LALALALA2012LALALA –>>Rupert LikesTo Rhyme“Shoot Wit a Camera!”“Fight Wit a Pen.”Once the Die is Cast. — All Aspersions Last. — We gotta tell you something here about what we believe is Fair Use. — We Link stuff to the outside with no intention — To Embed or commit copyright abuse. — Milburn generated the tai chi t’u — Years ago Du Du — Our Blasphemy and Ambiguity are not for GOD prevention. — It’s the Gods Damned Gods Hypocrisy that needs some intervention. — Inside we’re Someplace Else and more often — Not some atheist — opinionated — obtuse. — More subtle than Garlic and Habeneros and noodles, olive oil and olives¬† -- We do enjoy our own Cooking -- With the ingredients at hand -- Anchovies -- And occasional Synchronicity without really studying or much looking, -- At Video on Demand -- Too Loose? -- Or some Trend to Under Stand. -- Hot Words and WOTD linked and informed we toss in Merriam -- and Loosely Redefined with Urbans -- Daily Quotes from Free and AWAD with no out and out prejudicial generalization toward 'Pushem' or 'Pullems' with Turbans -- Politically dysfunctional unlike -- Leibowitz and Cold Beer and we can't forget the 'Onions', -- NPR, BBC, Link, the Nation, Mother Jones and we gotta mention Runyons. -- This here is an introduction that we'll keep for a week or two -- 'Fortuitously Enough' for Now -- We'll simply say we're through. -- Our Heads Hurt. -- Ironically.¬† -->>L.T.Rhyme --"HUH? Oui. BBach"-->>J.J.Rousseau

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