Once the Die is CastAll aspersions Last. — In the meantime, we need establish our disclaimer; It comes down to some fair use: The occasional Cold BeerTED, NPR, BBC, Link, the Nation, Mother Jones and Runyons — and we can’t forget the ‘Onions’. — The Splinterwebs are always Splintered: — Hot Words and WOTD linked and informed — We toss in Merriam — and Loosely Redefined with UrbansBrainy StormedDailyQuotes from Free and AWADAnyway. — And So ON…More Drilling? — Only so much Filling — The Rhetoric Earth Killing. — What is Truth? — Instilling! —  This American LifeTHEN and NOW, — So Chilling but Who’s ZOOMIN’ Who in this world of linking this to that? — Again we ask the question what is thin and what is ‘Phat’? — We try not to embed anything and sometimes Links they disappear — We never claim no journalistic integrity — Just information overlords — Power corrupts and shit comes out the rear — Facts of facts — Mathematically CorrectPlausible DeniabilityMarketing DisrespectAbsolute Power corrupts absolutely — Like an Autocratic CEO — or some Bully in the Senate — Of course we are the Good Guys because We Say We Are — and gots the Bigger Guns. — There’s a Thing about that. –>>L.T.Rhyme –“Oui, Woof.”–>>J.J.Rousseau


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