quandary’. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme