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RABIDFOX ‘DOGGEREL DAYS AND FORESKIN SEASONAL HOPKINS AFTERNOONS’ — The Container is missing. The retractable Container used for gathering leaves and other organic material for the Worms to turn into castings of thousands. — That’s why I ended up at Central Booking this Monday Past. Sweeping up leaves in the community Park. One of the Professor’s favorite phrases is “No Good Deed will go unpunished.”  The English woman is daft. Of course she assaulted me first and I would never hit a woman.  Can I file counter charges since Beatrice struck me first. Would she be deported?  I grabbed the husband’s shoulder to maintain balance and he shouted assault.AND IMMEDIATELY SCRAMBLED FOR HIS CELL PHONE.  I fell into an obvious trap. Oh there’s video of the arrival of the First Officer where I identified myself and pointed out the dog that he was called to 2860690_HOSINGS_BLOGCHIarrest. Rousseau has a Great smile and I have a missing front tooth. The cop brushed me off and entered the Machiavellian Household telling me to wait outside so he could secretly get the story straight on how they should proceed in my castration — I can hear the dialogue now: “Can’t lock up the Dog: He’s got a Great Smile and he looks good.” — “Buggers that is a problem.   The old man has a missing tooth.” — “I know. We look Marvelous. He’s an Ass — The sad old man. He was on our steps. That’s why you hit him right?” — “Opportunity knocks open the Door.”  —  “He did say please didn’t he?” — “Nobody will believe him. He’s crazy. Call someone we need a corroborating witness.”  — “If the dog is left outside we cut off  his Balls?”    — That’s why one of the COPS threatened to leave the dog tied up outside, I guess.  Or else he just hates Standard Poodles.  It seems the more I reflect om what happened the insidiousness of the situation becomes more apparent.  05706MUGpass_BLOGCHI Anyway: Of course I have no idea what anyone says in the privacy of their own home. It only matters when someone suffers damage by their actions. Anything I create from imagination is pure fiction.  Even if some of it is reflective of some truth. However, documentation from reality and video will be presented for purely entertainment purposes. The Witness that showed up on a bicycle was wearing a Hopkins Sweater. For there to be exact corroboration as stated in the soon to be posted charges there would have to be collusion since the typed statement does not match the physical evidence of video. There was a 911 call that stated loose dog according to the first officer who arrived on the scene. Of course I have no budget to get a copy of that 911 call to come to 8 South Durham Street in Baltimore.  I can only show the video of the Police Officer's arrival. Right Murph?  I've been trying to be re-neighborly for the past several months -- When someone can't look you in the eye -- They are involved in some or another skulduggery's child.  KP   2012-02-13_downndirty_BLOGCHI PS at approximately 1500 today a Baltimore City Police Car WAS PARKED DIRECTLY in front of my house. It's in an Alley two blocks North of Billie Holiday's New Shrine.  I opened the door and no one was behind the wheel. I shut the door and a few minutes later the car pulled off.  This is really cool in a very Natural Bmoronian Way. Race Cars, PCBS and whatever else polluting the Harbor and Chesapeake Bay and so on and so forth.  Follow the Money.  I am not the problem in this city.   They've got a wonderful machine that can be manipulated. AUDIT THE CITY NOW.  Take a harder look at the Cops too. -->> L.T.Rhyme TOMORROW CHAPTER 2 CENTRAL BOOKING - TOKEN OLD WHITE GUY


07748cops_BLOGCHI ‘Plenipotentiary’ — So many other shades of gray — Everything not necessarily Elementary — Blabber blabber with nothing better to say — ‘Loup-Garou’  in the morning — Just Another  ‘Schmo’ in the night — ‘Adscititious’ in the Jail House — ‘Easy Like’ in the fight –08927FOX_BLOGCHI‘Easy Like’ looking for meaning — Or Defining who we really are — Complimentary parallel form — One or another over used drug laden car — So much for the lynch mob convening — Otherwise not even warm —   ‘Adscititious’ information nothing more than secondary non confirmation — Which ever the way did they go — Regardless on the ongoing situation — ‘Schmo’‘Loup-Garou’ so ultimately pecuniary — How much do you think you know — The Balance shaken absolutely – ‘Plenipotentiary’ –>>L.T.Rhyme


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