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09085_CAPITAL_BLOGCHI Examining the ‘Calyculus’ — A ‘Swoopstake’ of indiscretion –05773_lady_BLOGCHI– Overwrought by ‘Theocrasy’ document.write(" especially one given by a country to the proposed diplomat from another country. 2. Grace notes: notes applied as an embellishment on a piece of music" href="http://wordsmith.org/words/agrement.html" target="_blank">'Agrement' on non-aggression -- Shiny but just a 'Jargoon' -- One more 'Jargoon' of Lack of Political Will -- The ongoing Looney Tune -- 'Agrement' no longer keeping still -- 'Theocrasy' acquiescing --  'Swoopstake' of scientific discovery -- With everybody confessing -- There's nothing more than all of US -- WHAT THE FRACK YA SCARED OF? --- It should be Fracking evident. -- Take another sip of Spririt Killing Kool-Aid from the awkward leaning 'Calyculus' -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau -- "MeYo. THE ROOF." -->>Ruffn


A document.write(" pale yellow, or smoky variety of zircon." href="http://wordsmith.org/words/jargoon.html" target="_blank">'Jargoon' in the rough -- If it weren't for the NSA we'd have no audience at all -- In this we have Transparency -3993_kodak_BLOGCHI- 'Stichomythia' of Billy Goats Gruff. -- 'Abdicate' any freedom -- 'Immensity' of wanting to be safe -- 'Devil Is Beating His Wife' -- It's the media acting so chafe -ECHOFRANK_BLOGCHI- The 'Devil Is Beating His Wife' --  WHY IS ANYONE SO SURPRISED  -- 'Immensity' of every situation -- Security disguised. -- Socially Conscious Capitalism -- 'Abdicate'  from the Prism -- What happened at the Pentagon -- The Black Box of abdication -- 'Stichomythia' with the Private sector -- Now whatever is too big to fail -- Life as a Worm, Rat or Baboon -- Which Apple overlords are your protector? -- The Blood Diamond or the 'Jargoon' -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau -- "Me Howl. What about the Roof!" -->>Ruffn