WHATSUPDOC_BLOGCHI Posting ‘Swoopstake’ patterns only the tip of the iceberg lettuce –2620073_CRACK_BLOGCHIFast Food and Roofie promises so much so like so many mathematical polls —  ‘Nonpareil’ aberrations or not — Ya better get them on tape. — We’d like to Trust just anyone — It’s become SO much so much like intellectual rape — document.write(" dejection, discouragement, or gloom." href="http://forum.thefreedictionary.com/postst36663_despondent.aspx" target="_blank">'Despondent' over every betrayal -- And the 'Zither' of media drift -- 'Gift Card Millionaire' consumer mongering portrayal -- 'Gift Card Millionaire' another signature of thrift. -- 'Zither' but a stringy conclusion -- 'Despondent'  over the dripping contusion  -- 'Nonpareil' with every lie on the take -- Billy goat's gloating enough beyond all reasonable 'Swoopstake'. --  Ya know there's a bulge in that ceiling  -- Wasn't there before latest leak of 2300 CWM#TAG roof.  -- The new letter doesn't talk about subversive bulging.  -- Another wet sheet tonight and it's not Depends on our doing. -- - Please, Mister Roofiness, Make the ceiling on the leveler, The Trickle down is killing US. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau -- "Meow." -->>Ruffn

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