“In all private quarrels the duller nature is triumphant by reason of dullness.” document.write(" +George">George Eliot (1819-1880) -- The "INTRICACY" of living in the moment has all the other baggage -- as in any "KITH" or facets therein the moment of involvement. -- And as we've heard before from "ARISTOTLE" . -- There is no erasure or solvent. -- The Existential Moment where "I'M PICKING THE CORN OUT OF YOUR SHIT" -- is when we determine our identity and give definition to our existence -- Which is the TASK before BAMALAMA dingdong and the Motto of the Democratic Party to have and keep a "QUORUM" and make some sense of it. -- After eight years of the BUSH/ROVE/CHENEY swindle; -- there's no wonder did the economy dwindle. -- The National Guard they set up to be in charge of naked people -- and blamed it on the untrained country bumpkin and now they blame it on O'bama and claim there's power in the steeple -- God told me to do it said G W formerly the National Guard -- fagetaboutit said he, we'll send the irony to play in the prison yard. -- Occasionally public representatives are found involved in scandal -- somewhere along the line they walk they believe that they are a Roman Candle -- and as everyone looks up at them the hand goes in your pocket -- and they take something here and there. -- The Conservative preaching FREEDOM OF JESUS and THE MARKET, allows someone else to stick their finger in the socket. -- All the while taking away individual freedoms. -- Freedom is "MONEY" so they say -- and so it is almost anywhere. -- So they Steal the money another way. -- There's no mind control or manipulation or "QUORUM" on a talk show. -- "I'M PICKING THE CORN OUT OF YOUR SHIT" -- while so many still suck on your tit. -- This takes us back to Mary Ann Cross "In all private quarrels the duller nature is triumphant by reason of dullness." -- While Beck and his "KITH" OF DEATH in PALIN sees a symphony of democracy -- Thus being alive in the moment is a cacophony of "INTRICACY". -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme

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