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Our Server is Hostway — There’s a story here somewhere — about intellectual Property — and the Blasphemy of a Holy Cow. We’ve lost a bit more information — The recent posts we’ve done — The Bulgarians have been helpful — Supporting when we’re on the run. — The entire Blog had disappeared 0n the 30th of December or somewhere thereabouts — With the exception of the Header and some apology posted with out a doubt. — We had many conversations — the Bulgarians and us — explanatory situations — and it was only once I jokingly did cuss now twice da Fuck. — We take this as a warning shot of what technicians can do — Remembering no good deed goes unpunished. — Recalling Aldous Huxley and Mike Wallace then Watts up Doc parts 1 and 2? — We have no fear with the NSA here and there’s nothing we hold to. — Criticizing any thing makes one some sort of ‘FAIR GAME’ — That’s the way the cookie crumbles in the Multi-National Corporate Political name. — Anyway, a backup was found and re-posted up until the 10th day of past July.  -- We began posting immediately on the 30th Dec is what we'll say. -- We spoke about the missing six months and were told it's a priority project -- A Holiday weekend is different -- Weren't much did we expect. -- Fortunately, we had a backup from December 20 past and uploaded and asked Good Ole Milburn and he reposted things quite fast.(Or so We thought) --   The only thing was missing was twenty through December 29 -- Ten Posts -- otherwise all was fine. -- We posted on December 30 adding ten new posts up until today, January 2 -- Including a new periodical introduction with nothing much to say Oh Whoopdeedo.  -- The story's a bit more complicated -- it's about fun and the number five. -- We had been asked to e-mail our back up which seemed odd in it's own way. -- Maybe they don't have free Speech in Bulgaria though what would Jesus Say. -- Milburn placed it for us and then came the Turning of the Screw. (Milburn says it wasn't him.) -- Bulgaria reposted us over Milburn's backup to December 27 -- Not including Dad's Death and Brother Bob -- And disappeared everything more recent -- like when we mentioned of the Six month Blow Job. -- We know that we're simplistic idiots -- but we have feelings too -- Plagiarism is a no no as is a violent retaliation Boo Boo. -- we're still idiots but hope an apology to Hostway and Bulgaria will do.-- We feel we've been lobotomized by John Hotchkissour Kosher Pickle. -- The Gaslight burns at both ends -- We'd rather ride some Motor Cycle -- But this is what we do. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- P.S. Rousseau is getting a shave and a haircut at DOGMA -- Well WhoopTeado!-->>L.T.-- To further add to the confusion -- thereare new sub contusions -- where understanding circumstances go back and forth as they say. -- Finally speaking with Milburn, whom I had believed had done some restoration after an upload of some alternate configuration, -- he mentions twas not he that did the earlier deed -- of filling in the blanks without losing later data. -- The plot thickens in this space age no matter what the real page -- It's to the Bulgarians I need to apologize. -- It seems that they provided the narrative to the 20 December day --- and still intact was the information I had posted over the weekend -- Further innuendo would make anyone react. -- and finally on Monday -- after ranting through the weekend, the final post recorded was (AUTOCORRECT) -- Blogchi@mayopia.com is the link that seems unspoken with Apologies for what's been broken. -- When the time and space continuum is kerfuffled and comes out write or wrong. -- However we lost the weekend though we know priorities can sometimes Sing a different song -- when the days they run together and the nights are simply long. -- There are really no Excuses for making up mistakes -- Though when the time comes rationally the spell bound undertakes -- what may seem irrational to some is oft forgotten -- Asking for forgiveness for an Apple that is rotten -- is circumstantial anyway since every thing eventually disappears -- Eventuality is but a token for time that's wasted threw the years -- However, working through with passion is the only course to take -- when Malice seems the fashion and not Blasphemy for Blasphemy sake. -- Give us Blasphemy every time --there are no Sacred Cows. -- Every problem caused by Man therein lies the solution -- Environmentally speaking -- The Earth we live upon might die before its peeking -- Whether Rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail should halt communication -- eventually we'll figure it out -- such is the situation - and help should be provided in the human Bean Constitution. --L.T.Rhyme --"Oui, screwed."-->>J.J.Rousseau