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  {Compromise used to mean that half a loaf was better than no bread. Among modern statesmen it really seems to mean that half a loaf is better than a whole loaf.}Chesterton, G. K. – ] Gilbert Chesterton (1874-1936)A ‘Thaumaturge’ unpracticed — Is like a Politician having lost his place. — Being ‘Ad Rem’ all but obsolete — ‘Abjure’ to qualify We Repeat. — Without ‘Insignia’ they stand beside us — only distinguished by rust and ‘Carthritis’ — The ‘Insignia’ a Siren on demand — ‘Carthritis’ ‘Abjure’‘Ad Rem’ no more — Never Straight to stand — Only money to surge — Disappearing as though in the hands of a ‘Thaumaturge’. –>>L.T.Rhyme –“Oui.” –>>J.J.Rousseau  [ {If a rabbit defined intelligence the way man does, then the most intelligent animal would be a rabbit, followed by the animal most willing to obey the commands of a rabbit.}Robert Brault, writer (b. 1938) ]