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urbanexperiment_2013     After the Cop threatened to leave Rousseau tied up outside in the Pocket Park and I groveled and pleaded to leave him in doors, I was given the Perp Walk North on Durham Street, past the Four Police Cars, to the Paddy Wagon Van at the top of Durham on Baltimore Street. Ski Cop opened the back door and I climbed over the Black Man who was seated near the rear. He was cuffed behind and wearing a seat belt.  I slid to near the front of the single metal bench closer to the driver for the support of the wall.  I asked about my seat belt and was told to hold on to one. When Ski Cop climbed behind the wheel he expressed that we would be picking up one more criminal.  (My recollection is only what it is and perhaps widely inaccurate with my interpretive agenda of making the other guys look bad: the American Way.)

Kurt Vonnegut, the Black man, said that he was caught pissing in public and there was a ten year outstanding warrant for failure to appear against him with a potential Bail of Five Thousand dollars.  I expressed my commitment to Public Toilets and my displeasure with the contempt of the City Elite toward non-wealthy people in general. Kurt agreed. It dawned on me that my survival depended on bonding with criminals which I knew wouldn't be a problem having known many in the past, most of whom were white and managed not to get caught.2860959_DOGS_BLOGCHI

Ski Cop stopped near the Karis Place shelter for women on Baltimore Street near Central Avenue where we waited in vain for an additional criminal.  Ski Cop actually expressed something of an apology for the stop and obviously delaying our arrival at our destination.  At this point I believed that we would be stopping at the Central Police Station a few blocks West on Baltimore Street from where we were stopped.  I was surprised when the Paddy Van didn't turn onto Fayette Street and headed North from President Street onto Fallsway instead, arriving quickly at the Central Booking Compound bordered by Fallsway, Madison and Eager Streets on three sides.

Kurt Vonnegut had been there before. I was able to maintain a heightened sense of adrenalin infused awareness after the shock of the arrest.  Of course I was able to delude myself into some illusion that the entire episode was bogus since B'More or Less is the theater of more murders than New York City. I had touched a man's shoulder after his wife slammed me with a door without any warning while I pleaded for her to get her vehicle off my hose. I was juicing the worms for Christ sake.  I was now in the back of a Van with a Man who was picked up for pissing in public. Ski Cop apologized for the delay in getting me and fifty something with an outstanding ten year old FTA warrant Kurt to prison.  And So On...yingyang

"Here we are!" Ski Cop cheerfully announced.  The back door of the Van was opened and I climbed out following Kurt Vonnegut though I needed a little help having a Titanium knee and being a Senior Citizen and all. "Where's my AARP Rep!" I chortled. A phrase I repeated on more than one occasion during the stay. We stood briefly in line waiting to pass through the metal detector manned by a Tom Cruise looking character.  Ski Cop never said good bye. A posted sign listed the offenses for our particular entrance: Felony Stuff.  -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme


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