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03366sweep_BLOGCHI ‘Web-11-1’ A Two — Cha Cha Cha — So much invading the Main Land — Further developing situations — Comedic involvement not brain banned  — Enveloping nations –7923dolphins_BLOGCHI– Forever evolving though unplanned  — Where otherwise deemed something fishy — Whenever the Space station re manned — Confused innuendo so what not as it seemed soft and squishy — There’s nothing there later to beat — And yet The Beat ER goes on. — Mahi Mahi still something to eat. — Oh so misconstrued when we’re gone. — So Sad little puppies 11-1. –>>L.T.Rhyme  — “Oui Non.” –>>J.J.Rousseau — “Me Howl.” –>>Ruffn


07663SPURT_BLOGCHI document.write(" hypocritical." href="http://wordsmith.org/words/pecksniffian.html" target="_blank">'Pecksniffian' on the corner -- 'Smellfungus' in the yard -- 'Falstaffian' though the mourner -- Nada 'Milquetoast' as the Bard -07786KISSH_BLOGCHI- Another 'Bumbledom' astounds US -- One more 'Bumbledom' on Parade -- A sandwich with the 'Milquetoast' mystique built around US -- On the other hand every 'Falstaffian' is bound to get paid -- Not necessarily by the 'Smellfungus' elected -- Another cover-up discovered in the Raid -- One or some or another some what or another some other 'Pecksniffian' ultimately rejected -- So much so how the baby sausage is made.  -->>L.T.Rhyme


02601dolphin_BLOGCHI ‘Vaporware’ revisited and marketed — One thing bought another sold — Product Placement Trademarked — All Thieves caught though the Tale grows bolder. — Most every ‘Empennage’ eventually landing — What goes up must come around — Or not. — Everything gets old — Not getting what’s so often got — Any ‘Animalcule’ not withstanding —    Another ‘Bumbledom’  without another prayer — ‘Motorfloating’ when Cable Tits are up — ‘Motorfloating’ when the Cable Chips are Down — What are the odds for anon-profitable soothsayer — Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around — Political Marketing and the Great Escape –02351monk_BLOGCHI– Incensed vapor Burning Down some Congressionsl House — A ‘Bumbledom’ politician with a look see plastic Cup — So much for the chuckle — For the Stain on the administrative blouse —  Un looking How? — Un called for Rhetoric or otherwise rhetorical Rape? — Who’s cooking now — Every petty ‘Animalcule’ so much so ready to share —  ‘Empennage’ cargo trading places as just another APP — The Comedian, The Fox and CNN  ‘Vaporware’. — ARGO it’s time to take a crap. –>>L.T.Rhyme