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2442_CASHOUT_BLOGCHI ‘Shortening-English’ — Redeveloping sub-cultural dialect — Like shooting stars and cheap shots heard around the world –09439_gnome_BLOGCHI– First you learn the language — Meditative and circumspect — White crane lifts wing — Brush left knee — Looking for Peas that are twirled. — Communication improvements — So much for the short end of the stick — Carefully calculated movements — Alienated – Isolated — Whatever the need choose and pick. — So much to learn or distinguish — So true to form — Otherwise ‘Shortening English’.  — Don’t it make one all fuzzy and warm — Gathering the swarm. –>>L.T.Rhyme


09842_HOLYCOW_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a PenSo so manyAnother Point of View — Perspective otherwise humbly revealing — A Wandering Mind not intentionally concealing — Juggling Apples in the Air — Entertaining Equality — Otherwise losing our hair — Marketing frivolity — Twitterleedee and the mindless so to so and so to share. — Trans-fats exploding  — AUDIT THE CITY NOW! — So much confidence further eroding — An Amazing time to be alive –05835_buydrugs_BLOGCHI– Eating every other Holy Cow. — Refresh — Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries Tu Tubing somewhere between a Rock and a Rolling Stone to gather somewhat So and So — And don’t forget To Floss with NPR and TEDYinYang– The BBC and an Inside Straight possibility of a Cold Beer Wit Onions — Somewhat in line with DailyEngaging — With Gunpowder Milk Biscuits always Rest Aging — And we Will Never Forget the Runyons. — Bill Moyers on line and Diane RehmWhat of it to you. –>>L.T.Rhyme — “Oui.” –>>J.J.Rousseau — “Me Howl!Give Blood.” –>>Ruffn


urbanexperiment_2013 ‘Some Moving Fingers write’ — Sometimes some other Moving Fingers rewrite — Yet other moving fingers simply Jerk Off — Unintended Consequences withstanding — Perspective rearranging — Shoot with a CameraFight with a Pen. — Watering the Worms since Dryness is the enemy – And Mad Dogs and Englishmen, of course.2860690_HOSINGS_BLOGCHI After substantial groveling and pleading for the woman to please back off the Hose. There was the incident at the door. One Cop arrived. Officer Krupke entered the neighbor's house after first spontaneously admitting his call was about a loose dog. I know he couldn't have meant Rousseau: Though he has his Balls he is not aggressive. The other cops began to arrive shortly thereafter. When Krupke exited the Neighbor House I was informed I was under arrest. After being handcuffed I expressed my concern about Rousseau, my Garden Tools and especially the Hose. The very Large Black Cop was the most helpful. Broom, rake and snow shovel are all accounted for. The very handy fold-up fallen leaf green container is missing. I counted Four Police cars in the alley and a VAN on Baltimore Street at the North end. I removed the contents of my pockets. With so many police officers shuffling around it was hard to differentiate one from the other. At my request an officer approached the neighbor's house and asked the woman to move her car. I have no idea if he said Please or not. He only had to ask once. Beatrice immediately came out of the house and moved the car. I commented on how simple that seemed. She spoke no words. That's where they should have immediately removed the cuffs. The Black Officer rolled up the hose at my direction and attached it to its proper place in the front Hall closet with the prescribed bungee cord. MV5BMTI4Nzc1OTE0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDk5MDQ5Mw@@._V1._SX300_SY359_ Rousseau was lead from where he was linked to the worm garden fence. I unhooked his leash after he followed the command to put his front paws on the marble step. We were surrounded by Police. We will be reworking this Chapter throughout the Day. We are also editing the video complete with music track. The entertainment value is unquestionable. -- ken P /Rupert L.T.Rhyme


00083_SOLDHERE_BLOGCHI What is ‘Clepe’ in the railroading? — My ‘Bonhomie’ sails over the ocean — Some ‘Oeuvre’ sales over the sea — The ‘Pogrom’ diverted as a notion — A ‘Brain Fact’ of what it should be. — Brain FactBrain FactWHATSUPDOC_BLOGCHI– Oh So so ‘Brain Fact’ the obvious and the Deep.  — Somewhat the Green House imploding. — The ‘Brain Fact’ misguided by some or another Creep. — The ‘Pogrom’ of language yet eroding — Otherwise Oh so and so much better to enable — With some ‘Oeuvre’ to Rock Us to Sleep — ‘Bonhomie’ not left for decoding — By any other Rose or a Label — Whatever the message of the disingenuous unlabeled otherwise somewhat  ‘Clepe’.  –>>L.T.Rhyme