‘Once the Die is Cast’‘All Aspersions Last’–>>RLTR   —  Here we go again — attempting some disclaimer — along Wit an orchestrated purpose for our existence and undignified persistence and a reason we connect with many links, -- admitting that occasionally our judgment stinks -- or the Judgment of some Re-Poster that seldom thinks. -- We put out for free -- with Love for all unconditionally -- and somehow we come up with a Philosophy.  --  To correct a sectarian discussion of Abrahamic repercussion Wit some Dude that claimed only the Jews and Christians emerged from Abraham -- We dare say Occidental Wit Muslims consequential in that same evolutionary Seed that came to pass. -- The fella wearing a Star of David, encasing a cross or fish we misbehaved and asked:  Why the two and not the third connected. -- Of course, the Abrahamic thought rejected with all religions protected -- We moved on and Rah-Rah Sis boom box interjected. -- We made dat part up. -- So many Gods and so little time. -- Forget about -- it does little to help the rhyme. -- Keep on some flow: so here we go: AWAD, FARLEX, DITCOM, -- Merriam-Webster, The Hot Words and the URBAN sitcom -- Mother Jones, The Nation, -- LinkTV and that variable situation: -- NPR and TED -- The BBC inside The Head -- of Clackers. -- A Cold Beer Wit Onions -- Fed - Wit Quackers -- Not quite Daily when they're around. -- Quite often we link Youtubes and Music, -- Fair Using not abusing -- And we'll never forget the Runyons -- And Good to Watch Bill Moyers Still around.-->>L.T.Rhyme --"Oui."-->>J.J.Rousseau


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