Daily Archives: 10/26/2010


It’s bout time some buddy got illuminated in Dis here black hole or dark matter in space where an open mind is a blank face — and a mason — well, he lays bricks. -- Seems like dat might hurt -- How's tricks? -- For what it's wurt. --And so on! Illluminati, The Hot Word castrati.-->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme


The confusion in our “CACOGRAPHY” is our inner conflict of “PRINT” and “CURSIVE” — The “QWERTY” keyboard and Spell Check have made our natural ambiguity understandably more subversive. — The “Cacography” of Jane Austen has done nothing to disturb her flow of money. — If she be criticized for popularity with her literary immortality, -- the fact that she is actually dead might make any criticism seem funny -- while the derivative productions continue to profit from Darwinian bestiality. -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme


“I have always heard, Sancho, that doing good to base fellows is like throwing water into the sea." - Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616) -- Don Quixote speaking to Sancho about how "no good deed goes unpunished" -- on the other hand "LARBOARD" is to starboard as starboard is to port -- otherwise we can "EKE" out little meaning of what Don Quixote means by "base fellows" as he speaks to his consort. -- Though Sarah Palin, a former "MOOSELINI" has shown another case -- of energizing idiots while creating false foxes and windmills in an otherwise "LETHARGIC" hard working people democratic space. -- IGNORANCE and APATHY -- "We don't know and we don't care." -- She looks good she makes sounds while others are "LETHARGIC" about what could become a "MOOSELINI" situation with the Witches of Eastwick taking over while with the "PUPPETMASTER" Oligarchs, it's power that they share. -- It's all about the money and power the Conservatives want to keep and manipulate the masses while the masses attempt to "EKE" out some way of staying alive -- while double speak is shouting and flaying about with that old "HAND JIVE" -- with bodies moving and slight of hand on the starboard while WE THE PEOPLE will only get help if we back the "LARBOARD". -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme