BLAZE STARR and an Earl “Huey” Long captured the cartoon of Burlesque — from New Orleans to Baltimore’s Block when Live musicians played at their drunken best. — Across the Street from the Two O’clock Club was the Gaiety theater that seems to have been everywhere — That’s where we saw Busty Russell and heard jokes that they made up right there. — Busty Russell’s trick with tassels in vogue — was to spin them in opposite directions — Now it’s a HUSTLER franchise, with no more stripping than G-string ejections. -- We hear that the Block is B'More's red Light district -- for the price of a bottle you might get more than a drink -- a lap dance is done with comedic talent -- and the musicians have all been sent out to sink -- Away to blow the horns somewhere else, since the show is riding a pole -- no drummers to beat and da girls gotta eat -- so they be shaving what covered the hole. -- it's just what they do -- but between we and you we sure do miss the trits of Busty -- It's no longer Burlesque with nudity statuesque -- though the music is canned if still Lusty. -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme

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