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09144_HANDJIVE_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen —- REFRESH -tai-chi- Too much FunIndependently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


WEBUNIONMINECOM-BLOGCHI ‘Modus Operandi’ or another awkward Union Breaking addiction. — ‘Per Se’ the bland activity a priori or like clockwork the civil rights taking predilection? — ‘Ex Post’ the fact oh so utterly swollen somewhat by the personal persona or B day. — Whoever as such the identity stolen to detract from the ‘Bona Fide’. 02703_FIRMEDIN_BLOGCHI‘Per Contra’ I ran reluctantly recalling weapons still dangling outright. — However ‘Per Contra’ constructively falling politically mangling that “Who’s On First?” to shout fight. — ‘Bona Fide’ conjecture contaminating the Host. — Run and hide, Whatever goes the outcome to simplistically fix it in ‘Ex Post’. — ‘Per Se’ yet relative and politically hazy. — ‘Modus Operandi’ of the vulgar and methodically lazy. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Ad Hockery

DOTHE_07547_BLOGCHI5 ‘Ad Hockery’ deliberating. — Whenever could there be such udderly demonic ‘Rationale’. — Humor monger mockery invigorating.  — ‘Lugubrious’ ridiculous, climbing into the casket nutter butterly comfortably moronic anyhow. — ‘Per Contra’ on the other hand with no place else to go. — ‘Per Contra’ per se though On Demand. — ‘Lugubrious’ watching the other inequality just in case the horror show. — Whatever else don’t Oui Oui understand? -webPTBarnumcircus11_BLOGCH!- ‘Rationale’ displacement dependent on such commercialized the comic book crockery. — However self-effacement ritualistically unreliable. — Femme fatale replacement such and such diminutive the psalmist hook  ‘Ad Hockery’. — Wherever else in the economic basement linguistically undeniable. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


3500609Rousseasmile ‘Paradigm’ and a Nickel Back for a quarter — The obvious ‘Inutile’ four squared changed. — ‘Captious’ Clay more mined in a pickle bricked the mortar. — The Merrier the futility estranged. — ‘Bona fide’ fingered Dickens half baked options. — For the ‘Bona fide’ literati much misread. — ‘Captious’ wealthy politicians with hidden agendas and nefarious snaked adoptions. 04104_PUSSYCATARAB_BLOGCHI– ‘Inutile’ spied the haughty out of it, touched and better oft read. — From another place or Congenial Lust congeniality time. — Whoever lied the naughty rushed he said she said he said. — At best or wurst the other formerly just a formality ‘Paradigm’. — Nonesuch died though nonetheless knotty crushed nobody is better off dead. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


09006_FORT_BLOGCHI ‘Pickwickian’ progression druthers the Cracking Corny ground though otherwise for the Muted Breaking. — ‘Obstreperous’ oppression of the every mother fracking thorny sound so many the smother spies scored the musical making. — Erin Go for Broke the every Stitch would be the trapping seal so ever so prouder. — The ‘Gourmand’ moreso the bloke’s Chromium Sandwich could foresee the rapping to congeal anyway though nonesuch anyhow the whatever the appeal to grow louder. — ‘Ex Post’ Plutocrat Public Healthy for the ever so timely studious to furthermore any primate primarily to blindly perceive. — ‘Ex Post’ Dirty Rat Pubic Wealthy clever sublimely marketed nutty more the if Butt the climate secondarily the eye for another eye as yet to though merrily kindly conceive. 02915bankamerica_BLOGCHI‘Gourmand’  groping gratuitously well suited for the voluntarily lecherous. — Unwieldy hoping fortuitously swell jack booted the overtly studious militarily ‘Obstreperous’. — ‘Pickwickian’ efforts Delivered Deliberately for the fun of not any credible bummed bumming love of all consuming Fatal Attraction. — So much the shim shivered shivery more none of what many the instability the hum humming shove of minion blooming prenatal the faction. — Self explanatory explanations — Stealth defamatory slack of Crackademia confrontations. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


