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I don’t recall being frisked though I heard talk of such while standing in line for what I believed was a metal detector.  I removed my belt and cleared the rest of the change from my pocket.  Fortunately, that morning I had put on a pair of clean old man pants with an elastic support band and they didn't fall down.    When I walked through the metal detector there was no signal of any sort that was obvious to me. The rules were different now. And I didn't know what the rules were Tom Cruise commented that my knee was probably plastic. "Henry the Butcher told me it was Titanium, " I said, and then jokingly mentioned that my knee set off the alarm the last time I showed up for jury duty.  The lady at the property desk smiled at the mention of jury duty.  After a brief interview with a medical clerk we sat directly opposite the entrance on a metal bench.  I commented aloud to anyone that might be listening that I felt like a token Old White Guy in there.  Some men stood cuffed at a line of numbered windows, other men were seated on metal benches and still other men were led into rooms behind sliding metal doors. Either all of the uniformed employees other than Tom Cruise and Cop Ski, who occasionally made an appearance at the entrance, were Black or I had achieved some sorted color blindness. The time seemed to stand still with no obvious clocks to Measure the Time.

From my seat on the metal bench Tom Cruise seemed very antsy at his post at the front door, pacing,  while he waited for more criminals to be delivered.  He questioned others about the whereabouts of his relief much like a gentleman to whom I give a ride to visit his son after he completes his graveyard shift at a Bread Factory.

''Tom, go back to school.  You hate this job." I told him.  "You're probably right," he answered.

I asked to use the toilet.  It had been a long morning  "You just got here," someone said. I think that's when I mentioned something about diabetes.  -->>Rupert L.T.Rhyme


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