LALA2012 — Shoot with Blasphemy — There are no Sacred Cows — We sure know that we’re vulnerable — Shoot us between the Eyes –Hostwayers still don’t know how our Database — originally disappeared. — Like Rosemary WoodsThe Pirated Goods — Vanished accidentally — By unintentional surprise. — Of course, we know it's Crap that they're stealing with others to Tap while Dealing -- or something embarrassing perhaps. -- We're a walking talking embarrassment -- Freewheeling none derstanding our greatest need is N APP. -- Anyway, we've been told over and over again that Things Can be Collected -- Money or not -- our words what wees got -- and we're familiar wit being rejected. -- Again we got Toes Distractions -- Politically no respect --"Leaves of Grass" -- Whitman still Kicks Ass -- and it's only the Coming Attractions.  -->> L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui, WEEEEE!"-->>J.J.Rousseau -- Where did all the time Go -- Say it isn't So -- We missed the "Week in Retrospect" -- and still there's nothing that we know. -- Everything is a Show. -- With the future up in the Air -- and why the Hell should anybody care -- When the Wealthy try to manipulate the Evolutionary track -- And we don't need Rosemary's Baby back -- or any other superstition that's more than just a symbol of the pain that some inflict to control the mediation of every moment that we have to live on our Planet Earth -- never to return -- never to remember. Shake and Bake. -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme

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