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Old Flags, New Flags, Red White and Blue flags -- It seems simply natural with out mistakes being made with the Assassination of JFK in Texas and Salvador Allende in Chile by the USA, on 911, 1973 installing Pinochet helped by the CIA -- too much more it drags. -- But the Bushes, CIA, 911 Cheney,Texas, 911 Chile socialism dots keep making us unsteady. -- Once again Enuf already. -- It's time to wave our flags. -- Isn't the point of Freedom and Democrazy -- to question authority -- when the spell is broken -- What is the Reality? -- Not you're either with us or against us -- spoken as though some Burning Bush -- What the FA were they thinking? -- What will next they do? -- Who will take the payout when the rest of the market is through? -- What is the destination? -- Are there any justifiable goals with the slightest chance of being true? -- The Flags are hanging on the clothes line -- dripping blood of many lost souls. -- The Lone White Star is on the top of the money tree with garland of red and blue. and way too many holes.-->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme


“Mad, adj.: Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence." Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) -- Otherwise known to us as "GWINETT SPEAK" -- We're old and AMBROSE GWINETT BIERCE had skipped through our uneducated grasp and minds always in a "TOUSLE" -- reintroduced to us by "THEFREEDICTIONARY.COM" on the INTERWEBS without using any muscle. -- The "LACONIC" offerings on the index page are an example we wish we could follow -- with little advertisement in the re make of the "PREMAKE" where "OUTLANDISH" flash and Glitz and advertisement make things for us a bit hard to swallow. -- We've finally smashed our bottle on an "OUTLANDISH" enterprise -- where others we hope will contribute on this "PREMAKE" otherwise -- "REALISPACE" and "REALIFACE" -- with the latter to be more "LACONIC". -- The FACE for the moment has disappeared because we are quite moronic. -- We've actually paid someone to place the sites and still we screwed things up. -- We won't blame everything on the Russians and Bulgarians -- we like the Vodka and the Sheep Feta Cheese. -- It's money we are lacking and Rousseau the dog has fleas -- That there flea thing is a lie -- Rousseau is taken care of well -- Afterall, he may end up a rump roast if his Stud service doesn't sell. -- One of the things we're seeking -- is to have his attitude, looks and brilliant mind live on through some pups. -- On the other hand we're signed on for whole body donation -- to end up in coffee cups -- "CREMAINS" with innovation -- no peeking -- or perhaps a Soylent Green Biscuit hustle -- with the emphasis on "TOUSLE". -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme