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LALALALA2012LALA“Shoot Wit a Camera!” – “Right’s Wit a Reasonable Balance or is that Rhyme?” — When something keeps lifting our shit. — Make No Dem Dare Bones about it — Wees don’t skip days in a row. — What Da Frack is Goin On — Oh Frick it — Don’t Cha Know.  — It’s always Someplace Else.Once the Die is Cast — FAll Aspersions Masked.The Disclaimer we Add with necessity. — Though Fair Use is expressed in Art, -- The Links Might change from the Start. -- Still Ya Gotta Have Heart. -->>L.T.Rhyme --"Cheesy, Oui, ZZZ" -- There be  So much work to do. -- Ritter died on the Treadmill like the Hoss that we once knew. -- Whether Hotchkiss was the cause or not, -- Peaches was up town at GBMC where they made her drink the Radium. -- What's a Cannon's Fodder to do? -- Now performing at the London Palladium. -- Forget About the personal stuff -- With such Big Fish to Fry.  -- I Ching, -- How are You? -- No one else do we listen to. -- U TURN -- Ask us Why. -- We Really Don't Know what to do. -- The Booker tells no tales outside the Society of Whales. -- What if everything Fails? -- SO WHAT? -- There's no need to worry. -- What's the hurry? -- The Priority is  Servicing the Earth.  -- The Sphincter need be tightened: The Greeks are in A rears. --  There's little value in a Holy Safety Net, Batman, or inaction with all it's Girth. -- Drink a few More Cold Beers. -- Secluded Feelings, setting Shy people Free. --  Wit no payoff for the Punch. -- PBS and Bill Moyers with Comcast Lemon Peelings. -- Wait and SEEee. -- Then maybe we'll Do Lunch. -- Maybe Not. -- It's hard to Fight the Money. -- The Englishman once smiled on us over Breakfast along the way -- Where the information becomes garbled -- It's the Twist in what they say -- Into the Mystic, Honey. -- Dualism of the Funny. -->>RTLR  -- "Oui,Oui BBach." -->>J.J.Rousseau


‘Veganism’ or just another Trap? — Where labels that define us with limitations and Plastic Wrap. — In a world that’s changing rapidly with communication breakdown, -- Though vapidly rearranging isolation of the Fake Clown. -- For fear of eating what you are or is it being what you eat? -- We'll have another Chicken Wing before we take a seat. -->>L.T.Rhyme


{It is the power of thought which gives man the mastery over nature.} document.write(" +Hans+Christian">Andersen, Hans Christian - Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) -- The 'Gleeful' Nature of a Far Out Walk -- With the 'Birr' of the Wind and a 'Bright-Line' ahead from the 'Yearbook Insider'  or was that 'Car Talk'? -- Where the 'Yearbook Insider' turns itself around with a 'Bright-Line' down the middle -- and an occasional laugh from some Nut. -- Or was that Sound full of 'Birr'? -- Of Course, We be a Rambler as American, -- With a metal dashboard that's smooth -- And dice on the mirror made of fur. -- Butt! -- Never was TuTu the Cat ever flea full, -- With some purple collar in the groove. -- Whenever we Wandered we were 'Gleeful'. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui, THINK it's time to Move."-->>J.J.Rousseau