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‘June’ to ongoing link it — Whether Summer Solstice — Or Southern Hemispherical Winter Blink it. — Things are Topsy Turvy on this Earthly Globe — Whether winked at by the weary — Eyes glazed over by the bleary — Eyed of known better if the Spring were better tuned — So much confusing for an other worldly the frontal lobe — After Another Climatologist April Ruined. — Ridiculous for Allison called a month. — May Oui need not be complicated — If we took more time and waited — Some things they turn out better later if not so soon — Just to keep it fun and simple we’ll praise the June. –>>L.T.Rhyme


05398HAPPY_BLOGCHI ‘Styptic’ before the Well runs dry — The ‘Pouter’ As Debunker –01108halfpriceHAPPY_BLOGCHI– There’s always need to question Why — No matter how the document.write(" especially a bass." href="http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/archive/2013/06/02.html" target="_blank">'Lunker' -- 'Lunker' lost in Pollution -- There is no final solution -- 'Pouter' or a smiley face -- None of this is cryptic -- Simply put it's inner space -- Revolution Will the 'Styptic' -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau -- "Meow." -->>Ruffn


03257autobarn_BLOGCHI ‘SMIDSY’ Literally or otherwise lost in translation. –BLOGCHI_crutch7492– “Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You." -- URBAN put -- Subject to confrontation -- One more Mouth with a foot -- Who on Earth would be you? -- Or US for that matter -- Losing body parts all in the name of some freedom -- What of the otherwise ever -- If you can't join em -- Beat em. -- Why do any physical harm if you can put them out of business. -- Jungle rot -- Nickle and Dime -- Genetically improvised Bleed em. -- Don't let it go to your head -- Simply put have some Beans and Bread. -->>L.T.Rhyme  -- "Oui Weee." -->>J.J.Rousseau  -- "Meow." -->>Ruffn