“We must eat to live and live to eat.” document.write(" +Henry">Henry Fielding (1707-1754) -- And then we are a meal. -- 'Entomb' the body in wrap and gold, encased in a concrete Castle, still we all become a memory, without the 'tenterhooks' of actual confrontation of who we are or mayhap were meant to be -- like everything that lives and dies for something else a delicacy. -- A 'soberchat' is rare today, even in a 'Shrink Rap' -- the comprehensiveness of a competitive life and our organoleptic leanings -- are always open to interpretation with protective antiseptic meanings. -- Even for a Natural like Raymond J Johnson, Junior, Mayhap -- With blatant linkage overtly observable we obviously deserve a slap.  -- Communication overload is a taxing situation -- and the rich always pay more than the rest, -- Continuing to be our own person with reflection and contemplation, -- As the Rich and powerful attempt to condition our brain is the test. -- Mathematically, the Morse Code with it's Tap tap tap -- was the 'soberchat' without the 'tenterhooks' of repetitive psychological screenings -- or not. -- 'Organoleptic' science, there certainly must be such a thing, since the organic senses bring us so much pleasure. -- Frinstance, how you feel if you are meant to sing or dance or write, dependent on your onward and upward leanings. -- Though some should stay in the shower and your own audience be, singing songs of six pence or 'Mother-in-law' in a choir, -- where you simply move your lips if your sense of hearing has the interpretation of some god-awful just because there's smoke there's fire. -- Dancing could be a problem for some -- there's always to do the "Hand Jive", -- Depending on how much you are eating. -- "We must eat to live and live to eat." said the writer of Tom Jones -- Though occasionally this can be self-defeating. -- As so often we get the impression, reading our writing is like taking a beating, Alas, we hear our own inner moans. -- Therein is a remake in the offing feeding off Henry Fielding's dem der dry once connecting Bones -- at least that's what we assume. -- Which contradicts Henry Fielding's one liner -- living on way past his life -- what else could there be finer -- 'Organoleptic' 'tenterhooks' may be cut off with a knife. -- Whether recycled as SOYLENT GREEN or your Coffee, Mate, or encased as food in a concrete -- womb, -- laughter is always the best medicine of work or memory we continue to eat -- that's the spirit we cannot 'Entomb'. -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme

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