Daily Archives: 10/28/2010


SIMPLE SINGLETON? — We thought we were born a baby — though MOM did most of the pushing and suffered all the pain. — Carrying a big chunk of coal with a tiny brain — the immediate attachment when detachment cut the cord — we deserve no recognition for being born — it’s Mom should get the reward. — In most cases anyway — otherwise envy brings with it scorn. –>>Rupert L.T.Rhyme


“I find my familiarity with thee has bred contempt.” Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616) — “Familiarity breeds contempt.” — We’ve heard that song before — once again that points to “ENVY” of other human beans. — Since Brand Loyalty is where big money is spent. — “MULISH” loyalty to a brand, a team or Faith in some religion to keep the Beans in line is where familiarity makes money. -- However, to "KVETCH" about another BEAN seems as though it's perfectly fine if not downright funny. -- We've found it best to go "INCOGNITO" when working out on the "ORGANIC STAIRMASTER" -- before we sneak another DORITO -- Admiring the woman with the skin of alabaster who always manages to look so good while avoiding the "ORGANIC STAIRMASTER" where they could use sunscreen and walk another mile while remaining "INCOGNITO". -- We may "KVETCH" about some wretch although we know it's foolish. -- Familiarity with the situation makes us no better simply fearful, ignorant and "MULISH". -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme