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09295_SOXTHIEF_BLOGCHI The insinuation of any ‘Conurbation’ somewhat some or another batman wishing to fraudulently detect — Another ‘Hostler’ rustling drunks somewhat unable to defect — Cartoon characterizations making the wish of a child come true — Hooray — ‘Con Amore’ skimming Cayman islander whatever is a grownup idiot to do. — Child’s Play. — ‘Phone Foot’ with a stiff one — Whatever the thief would say –09424SHIPWRECK_BLOGCHI– The groupie ‘Phone Foot’ fraudulently posing — Uncle John deluded — Identity thieves circumspect — NOT ENVIRONMENTALLY ROOTED —  ‘Con Amore’ delicately hosing — Such is the lack of any self-respect — Whatever the ‘Hostler’ with the horseless iron shoe — Soon developing another situation — So much for the regurgitated cud left unwittingly to chew — Utterly reflecting in the realm of the coming ‘Conurbation’. — Of course we’re not talking about you. –>>L.T.Rhyme