{A woman moved is like a fountain troubled, muddy, ill-seeming, thick, bereft of beauty.} - Shakespeare, William - ] William Shakespeare (1564-1616) -- 'Neaten' thee a Nunnery: -- Though 'Adroit' at pretending to fix cars. -- Tis 'The Airport Effect' of  celebrity or computer generated Punnery? -- 'Demarcate' which is from Venus and which, Mayhap,  is from Mars. -- 'Demarcate' 'The Airport Effect' and toss 'em to Detroit -- to separate the Frick and Frack from the reality of  Click and Crackers. -- Toss em each a Monkey Wrench and some Nuts. -- See the truth of which 'Adroit' -- And which egg ahead is Beaten -- or simply ifs and buts -- and which stands by to further simplify and 'Neaten'? -->>L.T.Rhyme --"Oui."-->>J.J.Rousseau