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00109pens3_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Still it’s all about the work and nothing else the Daily Grind ridiculously engaging. — Until will call the lout the jerk bland bluffing wealth and the scaly mind meticulously restaging. — Political false hoods and hyper pretension — Analytical defaults the goods and viper intervention — The shill in the sprawl the ever changing face compliant to one or the other token. — Hypercritical consults the cracks of lawless circumvention. — The Bill of the small rearranging just in case reliant on the fun of the druthers dis or data soft spoken. — Metaphorical this or that results in ongoing lack of flawless attention. — All in all the everything lopsided and very merry scoffed the unbroken. — Existentially recreating the weapon dim sums the wealth of creativity. — Exponentially the deviating spectrum of some ones else the proclivity. — However the need should provide. — Wherever the seed should coincide.  — REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


09006TWINS_BLOGCHI ‘Doppelgänger’ type cast cookie cutter superficial or furthermore the in and out the window before the stress of unofficial robotic cloning. — Cobbler rearranged the gripe the last rookie mutter prejudicial for Nevermore to rescind the lout the syndrome more or less the artificial neurotic boning. — ‘Micturate’ on this shoe or that the Zoom Zoom bet trickling down All Along the Lopsided metaphorical economy. — So obdurate gone the what to do the Rat’s Doom ‘Boomlet’ the Pickling Clown to recall the strong the Coked then oft derided hypocritical autonomy. — Pandemonium due to pandering regardless the reference of the musical so conducted publicized by the simplicity of IT the antiquated shiny new ‘Harmonium’. –092003FOUNTAINGIRL_BLOGCHI– ‘Harmonium’ to screw the meandering circus in deference to the crucial reconstructed although mesmerized to Wit nobility of the aggravated by the briny blue symposium. — ‘Boomlet’ busting better off consistency of the golden shower rapped precariously concurring. — ‘Micturate’ while lusting the wetter scoff persistently doff the happier hour capped nefariously deterring. — ‘Doppelgänger’ electronically adopted hacking other this and Crackademia determining the wiser Crackling Bliss for Scat. — Stop the stranger moronically concocted stacking mother bliss and track the media squirming Spies for tackling this or that. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


08061_horsecart_BLOGCHI ‘Entelechy’ telepathically technically tedious the Aristotelian Political correcting with so much the Crackademia in mind however still dependent on the interpretive dangling scrotum. — Wait and see mathematically aggressively devious the chameleon analytical expecting although touched by the media to blind the clever will resplendently balancing the alternative angling ‘Teetotum’. — ‘Brusque’ the fawn and bearing balled so Wit sticking and flipping banned Although Spinning. –01108halfprice_BLOGCHI– Dusk to Dawn the caring called to know nit picking and pimping grand and Banjo Grinning. — Embattled ‘Brusque’ economically so divided on the podium conversationally whipped withered clipped whipping. — Rattled thus impressively coincided the ‘Teetotum’ operationally slipped slithered nipped clipping. — Brokering the reflective mirror ‘Entelechy’. — Sobering invective not Clearer the Immensity. — Send Money. — Please. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


1497_emperor_BLOGCHI ‘Excursus’ exclaimed the villainous reverting to any earlier time of Queens and Kings Delusional in the task and methodology of what other the much mulled buggery. — Disburses renamed the synchronous diverting to whom many is the burlier rhyme in love of means the things the musical mask of technology and not the mother as such of ‘Skulduggery’. — Infernal ‘Noctambulous’ ambling nocturnally gambling sense or non sense more or less Butt apprehensively the style eluded to portrayed in the blacked out. — Nocturnal the Stimulus Scrambling infernally rambling pretense or offensively in defense of not comprehensively deluded too while delayed by the sacked out. –BLOGCHILORDclown16– However the ‘Noctambulous’ diverted scientifically the humorously misused anyway. — The clever though sanctimonious perverted prolifically the numerously confused used in the getaway. — Further Communication Breakdown So curses the lightning quickening in the continuous proliferated stress before the political ‘Skulduggery’. — Merger in the litigation of the rake clown with No ‘Excursus’ so frightening sickening thin the vigorous obliterated by less the more analytical thuggery. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


08192crabby_BLOGCHI ‘Tohubohu’ Silly yacky sacky want some Seafood Moma, what’s wit the So and so what the boring attitude of the lackey extremist. — Nuts to Nuttin Yahoo track the wacky flaunt the dumb prelude to the comma if Butt For going the beatitude ya gotta love the tacky ‘Behemoth’. — ‘Leviathan’ lurking everywhere the cell that bristles commingling US in the could a would a operational machine. — Diaphragm working the Devil May Care although Bells and whistles jingling while keeping the would a should a ‘Manna’ to furthermore know what’s to the conversational clean. — ‘Gehenna’ Gethsemane gardening tearfully in so many the Bits and Pieces. –05660morecrab_BLOGCHICadenza it means Nuttin Yahoo to see pardoning the fearfully any benefits for the Gaza nephews and nieces. —  ‘Gehenna’ Screens the button hardening absurdity elements moreso for the drama of Clerihew Bentley Devices. — ‘Manna’ gleans the rotten parceling informally arrogance scored what to do with the yam and the missed and sun-dried dementedly spices. —  ‘Leviathan’ likelihood lingering with an aftertaste of the other hammer hammed being nailed left alone at the zenith. — The diaphragm slithering in the sympathy strike and the laughter waste of the mother stammer slammed seeing jailed bereft to the bone ‘Behemoth’. — ‘Tohubohu’ better off baking. — What’s to know who fetter scoff faking. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


