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08829CABLE_BLOGCHI ‘Hipster Cable’ In Order to Enable — Insidiously the ongoing joke of What is Hip — Multi-Generational –09013camkoo_BLOGCHI– Uber Confrontational — There’s always some critical element — Such the Trickle Down Drip. — Of Poverty sucking — Gangsta Sap and Keep on Trucking — There is no color coding in the skin — The Content of the Characteristic Government Y’all In. — Whether one more thing to label — Lay the cards all on the table — But where should it begin? — Some or another Sawed off ‘Hipster Cable’.  –>>L.T.Rhyme   — “Oui.”  –>> J.J.Rousseau  — “Meow.” –>>Ruffn


00109pens3_BLOGCHI ‘Expansive’ in the View of things — A pistol or the  ‘Sward’ seems a dualistic choice — ‘Interject’ whatever self-loathing brings –8538_troop_BLOGCHI‘Rx’ for a much grander vision or voice — Or an ‘Rx’ for one more ‘Happy Meal’‘Interject’ any animal between two pieces of bread  — Cut with some ‘Sward’ and some Mayonnaise — How does it look or How does it feel? — This is only a Drill — oh yeah that’s what we said — Bungalow Bill — A Time, A place or a Phase — The Choir replies,  ‘Expansive’ –>>L.T.Rhyme — “Oui.” –>>J.J.Rousseau — ‘Meow.” –>>Ruffn