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LALALA“Shoot with a Camera!” document.write(" there's a thing about that" href="http://motherjones.com/" target="_blank">"Fight with a Pen." -- How - Why - Say What - Where - Say Who - Had enough, - Say When -- Here's a missing Link and simply a disclaimer -- There seems skullduggery afloat -- or our own ineptness, not to be a Bossa Nova Blaimer. -- Links do change or disappear, Like WordPress Posts or some Autocorrectness from our Caring is sharing Hostway Server -- The danger of a sequestered Robotic Geek society and the Republicans are Coming Again:-- We're at the mercy of someone WhoDa Oversea -- Wit only literal computation, -- In some judgmental materialistic mundaneness situation -- Wit Scary Participation and backstage access degeneration  -- N competence in Video Games Like some Drone of Differential energy. -- Hence the Privatization of everything with the Stock Market ruling the line -- or Public-Private Partnership with Corrupted Public Officials  Holding Court over some What's Good? -- Guvmeant High Yield sign. -- Fracking Pipelines, we're all Tapped Out. -- What else is in the Water? -- Soes weez gots our limitations dealing with Multiple Configurations and overwhelming regurgitation of some Under Whelming Lie -- It's always a Good Day to Die. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui Morose So."--J.J.Rousseau -- Hotel New Hampshire where the Cider House Rules -- Whatever it is that's in the Books is interpreted in Schools -- Maybe that's the Movies. -- And then again the 'SPLINTERWEBS' -- A "Series of Tubes" -- We Know this -- So it is we're told -- Throw in some Clouds and Social Networks everything is Aging with us Rubes -- Just take a Look at Stewart -- There always is Cold Beer  -- Toss in another "Onion"  - Wit Da Shrimp Dey Steaming here. -- Occupying Pots on the Stove -- Still Preparing Oil and Texas -- Locally --  the Fix is in with OLD BAY Environmentally, fading from the Nexus. -- To make this sound good vocally -- We'd need to fake another More Class. -- It really ain't Bout Now or Never -- Wit Old Man River rolling along. -- Ain't it a Shame that we're not Capitalist clever -- Enuf -- To write a popular song. -- With some case to sing along -- Yet hacking still continues as do the Culture Wars -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme


[ {Any one who has gumption knows what it is, and any one who hasn't can never know what it is. So there is no need of defining it.} - Montgomery, L. M.] - Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) -- 'Lordosis' is not a Messiah Complex -- Nor the 'Profligacy' of the 'Mordant' wealthy. -- 'Blackberry Roulette' on one hand seems unhealthy. -- 'Blackberry Roulette' on the other hand while hitchhiking on the Northwest Coastal  -- 30 years ago -- Was a  'Mordant' treat before the 'Profligacy' beginning, -- With the Cheney-Bush-Reagan Era Greed Winning, -- When the term arrived 'Going Postal'. -- Is that So? -- Though we see fewer Blackberries around, -- Blueberries and Gum help fight our halitosis -- and smoking. -- Anyway,  there was a time when we were Homeward Bound -- With a Heavy Load -- we had some form of slightly 'Mordant' and discordant, 'On the Road' 'Lordosis'. -->>L.T.Rhyme --"Oui, weren't all there."-->>J.J.Rousseau -- 'Well, Joking...'LT