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When opportunity knocks: Open the door — and enter. Don’t let the facts get in the way. No one else does.     01153_COPS_BLOGCHI

After speaking the magic word “Diabetes” I was invited back to the Medical Tech’s desk at the front.

“I wish you would have mentioned something about that before, " he said, "We're not allowed to put you into the system." He then attached an orange plastic wrist band to go along with the white one for property identification. "What medication do you take?"

"I stopped taking all medication about a year and a half ago. I'm a regular blood donor and my vitals are always right on.  My only prescription is for Omega 3 jellies.  Can I see my AARP Rep now? And about that phone call"

"So you don't take any diabetes medication."

"I was diagnosed over ten years ago after losing a lot of weight and when they began to drug me, I gained a lot of weight. So I went on the diabetes inception weight loss program, lost a lot of weight, changed my diet, quit smoking, seldom drink alcohol, write everyday, drink a lot of filtered water not straight from the tap, seldom go anywhere, work in the garden raising composting worms, help to keep the neighborhood safe and my twenty-something neighbors call me a 'Sad Old Man' and have me arrested. Go figure."

At that time the nurse came over to the desk and checked my sugar.  "345," she said. Dominos

"Halloween and a Snickers bar yesterday. Don't give me any drugs.  I'm fine." I said though the incarceration was becoming a bit more clear.  An officer snipped my plastic cuffs and I was able to use the latrine before returning to the metal bench across from pacing like a caged lion Tom Cruise. A white guy appearing to be in his forties was chained to the far wall.  I really have no clue of how he got there nor from whence he came. I was now neither cuffed nor shackled sitting next to Kurt Vonnegut again and another guy sitting beside a plastic bag that appeared to be attached to the young man with what looked like a brick in it. My first thought was that he gets to keep his drugs with him.

The door was directly in front of us.  "If this was really a movie we'd escape," I commented to Kurt Vonnegut. "So it goes," he said.

[What's fact and what's fiction is debatable -- So when such is the truth thus inflatable -- Some such records will show it's the cameras that know with information exploding -- So much integrity eroding -- And there's still such a long way to go. -->>L.T.Rhyme]

There was a piece of litter on the floor in front of me.  Not being cuffed I knew not to make any moves whatsoever.  No matter how annoying it became as people walked back and forth -- kicking it -- The Wipe, whatever it was.  -- And then we reconnected -- temporarily -- my property and me. -->> Rupert L.T.Rhyme


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