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07909_Streetseat_BLOGCHI     Playing one side against the other — So ‘Lade’ security failing — Every ‘Hideaway’ under covered — The Nation of ‘Bupkis’ and otherwise money — Corrupted Institutions —  ‘Skeigh’ falling into every inconceivable trap — Power corrupts — The ‘Commercial Game’ of the funny — Not really that funny at all — Stick it with a sharp resounding slap –07875leroy_BLOGCHI– Of whichever ‘Commercial Game’ to be speaking — ‘Skeigh’ speaks to whatever is said — Since ‘Bupkis’ is what we get paid — The Transparent ‘Hideaway’ so conceptually deceptive — Lost in the founding — Covered up in the Raid — Of course the eyes are now everywhere — Some resolution resounding — The Data regretfully much more than Democracy long otherwise not very well read — Social Security is only a little bit of the issue — Knowledge is the power to be ‘Lade’ –>>L.T.Rhyme