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[ {There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.} - Elie Wiesel, writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1928) ] -- The 'Sagacity' of biting humor, -- Is no 'Stochastic' Act of an 'Immanent' Gloom and Doomer. -- Where 'Venial' Gaffs may be excused, -- 'Connubial' Trust is not Abused. -- 'Connubial' ideals remaining openly expressed. -- Not 'Venial' Felt words suppressed. -- The 'Immanent' change in the State of Mind. -- 'Stochastic' range of what is kind. -- Not Undermining to one's veracity; -- Timing is everything when it comes to 'Sagacity'. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui."-->>J.J.Rousseau [ {In a library we are surrounded by many hundreds of dear friends imprisoned by an enchanter in paper and leathern boxes.} - Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882) ]


>When I read a book I seem to read it with my eyes only, but now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase, which has a meaning for me, and it becomes part of me.Maugham, William Somerset - ] -- W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) -- Once upon a Time the Country was 'Arboreous' -- Before 'Deucedly', the Pure Greed set in -- Many were independent though 'Darling' Slavery was thought Win - Win. -- 'What's Your 20': A 'Connubial' Bliss where it's Master/Slave where the Few have control of the money. -- The 'Connubial' 'Darling'  -- Once True Promise of America and Freedom and Change for the best, Not to be 'Deucedly' funny. -- 'What's Your 20'? -- Once upon a Time -- Work, Work, Work would bring change -- And opportunity for all, although it would be quite laborious -- Now the Change is stolen away to simply rearrange -- Pride before The Fall -- From Seeds come Life's Tree for all -- With a World of equality and freedom of thought, adapting once again to 'Arboreous'. -->>L.T.Rhyme  - -"Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau [ {So many gods, so many creeds, So many paths that wind and wind, While just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs.} - Ella Wheeler Wilcox, poet (1850-1919) ]