Holy Commando, Ratman!

No need to get rid of the ritual — God knows it’s become so habitual — Sonny and Sharia sing the Blessed Beat Song. — What of Separation of Church and State — Electrocuting Love with the Hate — We need that Happy Meal. — None of them are wrong. — We’ve Got an All American Religion  — Don’t forget the Vatican Rag, -- Another Happy Meal of sorts. -- Jesus Saves -- Moses Invests -- Mohammed still dances the Jig  --  Whenever he's not Driving a Cab -- Keep Religion out of the Courts. --- Shiva and some Octopussy -- Bollywood on the Rock of Roll -- Buddha sitting under the Lemon Tree -- James Brown the God father of Soul. -- We keep looking for music for Islam -- At least some appropriate Jam -- - Maybe it's Jazz with Razzamatazz -- In the meantime a Jelly Roll.  -- Gods and Goddesses included in Spam --  We Believed that we left the Dark Ages. -- Though Mythology has a humanistic place. -- Archetypes and Sages -- Prophets by the pages -- Female mutilation enrages! -- MALALA Historical Grace. -- Dickless men losing their space. --Philosophy and Education taking their place. -- So The Brain and Grey Matter -- Some Psychological Mad Hatter -- One hand slapping some face. -- Confirming the Past and the Get over Fast. -- With the Earth is the Whole Human Race.-- THE FAILINGS OF THE ARMED ALL OVER THE PLACE. -->>L.T.Rhyme --"Oui lucky nobody reads this shit."-->>J.J.Rousseau --"Me Ouch. to be continued...1222012"-->>Ruffn