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01168_CALDRONS_BLOGCHIOnce the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Thank you. — Amen.  — As crazy eights as IT hollow seems — He who hesitates in shallow Schemes. — “No Soup For You!” — All is the lost at twice the cost. — You want Nice? — On the other hand contentiously objecting and then somewhat. — Getting paid to do a job grift with subjective choice. — None the brother Brand reprehensibly affecting and when come what. — Vetting staid Boo hoo a slob stiffed with defective voice. — Or is IT simply Black and White?  —  Why would anyone allow an obviously unethical Megalomaniac assume control of the most powerful supposed Democracy in the World after they lost the popular vote by millions? — Or is IT to be collegiality electorally decided with a conscience? — IT’s only money talking buying any semblance of Democracy under an awkward guise of shaking things up while stealing more money and Wheeling Dealing Super Power Shakes. Butts of course we’re waiting to be disappeared Oui guess as good as any. — Sign Seen at Thrumpf Rally: — “Women For Trump” the Whipped Pussy reminding, grabbed on the Fly for the sake of the hunt. Celebrity Hand Stand the bumped and the grinding, nabbed by and by more the Kick and the Punt. — When I was a child I was robbed at knife point by a Black Child for Halloween candy: As an adult while in the driver’s seat of a TAXI I was robbed at Gun Point by a young Black man I was about to pick up as a fare. — Should I fear all Black people and refuse service or would that be JUST PLAIN STUPID? — And there have been a few other specifically personal color coded Splashes. So What! — LET’S TALK ABOUT RACE CARS! — And the Electoral College-Time is Running Out. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken. — REFRESHDisparity in View Anyway Still Too much FunIndependently Linked  — Disclaiming the not so obviously or more diverse other than original linking to dictionaries mostly some oddity Data Gathering and Use Tubing misdirecting. –tai-chiWho Knows what, where, who, why, when anyhow now anymore assuming links change while others are disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. — With NPR and TED — The BBC and OnionsB’More the Less than the Runyon.Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm. — If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist. — However:- Who cares?So What?  watermark_mayopia_mini copy–>> L.T.Rhyme


We’re presently existing in a Gossip Columned Glamorous Driven ironically society of the publicly tirade in Sub snubbed atomic Bubba ‘Spline’ polished lending language under the edgy of impropriety surfaced gathering informative innuendo predicating leaps in bounding diversified improvement Globally. — Mere Persisting Din the Toxic volumed ‘Asomatous’ a given electronically variety Love the luckily faded win hub dubbed gastronomic hubbub brine demolished ending slanguage plunder the veggie variety nervous blathering Restorative Demento Indicating Creeps in sounding classified amusement nobally. — The blight of ‘Bamboozle’ in the political perusal prepared for the Wurst making with the whole Hog Bought Environmentally Spryly Contaminated Guts Packaged Sausage at stake. — The right of refusal din the analytical ‘Bamboozle’ declared more the thirst shaking myth the soul dog sought incidentally highly anticipated Nuts Managed bondage to break. –– The Dead ‘Asomatous’ Bin Layden due this the Whine Chilling Askew Hazy Numbers Alpha Data didn’t see ya later not more fighting. — The dread calamitous grin maiden eschew bliss the ‘Spline’  thrilling  issue crazy slumbers alfalfa theta hidden fee the gator Butt for biting.  —  As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


4698_BIKEGARAGE_BLOGCHIThough Data inflater Drawn Driven B’more the Lesser than they be in conclusive by ‘Mansuetude’ standards nor the variant violently the priority dangled obstacle of delusion drawn fine car tuned, cynically the determining the factored ate in cascading and blathered cry the over Good Deeds apprise the not yet punishable by Law instead then seek compromise simply wobbly donkey dong ostentatious heeled well aggravating. — Pro Rata debater spawn given fee for duress or plan maybe gone thin elusive and stewed candor for the ‘Salient’ silently the majority mangled optical Love conclusion on line marooned, clinically the heartening the captured bait grin obfuscating planned gathered by the loafer should needs arise the knot net invulnerable why stall in bed when peek other wise wrinkly policy wonky song cost then salacious sealed smell captivating. — The sell oft More horse the ‘Farrier’ deny planned still shoeing whatever was lost forsaking sure what clever the carrier selling does abusive noble conditioning cracking the air. — The swell Soft Shore source the barrier island will construing endeavor does cost more shaking for what never the ‘Farrier’ telling was obtrusive global positioning tracking with care. –DOME.6.9.16.P1620114– Some greatly ‘Salient’ Being saturated by the known cold fatty plan subdued with both feet on the ground and struck chilly by obligation manic rendering there since only the hurried can. — Come lately deviant seeing automated why the shown bold Natty  ‘Mansuetude’ stiff growth sweet gone the Sound Brand Truck Hilly why habituation havoc Surrendering Share Wince Lonely the Worried Man—  As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


