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TDUSTFRONT ‘Buy the Book’By the BookPDFCover– Homage or collaboration — Whatever the Road less took — Not giving in to paranoia or some otherwise revengeful temptation — The futility of merging and yielding to the Philistine or the crook — Nothing less than informal acquittal — Somewhat singing ‘By the Book’.  — So much so and so little by little — Deport the wench and fire the cook. — Isn’t that what the rich people want? — The scum on the bottom squirming. — There’s a lot to be learned from worm farming. –>>L.T.Rhyme


05918TITSUPCANDLE_BLOGCHI TITS UP for the  ‘Gewgaw’  — Trust no one so to speak ‘En Bloc’ — Or somehow or another some chip — The ‘Enormity’ of any betrayal –01440_JEWELS_BLOGCHI– So much for the ‘Crackstituents’ yet to fall — Someone is bound to let it slip — Smoking Cigarettes and Watching Captain Kangaroo —  ‘Crackstituents’ for so much OH THE conformity —  What’s one or another yet idiot to do? — OMG LOL acrimoniously Religious the ‘Enormity’‘En Bloc’ who whatever are Oui the Whenever the Call — No one to speak of oh so so somewhat forever otherwise the never the less ‘Gewgaw’ –>>L.T.Rhyme


08411boh_BLOGCHI ONCE THE DIE IS CASTALL ASPERSIONS LASTCLIMATE CHANGESUPERPHOON  — SHOOT WITH A CAMERAFIGHT WITH A PEN — Of course we’re waiting to once again be dragged away in handcuffs. — This is America after all — Whose PAYROLL are you on. — Does Money cloud judgment?Does POVERTY cloud judgment? — Is there any such thing as ABSOLUTE TRUTH?  —  MONEY is Truth, of course. -- Everything else is HEARSAY - POV - perspective - motivation - envy- jealousy -- whatever else that should be obvious -- Simple Shit.-- And then there is the Corroborated LIE  -- Or might that be Orchestrated Lay  -- This morning Rousseau was able to run, in an undisclosed location of course, for a solid 40 minutes. We're certain this is one of the reasons for his good natured Ballsy attitude. The ability to RUN Free and to take time to smell the Urine. -1032_DOGS_BLOGCHI- The pattern of the past few months has given light to the possibility that some dog lovers don't love dogs but obedient playthings. Rousseau has been banned from City Dog Parks because of his Balls, though he had proven his well balanced non aggressive attitude for the previous year while licensed for City Dog Parks for a Fee of twenty dollars plus a thirty dollar CITY License fee for non altered beings.  -- Whenever someone would show displeasure with Rousseau's Nut Sack I had the proper authorization on my person and commented that Rousseau might be one of Few actually licensed to be there. -- Dogs work things out generally.  -- And they taste good too - Pit Bull Stew. -- The sewing circle mentality and the occasional clueless mugwump is an argument for the continued expansion of America's experiment in Social Darwinism where truly the Strong survive -- Civilization occasionally seems a bit pretentious -- Doesn't it. ---  Of course those few who are True Baltimorons  should not be expected to take responsibility for anything. There are many however 2270249RACECAR_BLOGCHI Good Citizens that have a finer grasp of the environment and community and where priorities actually come into play and have actual intrinsic value. -- In the meantime we live in constant fear of being arrested again.  -- After all it only takes a phone call from a Good Neighbor. -- Proper accents withstanding -- And the right connections of course. -- We will proceed with our Central Booking Story eventually.  -- Composing on line for some things is out of the question since we are knocked off line frequently and must save in an entirely different program.  -- Definitely PRIVATE CONTRACTOR action, right Snowden?  -- Until we lose our freedom, Right to Vote and Freedom of Expression, we must continue to express ourselves to the best of our ability in a hopefully entertaining manner, complete with contradictions or some other Cognitive Dissonance separate and apart from any reality -- Just like everyone else. --   To much FUN and to go around and around -- Refresh -- Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries Tu Tubing somewhere between a Rock and a Rolling Stone to gather somewhat So and So -- And don't forget To Floss with NPR and TED -YinYang- The BBC and an Inside Straight possibility of a Cold Beer Wit Onions -- Somewhat in line with Daily -- Engaging -- With Gunpowder Milk Biscuits always Rest Aging -- And we Will Never Forget the Runyons. -- Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm --- What of it to you. -->>L.T.Rhyme -- "Oui." -->>J.J.Rousseau -- "Me Howl! - Give Blood." -->>Ruffn