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PJGYPSYBIKE_BLOGCHI      ‘Anarchy’ is an option for lexicographers, Tea Baggers and Intellectual Fruit Cakes. -- Context changing meaning for everything. -- Yet language evolves as the World gets connected -- We ain't that good at English anyway -- With so much rhetoric and malarkey -1381_bikers_BLOGCHI- Seven Billion people on the earth --  Exponential Functionality --  Responsible living and civility -- Glands on the Run 'Anarchy' -->>L.T.Rhyme


trombone_BLOGCHI So says the ‘Pol’ with a — ‘Schnozzle’ or a horn –08118streetwub_BLOGCHI– Another  ‘Ringer’  for the ‘Rubric’‘Download Sabbath’ somewhat refereed to beat reborn — ‘Download Sabbath’ for the Halibut — Something Fishy  ‘Rubric’‘Ringer’ doppelganger do — Or another  ‘Schnozzle’ blowing  — Someone else to wonder whether who  — Some or another ‘Pol’ unknowing. — To kill the Poor they way that they’re going. –>>L.T.Rhyme


POEbo306chome2 copy Once the Die is cast — All Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a Camera — Fight with a Pen –Woman crushes Hose with radial efficiency — Claims One Inch diameter tubing intruding on 11’2″ wide space — Hosed Moser — On Target Poser — Prejudiced against Worms though environmentally intruding  — Only saving Grace nAnonano English Accent. — Yet developing extruding — Hits Senior Citizen “Sad Old Man”  with door — Hosed again2860690_HOSINGS_BLOGCHI– Entire B’More and much Less Southeastern District roused from slumber in violence free City to harass non violence advocate. — Some really don’t like Senior Citizens in B’More or Less — Nor Dog with Balls — We were always lead to believe Asians respected elders. — Men in Blue at Work —  Attica Attica AtticaPOEHOME03CIMP09– Central Booking Holiday Fair Nuff with such a colorful Cast of Characters — Only one threat of physical harm in The Central Booking Print and Picture social gathering — Fortunately released before Trip upstairs — Whatever that meant – – TAG you’re it — COPS VIDEOS Ten or Eleven — We will be trying to Raise Money for a Jury Trial — PLEASE — The word that was repeated several times in asking the Lady to Please FREE my HOSE. — And let the Dog keep his balls — He’s well adjusted — FILED Charges will be scanned and POSTED in the near future —  POSSIBILITY OF 10 years + in the slammer for Community Activism — Losing THE RIGHT TO VOTE after 42 Years of VOTING IN AMERICA is also a distinct possibility. — Baltimore loves its writers. — That’s a Joke, right? -P1200634_CIRC_BLOGCHI- Thank you. -- We need to remain irreverently independent: Fight with a Pen... it's just about to get VERY interesting -- Some things and people are not always as they appear to be. -- And too many cooks can spoil the business -- Fight TO VOTE.  -- DOGGEREL DAYS AFTERNOON WILL BE A SHORT SERIES UNTIL THE FALSE CHARGES ARE DROPPED or we go to jail -- Or we simply choose to stop without any explanation necessary -- or are mayhap assassinated. --  That would not be good.  Visual Aids, Entertaining quibbles and Chapters will be linked: We edit as we go.  All versions are saved in Word Press and in other places. Urban Experiment at Work.

We're Dead. -- Nevermore -- - ODE JOY -- Refresh -- Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries Tu Tubing somewhere between a Rock and a Rolling Stone to gather somewhat So and So -- And don't forget To Floss  YinYang-- Wit Onions -- Biscuits always Rest Aging -- And we Will Never Forget the Runyons. -- Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm --- What of it to you. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau -- "Me Howl! - Give Blood." -->>Ruffn