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‘User Banned Words’ — We’re flying with the Cuckoo Birds. — Self-Censorship is for the Meek of Heart — Intellectually pursuing — What is and is not logistically worth Doing. — That totally means we’d need to think a bit — About Wit. — ‘All options are on the table’. — ‘At this point in time’, there's 'no problem'. -- Call it ART. -- 'That's what she said'. -- 'I know right.' -- Who's unstable? -->>L.T.Rhyme


[ {There are strings … in the human heart that had better not be vibrated.} document.write(" +Charles">Dickens, Charles ] - Charles Dickens (1812-1870) -- Whether 'Palmist' or Psalmist -- It's the reading of The Line. -- 'Expostulate' against the performer;  'Kudos' for the Ladder Sign. -- 'Trivial Pursuit' is 'Dysthymia' in an awkward Way. -- 'Dysthymia' might cause some 'Trivial Pursuit' -- Otherwise there's nothing much to say. -- We might offer 'Kudos' to Big Business -- And what goes on behind the scenes  -- But they'd rather have the money. -- Y'all knows what Dat Means -- Watch What Mitsy Rommel says and 'Expostulate' what's Chameleon Funny. -- We go about our own minding business, Honey. -- And still can't be a narrow Paul ROMist -- It's more about the Legislative and Judicial -- Oh So Texas Superficial -- and for that we need a 'Palmist'. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui."-->>J.J.Rousseau [ {There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.} - Harry Crews, - novelist and playwright (b. 1935)