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cadets1907BLOGCHI ‘Bropocalypse’ unrepentant — So Boys will always be boys — SO much for being transcendant — When playing with so many Marvelous Toys  — Or each other so Eternally Youthful — Peter Panned and never EVER really Truthful — Or Truthiness so Comfortably Numbed08785Gang_BLOGCHI– Maybe Straight Up — However down dumbed — So long as somebody or another strips — At least with a Straight Face – ‘Bropocalypse’. –>>L.T.Rhyme — “Oui.” –>>J.J.Rousseau — “Meow.” –>>Ruffn


01726pearls_BLOGCHI ‘Critical Thinking’ — Contemporary Blinking — So much so the Wind Blows — Over saturated information –BLOGCHIEAR09617– Media Competitive insinuation — Money Talks the formation of some thoughts — Needing to Belong — Still the same old song — No longer contemplative — What’s eventually sold is often casting lots. — So so many Fearful of the argumentative — Better than nothing so cynically any — So unprofitable for the partied binge drinking — Academically tied in knots — Lost to the few with ‘Critical Thinking’. –>>L.T.Rhyme


00794_SALT_BLOGCHI ‘Skunky’ Political operatives — ‘Hangdog’ never being chilly — So much for mainstream co-operatives — So much so the ‘Dilly’‘Inselberg’ to stand alone –07209karma_BLOGCHI– Takes so much more than being — Gotta get rid of the Verizon Phone  — Skullduggery and contracts the keying — ‘Inselberg’ for the dally — Puppetry with the ‘Dilly’‘Hangdog’ shame in the galley — Nearly nothing is anymore not unlike Willy-the-Nilly — Wallowing in the big and clunky — Sneaking Sally through the Alley —  American Beauty and the ‘Skunky’ –>>L.T.Rhyme — “Oui.” –>>J.J.Rousseau — “Me Howl.” –>>Ruffn