04104_PUSSYCATARAB_BLOGCHIThe Spiraling Upward Balderdash the Towering internal ‘Ziggurat’ yet the Crackling farad electrically what synthetically then charged maintaining the Brand better two faced in fact the all grin the same love traitor hood more on repeating sure funny due the stealthy. — The Cycling Suffered Succotash the cowering infernal Bigger Rat bet the shackling ‘Arid’ technically Butts hypothetically enlarged retaining the and letter WHO graced din tact the all in the Name of Greater Good for Conceding More Money to the Wealthy. — Covered by the utter ‘Campanology’ ringing truly for show immunology dinged leaving stem celled in trenches and the little warriors where they be enraged in the blind Trust Knowing Nothing Securely Do dumb diddled Du Du. — Cluttered Why the Flutter Criminology Stinging duly although ‘Campanology’ ringed grieving them quelled thin wenches planned the brittle courtiers dare say glee engaged in the grind thrust showing bluffing purely to Come Riddled Boo Who. –3276_BELLTOWER_BLOGCHI– More the ‘Arid’ moisture free distraught the Pussycat Scratched Feverishly Defending in lieu of wit the ongoing more stuff the coverup and day off. — Sure the sparid cloister be this taught the ‘Ziggurat’ hatched elementary depending din due shove IT the son showing sure nuff the follow up and the pay off. —  As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


rousseauruffn-6613Be careful What you lacking listen to So On the Fort Bordering Booked When the ‘Centerboard’ in hoarding fastened maladjusted rooted toot without rhyme the evil “Under-Toad” the Scored and the not so obvious truth layered thick the should be trusted for the Greater Good evolving Diversity. — Beware Fool but through acting contrition do Go On the short ordering cooked then the renter scored din boarding fattened Pal the Trusted booted ‘Bruit’ about time Upheaval Thunder Road the roared Grand the Oblivious Sooth Sayered Quick the Good Oui Lusted more the debater would dissolving adversity. — Must be the dangled ‘Muckrake’ the Scoff then Magical Magician Cheesecake Grabbing in the wind behind the curtain planning scams and other flights of fancy Handy Dive Smoking Mirrors and other stuff. — Just see the Man Fake the often tragical condition ‘Muckrake’ jabbing din rescind defined the certain manning jams Brand discover fights of antsy Dandy Jive joking heroes Grand that’s enough. –ruffnrousseau-12-4-16-6615– As much the murmuring more the ‘Bruit’ thread sound should appeared bent toward begged the ruling for tassel scoff the better need. —  As such the nurturing for the Root dread around to be feared ‘Centerboard’ egged the Drooling More Hassle off the fetter greed.  — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment troubled cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


circus8The What’s More Theoretical than ‘Quondam’ leaping to cull asinine inconclusively the meaning or Warring Staged deploring Conservative History when elections are won the by losing Who’s defaulted is IT anyway electorally justified tweaking. — The Cuts sure be the skeptical plan wampum keeping due ‘Vulpine’ done obtrusively the cleaning for boring waged abhorring reformative mystery then inspections bar none the die choosing Use consulted Kiss IT By the Way ephemerally codified speaking. — Merely the ‘Prudery’ pretended buffoonery balked extended way beyond believing How No Shakeup the In Place Internally the embedding the tweedle be dumb. — Clearly the dupery defended bluff ‘Prudery’ talked vexed the blended pay the blonde relieving Now Go take up the thin space infernally the Stem threading the needle free some.  — Use the Condom Given Foxed brand wrecked more souls the ‘Vulpine’ hammered by the contradictory then Veteran reflecting the lucidity when once more through the hoop spin more the dandy denoting. — Lose the ‘Quondam’ driven boxed and checked for holes the deadline stammered Spy the Slippery When Wet again expecting stupidity then the dunce sure flew the coup Ennui amore candy the coating. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment troubled cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


The Way Beyond the Pale Insane the Jaded in a voice they boded tell the rub timely due ‘Fulminate’ mercurial gaining nothing at all in lost interpretated falsely begging to differ with mediocrity At Best for Fun and Militaristic Higher Profits Graded by Thrumpfing down the Persians football style in game say. — The Stay respond the stale win ‘Wane’ the Stated grin a choice say voted well the sublimely to terminate incurable training bluffing that call in cost thin circulated costly egging due stiffer stiff anomaly at rest more done Brand heuristic pacifier bollocks baited why dumping Clown conversions stonewall bile in name sway. — Who’s gone ‘Faustian’ butts the beckoned Shy Won’t Show the Word Case out of Merely Spawn Exhaustion Deliberately Sworn many pray the Brand Ambiguous.  — Dues done cost the union what’s the reckoned I Don’t Know the Third Base about Love clearly fawn ‘Faustian’ considerably torn anyway the strand conspicuous. –– All thingies surely considered however the ‘Wane’ shall the meeting never nearly there To One Culminate the Shout So on and on structurally attractive behooving innocence again. — Dull Indies poorly delivered endeavor the brain brow beating clever dearly where do done ‘Fulminate’ about though gone and drawn the culturally retroactive free moving happenstance the ZEN. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment troubled cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


