COLALArt:“Shoot with a camera!Fight with a pen.”Once the die is castAll aspersions last. — BLASPHEMY!? — And Ambiguity! — We’re Truthiness fans of Stewart and Colbert — And Five or so other regular sources, -- With Words or Quote of That Day. -- AWAD and The Hot Word, Merriam-Webster and dare we mention the Urbans, Give us the Framework of Whatever LTnCump cumpupwit, we should say -- in some Doggerel Style or Rhyme with a reason and the Glory of Linked Music and the SPLinterwebs. -- It’s here we’ll add our disclaimer about the authenticity of Links: -- We know what we’re doing when we do it but we can’t fix what somebody else thinks -- or redacts or somehow or other reacts or moves around on You Tube -- To hide from the fickle finger of Drone. -- We try Religiously with Blasphemy, to have a little Fun -- and throw an Occasional Bone, -- Much Better than a Cinnamon Bungun. -- And only slightly more authentic than our Doppelganger or Clone. -- We're nothing more than Lab Rats -- for the Market Place -- Dependent on how much money we have -- regardless of Nationality, Creed or Race. -- The only Stock Options that wees earns -- are in Some Representative Guvment. -- If the Guvment represents the bigger Money, -- It's the Peoples that be spent -- Like the Soldiers Where They Went -- and the 99 percent -- that feel the Burns -- of Nepotism and Insider Trading. -- What Da Bees Geez US candidates for Spading -- Neutering -- By Taxing the Tao OF Jones Credibility Rating. -->>L.T.Rhyme --"OuiWayMore."-->>J.J.Rousseau  -- Wit Da NATION sometimes Chilly -- Though the Cloud might seem so silly -- It's another way to occupy In the Sky. -- It's still up for Rearranging -- with some ROBOCOPS ESTRANGING OAKLANDRAW -- Pay Attention to the TALKING HEADS and stick it -- Out to Get the Vote on some ultra Positive Note -- to Represent the Times they are a Changing. -->>RLTR --"Dogsbody? NoN! Still More."-->>J.J.Rousseau -- This has become a conversation about Science and Creation -- and the Role that Human Beans MIGHT THINK they're hear -- Without Intelligent Participation,. -- We can't grasp the Horizon with the Horizon Never Ending. -- If we stopped right now directionally, -- What Message would we be sending -- in our Inner Conversation with our self -- For Self Indulgent preservation. -- Or the Food that's on the table with a Government unstable -- Eat Chore Bible, Koran, Money -- or the Torah would be funny. -- Some stock options could be grated -- Soylent Green not understated. -- Just add a little Honey. --  DoWhackaDo and what else can we do? -- Living within our own Head, where the WAYS and Means are half eaten and some prefer Sugar instead. -- -->>RupertL.T.Rhyme -- "OuiOui, More?" -->>J.J.Rousseau -- 'In Bed'

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