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{Consequences are unpitying. Our deeds carry their terrible consequences, quite apart from any fluctuations that went before—consequences that are hardly ever confined to ourselves.} - Eliot, George - ] George Eliot (1819-1880) -- 'Soporific' rambling about some Sacred Cow -- 'Quadrennial' leap year scrambling -- Rupert's Forty anyhow. -- Seeing 'Bosky' as well as one -- That 'Leap of Faith' is half the Fun. -- 'Cuckold' from the Cuckoo Cock -- 'Leap of Faith' with the 'Cuckold' Clock. -- Time passing quickly for the 'Bosky' Roots -- 'Quadrennial' example of Freedom's Boots. -- Mathematical or scientific -- WTF -- We won't explain what is 'Soporific'. -->>L.T.Rhyme --"RuffnReady, Oui?"-->>J.J.Rousseau   [ {The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.} - Linus Pauling, chemist, peace activist, author, educator; Nobel Prize in chemistry, Nobel Peace Prize (1901-1994) ]