02341belieblend2BLOGCHI ‘Tergiversate’ or two with Hackers furtherly embedded. — So ‘Demassify’ the Way To Oui Oui do wherever the illegitimate backers are ever more conservatively shredded. — So what too big to fail ‘Per Se’ or otherwise another Big Footed More Stomping. — ‘Thrasonical’ difficulty at best with maliciously Institutionalized now more or less the traditional evil data rooted for romping. — Meta based or personalized Do Nut computed. -01764dynastyBLOGCHI- ‘Thrasonical’ the once major mayor compartmentalized If Butt refuted. — Whatever ‘Per Se’ — Say wherever never Otay. — Redefining so to further fleecing reclassify. — However in the leasing ‘Demassify’. — Whenever the opportunity to investigate — Whoever the agency yet cruising ‘Tergiversate’. — Or Not. — Seriously Butt. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Modus Operandi

00984horseart_BLOGCHI ‘Modus Operandi’ per anymore the Personality Perusal. — Well under dressed, the human adapting to the time and space and lack of economy for the sillier unreceptive love scored the so boring anymore rhyme. — Someone ate the harder candy anyway under the ‘Brolly’ of first amendment sugary refusal. — Any wonder stressed, the ‘Acumen’ obliterated without affectation of the linguistically costs willy nillier the perception of the warring paramour crime. — ‘Hegemony’, pain and suffering, Bullets, Bombs and Band Aids to so Furthermore Illumine. -01620sketch_BLOGCHI- Nonetheless  ‘Hegemony’ simplistically lost in Coconuts and Lime. — The guilt insane insanity So It Goes the other falsehood feigned ‘Acumen’. — Wherever in its perpetrated pharmaceutical Majestically Corporate Profitable Prime. — So on goes inane the fake unsteady drained albumen. — Public Health the ‘Brolly’ of the governmental comically expressed. — The ‘Modus Operandi’ of profanity who ever knows the bad or good in sight of the already eye strained human. —  Without a grain of vanity, wealth and otherwise Good Golly, However, on going inhumanity is apt to make everyone clinically repressed. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Bloggerel Doggerel Limitation

00768COUCH_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Whatever — Or maybe Splitting Apart — Superstition referring — Oracle giving or take — Other sedation concurring — So much for a pretending living to make. — BTW Taelor “Speak as you feel” Headboard — You’re joking right? — Butt of course Oui Oui have no power. — Civic Retaliatory pollution in the air. — Confounded by the early hour — Oui don’t know and Oui don’t certainly don’t care care. — The Public Private partnership suppressing many the others — Follow the bouncy bouncing money — Then Oui all go home To Your Mothers. — The ludicrous and the funny. — REFRESH -tai-chi- Too much Fun — Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries too. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and Onions — Whether namely DAILY or lamely Nightly whatever. — B’More Never the less RunyonBill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm –>> L.T.Rhyme


00933redlady_BLOGCHI ‘Glitterati’ furthermore carpeting the media blissed situational containment. — Stick a Fork in it statistically the Entertainingly Nationalistic ‘Lampoon’. — Deplorably so much door to door the marketing Splintered Webbed encyclopedia in the further missed informational arrangement. — Maybe now or ‘Lanceolate’ ER says maybe the Moon is really a mystical irregularity environmentally friendly bus balloon. — Wherever is the point Butt to study it to death? — For more money. — ‘Lanceolate’ than never otherwise rounded the corner a little later but never too pointed yet comical for polarity so logistical in Butt buttered popularity to call US buffoon. BLOGCHIBIRD09404– Dis or Data the udder twisted joint with Waters Muddy breathed breath. — Before funny. — So much the showbiz ‘Lampoon’ with no other the most bitter parity. — A little scored runny. — Nonesuch the know Wiz for the tune bit the mother of the host though a ‘Glitterati’ rarity. — However Shared the Sunny. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

Jeunesse Dorée

00220_GETIT_BLOGCHI ‘Jeunesse Dorée’ deluded in measures by the dim trimmings. — One or Another the ‘Augur’ of the on going fetter Get IT Right. — Whomever the ‘Mountebank’ treasures in the homey box office shim skimmings. — ‘Mountebank’ for the others with ineptitude in and out of the overtly marketed better Bet on IT sight. –00978_HAG_BLOGCHI- ‘Augur’ the wherever the bread so illustrious is marginally buttered. — ‘Jeunesse Dorée’  the cleverly shill purchased moreso or less otherwise led. — Not another wordy word so thusly Personally Muttered. — One more not to say whatever is interpreted wherever the stress of the industrial Spies is The Bread. –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme