Illustration: The Ashley Book of Knots,     1944

It’s not that we feel tense or uncomfortable about our body of work in fractions, since The Hot Word has lost daily consistency, we’ve decided to expand our horizons and inter actions, never ending, to A.Word.A.Day (AWAD) at — We don’t believe the game is baseball. — Today the word is ‘knotty’. — The only way we have to tell is that the word is of this day, — is by the date it’s posted on the bloggerel we’ll say. — And Happy Birthday, Hoss. — He tied the knot with Peaches before Hoss left for the South Pacific. — In other words they eloped for their wedding to New York City, without being too specific, after Hoss’s basic training,  before boarding the USS Saint Louis. — Peaches also served the country in the Big One WWII. — Peaches was a Rosie Riveter, while the world was tied in knots.

Before the Catch was 22 and Milo Minderbinder took over the country making money off the backs of many others dead and living dead though drinking lots and on the rolling rocks with the wealthy buying stocks. — The folks always bought U.S. Savings Bonds, believing in our Country. — As though the Savings and Loan bailout scandal was not enough banking effrontery. — “It’s a Wonderful Life” Over and over Enron over again and it’s all gonna be all right. — Hoss had spoken of the kamikaze striking while he was down below and body parts still raining down when up on deck he did go.

He lost some of his hearing and a bum knee he had since then — He worked for ARMCO Steel for damn near forty years. — A Union Man was he out of necessity, when the conditions and the wages had been stifled by the Barons. — He worked his ass off for his family with Peaches by his side — they had five children total with one in child birth died. — Hoss would have been 92 today but he passed in 1984.– His Mother died on the day when he was buried. — Hoss being the last of her sons.

Hoss drove a taxi part time until the Union helped him and others make a livable wage with overtime and a half and occasionally a little bit more. — Back when the striking workers walked their own picket line and it wasn’t simply a job for the homeless as we’ve witnessed recently in B’More or Less — We recall the folks always were paying for or owned their own home. — We lived in a former funeral Parlor renting out the second floor  — to two other working families until they all moved on their own from upstairs downstairs on out the door. — Not to some Super Dome. — Hoss had told us the story of when he was a sailor on board the Light Cruiser Lucky Lou . — The thing we knew of Kamikaze is that it is a vodka drink — and we certainly haven’t had one since we saw the picture of the Lucky Lou being struck by one and close call missed by another and another and still the Lucky Lou didn’t sink. —

Leyte, 27 November, 1944 - Hoss on Board

It was close enough to make us think — of the sacrifices that have been made to make America Great. — The Conservatives and Industrial Corporate Complex and Brokers and Bankers have sold out and turned and twisted our Country into knots — While the infrastructure and social safety net crumbles — theys keep taking whats we gots.  — Potato Voda and The Bottom line stretching long enough to be turned into hangman’s noose Knots. — And still the white working middle class at Bama Lama take the most shots. –>>Rupert L.T.Rhyme –>>J.J.Rousseau Knotty?