2012LACHEN“Shoot Wit a CameraFight Wit a Vibrating Pen”Once the Die is Systematically CastAspersions Metaphorically Last. — Recast — Rewritten — Emotionally Changed. — Living life — always smitten — By the present and the past — What the future holds — Not so fast. “Jesus Saves.” Doesn’t he? — Who’s on First? –>>Rupert Likes to Rhyme– Over here we turn up the Clocks around 02.00 tomorrow, Sunday Morning — or is that Forward — The phones do it on their own — Nonetheless without warning. — Somebody makes this shit up — like everything else — in the Quest for Social Engineering. — We really can’t blame the Fiction Writers that be. — It’s questionable in most every case — to actually know what someone else is hearing. — Voices, alter-egos, Bells, whistles, misguided well-intentioned friends or some Dogma they don’t question. — We shouldn’t forget the subliminal marketing and the Power of suggestion — Not to mention some fictional multifunctional ‘God Fearing’. — Political reform is for ‘Goo-Goo’‘Gaga’WTF — And We are, Oui? — Anyway, we need establish our disclaimer; It comes down to some fair use: The occasional Cold BeerTED, NPR, BBC, Link, the Nation, Mother Jones and Runyons — and we can’t forget the ‘Onions’.  — The Splinterwebs have Splintered Us today: — Hot Words and WOTD linked and informed — We toss in Merriam — and Loosely Redefined with UrbansBrainy StormedDailyQuotes from Free and AWADAnyway. –>>L.T.Rhyme –“Oui, Woof.”–>>J.J.Rousseau


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