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tai chi ONCE THE DIE IS CASTALL ASPERSIONS LASTCLIMATE CHANGESHOOT WITH A CAMERAFIGHT WITH A PEN — All Shit heads unite –3105_BLOGCHIflowerkid– Reason is rearing its head — Oh yeah, the Shit heads are in charge.  -- If you come out to Help -- Help -- Second Chance and yet you fail -- You Wonderful Chef -- There's no doubt that you wouldn't spit in someone's food. -- No problem: -- We can't afford Harbor East anyway. -- They really don't like no POE peoples. -- STOKES! -- What does help mean? -- When the request was task specific. -- Personally you're oh so clean. -- Absolutely downright terrific! -- At least you wouldn't put Cigars in your Fish Smoker -- Like some FOOD GAG guy. -08785Gang_BLOGCHI- Not who you are -- That will never Fly -- Oui Oui Oui we be the Asshole -- We don't expect you to understand anything other than whatever it is you think you understand -- So much so -- Just another Pimp -- So so we are -- The Simp -- Disclaiming any variable linkage -- From whence came the shrinkage -- Hereditary -- Low sugar maybe -- The humidity excuses -- Nah, in contemplation of Little Red Cabooses,  --  You're an Asshole too -- So so so whoopdee doo Du -- Who cares -- So helpful or maybe Toulouse -- Blind Sided --  Touché   -- Oh So Oh So Too Much Fun for FaFormer Pond Scum. -00220_GETIT_BLOGCHI-  Ya think   -- You're better than that? -- Good Projecting  -- Not Introspecting -- There's nothing that we know -- And we've worked really hard to get here --  Oui is not the problem -- It's just a Seasonal Thing -- For US -- Bad Drugs or Booze and Allen for Private Contractor National Security Surveillance -- That really is the conundrum. -- It's a business. -- Whose Payroll are you on? -03936_007_BLOGCHI- It was actually a simple request. -- And now it's unanswered in writing. -- No need with a Pen to be Fighting. -- It's good we're only reading our self. -- Splintered what webs?  -- Curses, Batman. -- We must be doing something right. -- They did kill Poe in B'More or Less -- Oh my. -- How do you make this thing Go Go. -- It's just getting interesting -- Even if it Is Just Our Imagination. -- Actually, that's what we do. -- You're somewhat Delusional too. autophobia-alone-zombie-apocalypse-friends-death-demotivational-posters-1296760217 -- And Your Mammy don't wear No Draws. -->> AWAD - FARLEX - DITCOM, Merriam-Webster - The Hot Words and an URBAN sitcom -- Mother Jones, The Nation, LinkTV and that Variable Situation: NPR and TED -- The BBC and an Inside Straight possibility of a Cold Beer Wit Onions -- Not quite up to Daily -- Though Occasionally -- They're Around. -- Powder milk Biscuits on a Saturday Night. -- And we Will Never Forget the Runyons. -- What IS it WIT GPS? -- Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm -- SO FAR SO GOOD. -->>L.T.Rhyme  -- "Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau  --  "Me Howl!" -->>Ruffn


00031cih ‘Gymkhana’ of the Controller — ‘Statuesque’ foreboding no less –07965RUFE_BLOGCHI– No ‘Palinode’ for the Free bowler — ‘Friend Jack’ pinned to the Wall — ‘Friend Jack’ the groupie on call — ‘Palinode’ for lack of the grouping — ‘Statuesque’ like Chaka Khan Chaka Khan — The Path of Glory and the Fall — Life out on the savanna — So much SO for the Gator Traps and trappings of ANY Chock Full of  ‘Gymkhana’ — L.T.Rhyme — “Oui.” –>>J.J.Rousseau — “Meow.” –>>Ruffn