3160614_PHILOSOPHY_BLOGCHI Dignify the ‘Ophthalmologist’ of Insight Seeing out of mind or otherwise. — To ‘Vilify’ the approximate Nit Wit night being redoubt in kind Who are those Guys? — So ‘Saurian’ inferior relativity related lowering the natural nature of things. — Though ‘Gehenna’ ulterior connectivity debated forwarding the cultural behavior IT brings. — ‘Gehenna’ braised under the microscope wherever that IT might be occurring notified by out of touch although why the mishap Chanting Gregorian anyhow. –Escher– The Antenna raised thunder for the psycho to cope there clever the Bit to Wit Delight to see concurring mortified while recanting the so much that is GMO cry mayhap implanting who’s ‘Saurian’ now. — If Butt for to ‘Vilify’ the vanquished however whichever might be the more powerful force furthering the cavalierly good graces fading. — Not before to oversimplify the ‘Ophthalmologist’ whatever whenever the blight before doubtful the source though merely the observer of some other dearly Spaces Invading. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel Possession in Great Measure 9

index Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Tossed to and fro by deceiving be holding the binding — Which way believing they go as retold never minding. — Confusing the Issues — Refusing the miscues — The glitch prey retrieving say though oversold clever grinding. — More gibberish or none of the same. — Links linking and lost in the game. — The more moneyed existence — Overcome by persistence — Sphinx blinking at all cost shifting blame. — In this mean time being disappeared nefariously — Eliminated electronically debated — With this clean rhyme seeing interfered hilariously –13CHICKENS– Uncontaminated moronically over rated. — Where there’s one on the bike as the lookout — Then there’s one on the hoof for the kill. — Scouting the Alleys and byways — Stealing for the viewpoint and thrill. — Covering the grounded no problems — Circling back if they must — Hovering unfounded in the commons. — Hardening the slack in any trust. — Black and White so many walking Read All Over. — Breeding Rats in the school yard stands back to boot. — Slack and blight for a penny the Talking Head called sober. — Bleeding Cats in the cool world hands up don’t shoot. — ON the other hand maybe they’re house hunting. — Remember: It’s only a movie anyway. — REFRESHtai-chi– Way Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


06920money_BLOGCHI ‘Grandiloquence’ proffered though not the preference preferred Repetitively like an Echo responding in troubled kind refitted to the next mixed blessed and so on missed informational the ligament. — Night Stand dominance offered so what the other reference referred competitively to strike at Art Deco corresponding double blind committed to the pretext of distressed non-confrontational ‘Tegument’. — Inedible the speculating funny demonstrably like a waxed banana that the ‘Olio’ with due respect the other marginal at best though oblivious to the trans fatty the questionable. — The incredible leavening of money responsibly alike the taxed for the ‘Manna’ from the privatized Cat Wit Duh folio to expect the lover particle at rest though obvious plans ratty the reprehensible. –08559money_BLOGCHI‘Manna’ manipulated Spy the Carrot and stick however political seemingly the romeo. — Bandana though stipulated by the parrot the prick the clever metaphorical schemingly the ‘Olio’. — ‘Tegument’ sensitivity through harmonized corresponding. — Heaven sent though the proclivity of dehumanized bail bonding. — Money Love the plunder of false pretense. — Hand in Glove with the thunder of ‘Grandiloquence’. — Tax paid rent with no naivete though diversified absconding. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


1120523Rousmile ‘Indomitable’ under developing moreso the freedom of speechless also running the double crossed tracks of the never has been, Baby Baby, whoever the waging still the slavery bit to beat the Red Line travesty not consoling. — Formidable plunder enveloping for so and so the demons love bleakness although cunning the trouble tossed racks whatever ‘Saxicoline’ maybe Wavy Gravy restaging knavery with agony in duh feet and the thrill to disincline love of anything butt rolling. — ‘Gastropod’ enormity like any shell game as much the spice of fight analytically more of the funny and traditional shame. — ‘Leviathan’ conformity spike many the show and tell name as such the price is right politically for the money and additional fame. –01383PLUG_BLOGCHI– ‘Leviathan’ beverage money matters sweetly dangling Crack for the Dawn of smacks of anything other than this or that so self indulgent Gut Death. —  ‘Gastropod’ leverage with funny bladders meekly mangling plaque more for the brawn of slacks love the tarrying lurker and furthermore with or without upsetting mother’s plan, Kiss the Rat, though health repugnant butt breath. — Get a ‘Saxicoline’ by and by the timeless unconscionable however not proportionately moreso debt incurring. — Vet the max to trickle in why the lie the rhyme less ‘Indomitable’ wherever butt distortion greatly no regret referring.  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


1920_manekins_BLOGCHI ‘Accouterment’ deniability with ill willed fitting motive and methodically well kept verily secretive the judicial worm. — To do hell bent the reliability bit instilled transmitting bloated while periodically they slept with the merrily appreciative ‘Pachyderm’. — Who’s your daddy covered up the Electrical Connectivity and the Fat Man‘s style of the aristocratic agreement uphill the ‘Flunky’ not thrilled discerning. — Doo Wah Diddy leveraged by hysterical productivity while the diplomatic ‘Behemoth’ Distill the Bunky Butt killed learning. — Furthermore to ‘Behemoth’ or not the monstrous nature of the proverbial profitability Beast. –3560160WAIT_BLOGCHI– What’s the score of the extremist If Butt For the pompous nomenclature to love the controversial to say the inevitability least. — The ‘Flunky’ in the pocket or So It Goes the method dancing and the unreliable quicker skimmed the squirm. — So Chunky due to chocolate that Everybody Knows as yet still prancing for the undeniable thicker for skinned the ‘Pachyderm’. — Whichever ‘Accouterment’ decided. — However done due to detriment derided. — The long or short of it Dickishly chagrined to back the term. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme