If the Good Doctor kept the name Michael King he might have promoted boxing. — The non-violent warrior Alpha male devoted his rebelious life to leading and the Sport of Kings, inside Foxing. — To be or not to Be, his father thrust his life upon him. — A “sprituel” man in his own right in a place where history rules. — The shame of his assasination burned the cities by simple fools. — Call it urban development — call it interprative reaction. — Many of the sites in B’More or Less have yet to be rebuilt — MLK is due respect given him by rebuilding PARKS and planting Roses, instead of shooting guns with some weird hand tilt. — And maybe picking up a little trash — instead of dumping in some alley — by the gun toting knucklehead faction. — Even if it doesn’t pay the cash. — You still be sneakin, Sally. — Positive actions speak and gain respect — though everything is subject to gossip and misinterpretation. — “Praise the Lord and Pass the ammunition” should never be an underlying condition in any situation. — Unless it’s afterlife you’re looking for to be some Revelation. — The Here and Now was Doctor King’s forte without reverting to violence. — Thus on this later day after, we offer Dion’s music instead of a moment of silence. –>>Rupert L.T.Rhyme

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