January — another year contrary — we eat too much of dairy, — being pulled both to and fro. — The method of derision is not an ultimate decision — no matter which way the gods are looking, — we know it’s little that we know. — However, when the door is open, — We take a step on through. — Of course it’s a Trap. — We’re out of our minds — but we do it all for you. — At Burger King or McDonald’s, — it’s all about the same. — Although the Golden Arches and Coca-Cola play the big Inter-Galactic game. — Hooray for the Red, White and Yellow! — But don’t count out Colonel Buddha. — What else is there to do? — Of course it’s a Trap and we know we’re a Sap and a Happy New Year to you. — Which one of us do you mean? – Yah, sure, You Betcha. –>>Rupert L.T.Rhyme