FEARLESSLY.5.5.16.P1560985The Slow Simmering sure Frogs While the Legs are devoured without veracity so deeply Less More the practically ‘Thaumaturgy’ slighted out of hand off the cuff from the HIPS Rose Powerfully Spinning and Buying the rules and the ruling boundaries bumped uncouth not yet the electorally speaking nearly finalized still open to protest why fight will with a Pen highly an analytical President Protesting.  — The So Shimmering War Dogs Style the DREGS Star empowered about ‘Sagacity’ though cheaply stress sure the magically trauma liturgy sighted about Love Grand scoff the stuff come the skips those cowardly winning and lying the fools brand the fueling foundries Thrumped up youth what bet the temporally tweaking dearly colonized swill verboten due grotesque by slight still stiff the when wily a hypothetical circumvent arresting. — Seriously so to ‘Simonize’ the further When Toying To Improvise Shadow Boxing the funny and spurious insignificant shiny. — Mysteriously though do categorize the cursor then pointing to ‘Simonize’ escrow washing the money Brand in a dubious predicament slimy. –– Leading edgy the ‘Sagacity’ created by baited dramaturgy dangling Daring Du Du Drink for Drooling fool dribbled dabbled while some fat goes right to the head referring sky Postal Polar hold the phone wiggle tongue wag wobbling generally speaking.  — Reading petty the capacity elated why weighted ‘Thaumaturgy’ mangling sharing Who You Think You’re Fooling cool scribbled babbled style dumb cat knows spite do the dread deterring bi-coastal solar sold the drone giggle stung gag squabbling federally leaking. —  As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment troubled cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


state-10-24-16-2664The Fun Warranted Be By reach the Principled ‘Laicism’ contracted star crossed merrily scientific flagging the affair driven dull sequel why what whether not ethically hidden in questionably the government the accessed fee manipulated by the rich wit and stealthy baiting. — The Done heralded see why teach the cynical led racism detracted car cost verily ‘Soporific’ tagging the care given all equal by whatever Butt synthetically smitten grin delicately the environment the repressed bee stipulated Cry the Witch IT Stand Wealthy Fading. — Endeavor They by the way ‘Remunerate’ for the work flow granted to go obfuscate gradually though vulnerable on the higher ground from below evolving win through mother may I forms needing mere disguise the limit. — Whatever Say die anyway collaborate more the Jerk know ranted though show ‘Remunerate’ actually so tolerable gone the liar sound come Oui go dissolving into other say why swarms tweeting this here lies the spinet. –9-21-1608266wiz– Solidly ‘Soporific’ the done to escape the schism more the corporate structure debating what’s slavery needing for the wealthier economic surviving. — Squalidly Horrific the Fun Due S shape ‘Laicism’ for subordinate the conductor inflating cuts knavery leading more the healthier anatomic conniving.  —  As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


RUFFN.6.26.16.P1650948Many Pointless Views Goes To Wit an absurdity of coarse perspective shown do stuck down in the lung the whole esophagus smoking known winning the Vapor Cache they ‘Cabbage’ Leaves Morass and other things with do know many Ultra Conservative Prick Threaded Grumpy Old White Men in the Charge of Power say what the over under everything. — Any Voiceless news shows through IT than observably of source collective known to truck around din the dung the droll ‘Zoophagous’ stroking shown skinning  the Paper Mache Say Adage Grieves for Sass Brand Brother brings pith to show any sultry alternative Dick Headed dumpy bold spite then grin the large Love Glower may but the sober plunder revery bring. — Once upon the in a ‘Quinquennium’ arranging the dour compendium not forthcoming without some helpful uncalled for angelic jabbing participation. — Dunce Moron the Thin Grin in Drink the Requiem estranging the more ‘Quinquennium’ what henceforth gumming about chum stealth fool plan done mauled more than relic gabbing articulation. –BAIT.7.13.16.P1690031–  So utterly ungentle ‘Zoophagous’ with the animal matter not excluding the savage eating of raw fishy the wishy washy longer meticulous chewing. — Though summary judgmental euryphagous myth unflappable chatter what precluding the ‘Cabbage’ ceding Love dull dishy squashy stronger conspicuous brewing.  —  As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment cross Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken.- AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme