Daily Archives: 11/14/2013


4298_MEAT_BLOGCHI ‘Dog-Tired’ regardless of the current situation — We might be ‘Gormless’ but not to a fault — Cutting pasting metaphor  ‘Commissure’ — Furthering through further hesitation — Nothing is all for otherwise the naught — ‘Mulligan’ Stew so much so like before — Yet uncovering the infestation — Some ‘Sleep Tattoos’ always engraving — Entering through another side door — ‘Sleep Tattoos’ immeasurable — Though B’More or Less not behaving — Every moment of madness so pleasurable — A ‘Mulligan’ with the need to say four –02915bankamerica_BLOGCHI– Some so Devious and reckless, yet conflicted by the formless — The Somewhat ulterior quick fix detecting not otherwise reflecting the neglected aside detouring ‘Commissure’ — Which doctor is in it with who? — Big Pharma believes we’re all ‘Gormless’  — What otherwise is a Lab Rat somewhat idiot’s idiot to do? — Without opening the otherwise Poverty stricken closed door. — Minimum wage less so not otherwise hired — So much as has happened before — Somehow any time served so most always expired — Humorously Mocking US for sure — Waiting to wait in another yet line and always some breed of so restlessly forever ‘Dog-Tired’. –>>L.T.Rhyme