LALALALA2012LALA“Shoot Wit a Camera!” – “Right’s Wit a Reasonable Balance or is that Rhyme?” — When something keeps lifting our shit. — Make No Dem Dare Bones about it — Wees don’t skip days in a row. — What Da Frack is Goin On — Oh Frick it — Don’t Cha Know.  — It’s always Someplace Else.Once the Die is Cast — FAll Aspersions Masked.The Disclaimer we Add with necessity. — Though Fair Use is expressed in Art, — The Links Might change from the Start. — Still Ya Gotta Have Heart. –>>L.T.Rhyme –“Cheesy, Oui, ZZZ” — There be  So much work to do. — Ritter died on the Treadmill like the Hoss that we once knew. — Whether Hotchkiss was the cause or not, — Peaches was up town at GBMC where they made her drink the Radium. — What’s a Cannon’s Fodder to do? — Now performing at the London Palladium. — Forget About the personal stuff — With such Big Fish to Fry.  — I Ching, — How are You? — No one else do we listen to. — U TURN — Ask us Why. — We Really Don’t Know what to do. — The Booker tells no tales outside the Society of Whales. — What if everything Fails? — SO WHAT? — There’s no need to worry. — What’s the hurry? — The Priority is  Servicing the Earth.  — The Sphincter need be tightened: The Greeks are in A rears. —  There’s little value in a Holy Safety Net, Batman, or inaction with all it’s Girth. — Drink a few More Cold Beers.Secluded Feelings, setting Shy people Free. —  Wit no payoff for the Punch. — PBS and Bill Moyers with Comcast Lemon Peelings. — Wait and SEEee. — Then maybe we’ll Do Lunch. — Maybe Not. — It’s hard to Fight the Money. — The Englishman once smiled on us over Breakfast along the way — Where the information becomes garbled — It’s the Twist in what they say — Into the Mystic, Honey. — Dualism of the Funny. –>>RTLR  — “Oui,Oui BBach.” –>>J.J.Rousseau

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