‘Holistic’  — Earthly Humanistic — Self-Correcting for even the Few  — Greater than the Sum of its parts — What’s a Specialist to do? — Some are better than others — Alas the lonely little toe. — Are Fathers lesser than mothers? — Please, Please -- Say it isn't so. -- Competing on a level playing field. -- Doing ones particular job -- Greater than the sum of body, spirit and mind -- Mayhap we're nothing more than a delusional holistic snob -- Most of all be kind. -- Where is the Humor in Scat? -- Smuts Holistic Reality even on the back of the bus? -- Who can make a Donut Hole in that? -- Ah but the Joke is on US. -->>L.T.Rhyme  -- "Oui Oui."  -->>J.J.Rousseau

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