06532_BENCH_BLOGCHI Take ‘Defile’ and Shove It. — The ‘Kipper’ done got ate — ‘Vexatious’ Ya gotta Love it. — ‘Nature’s Boner’ So fickle in Fate — Pop culture one more or another sure shot up with the risk of rather or not — And opinions here nor there from one or another ‘Nature’s Boner’ — Not to pause but hesitate –06532ICECREAM_BLOGCHI– Oh so Hungry to take on some or another sure shot. — ‘Vexatious’ and lacking any noteworthy style — The ‘Kipper’ lost to the glutton and prized by another dimwit loner — We don’t Know Nuttin — So much for Dis or Data in an undetermined after while — Whatever about the rhetoric of the Universal Pundit Donor — Yet Be Still some gotta walk another mile — For the Fruits on the top of the Sunday — For to push another button — Otherwise hidden by one or more attempt to read ‘Defile’. –>>L.T.Rhyme

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