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2012BloggerelDoggerelA — “Shoot wit a CameraFight wit a Pen.” — Once the Die is Systematically CastAll Aspersions Metaphorically last. — Dependent on Interpretation — or Political AffiliationDeliberated Constipation — Digested Compensation — and Wordless Contemplation…Aum Meditation bringing ultimate Revelation. –>>Rupert Likes To Rhyme — “He don’t know Merde, Oui?" >>J.J.Rousseau -- We got stuck on Degradation  -- Thrown off our Concentration -- While the Circus is in Town.  -- Rupert is a Clown. -- We won't let him bring us down. -- We aspire to be a Pro Noun. -- And We are, Oui?  -- Anyway, we need establish our disclaimer -- and to reference our Line Tamer; -- Sunday lost to laziness we'll say. -- It comes down to some fair use, -- With linkage not for Alcohol Abuse: -- The occasional Cold Beer -- TED, NPR, BBC, Link, the Nation, Mother Jones and Runyons -- and we can't forget the 'Onions' -- The Splinterwebs have Splintered Us today: -- Hot Words and WOTD linked and informed -- We toss in Merriam -- and Loosely Redefined with Urbans -- Brainy Stormed -- Daily Quotes from Free and AWAD -- Anyway. -- If Rick Santorum discovered his True calling as a Stand Up Comedian -- Would he stand down as being the Secular Straight Man for the Masses? -- Occupying Awkward Classes with little time to Sit and Think in some Objective Process -- With Spring Forward -- Nod and Wink.  -- Of all Places left to gather -- dressed in Black, -- nSit down for Lunch or rather, -- Don't forget to clean up after where you eat. -- Watch your Back. -- Throw no real food away -- Staying healthy for another day  -- With Modesty and Inner Truth -- Just take a Seat. -- Whatever. -->>L.T.Rhyme --"Oui, Pony."-->>J.J.Rousseau


{I meant to write about death, only life came breaking in as usual.} - Woolf, Virginia (Stephen) - ] Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) -- 'Condolence' is not necessary to the redefinition of God -- Nor to the 'Hircine' editors, picking and choosing what's odd. -- 'Empirical' proof is everywhere -- contracting and expanding -- The 'Business Casualty' is religion in stealth with responsibility more demanding. -- Another 'Business Casualty' is the business of business -- when God redefines God. -- Gathering 'Empirical' Proof of God's Self-Destructive Nature and wanting to change -- A Jungian wouldn't think that odd -- being an aspect of God. -- - 'Hircine' but not really a Capricorn -- Getting a handle on so much to rearrange -- The Patriarchs and the Matriarchs sharing  -- Power of Home on the Range. -- God is Good -- God is Great -- Gots no reason to segregate -- Life and death all in one breath -- So be it Love and Hate -- All is one and one is all -- what better pointed Cold Reference -- First there was a thought -- By God it might a been 'Condolence'. -->>L.T.Rhyme --"Ruff, Oui?"-->>J.J.Rousseau