LALALALA2012“Shoot WIT a Camera”“Write Wit an Attitude.”“Once the Die is Cast, - All aspersions Last." - Ketchup? - "Lucy, - You got some 'Splainin' to do." -- Not about 'Blasphemy' or 'Ambiguity'  but the Uncertainty of at least Mayhap Eight or so other Things -- "First there was a Thought!" --  With all Things Linked togethered. -- We know not what's Authentic in the Links that Absence Brings. -- We continue to Draw From Sources, -- Far and wide from Other Scenes. -- The 'Splinterwebs of Freedom',  are one way to go as yet untethered -- In a Multiple Selection of Blissful Courses -- With Individual  Ways and Means. --  A Little bit A SOPA  -- Won't clean anything but the Linking is confusing -- We be the DOPA. -- Wake em up with derivative Art: -- Cold Beer, Steward, It looks like ya caught us Snoozing like any Old Fart...  --  Where should we START? -- The Blazing Trail of the 99 0r the .9 with Colbert.  -- Cut the Rug -- Get Rid of the Bug -- Mister Ray Weaves Hair.. -- Get out the Vote or that's all she wrote. -- If you don't -- Why should we care? -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui, - B'MoreorLess, And WhatDaFA happpens Next? Bach."-->>J.J.Rousseau



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