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unstead homeses[Renting/owning living a life — Fight with a Pen — Yet so many others cut cheesy fish with a knife — Some selling the sold out otherwise over killed expression of some merely metaphorical  freedom — How much does it pay — Herein some rhetorical when — What do you want US to say — So much for the why, where be my cheesy balls so Edam. -- Rupert L.T.Rhyme]

There was no ventilation in the three person brick walk-in closet.  Boris immediately lay down on the floor in the back corner as though he knew something. Me and Vonnegut sat against the wall on the concrete bench.  I nervously repeated the story on why I believed I was there. "They lied." I said.

"I was taking a Piss, " Vonnegut said.

"This is my Seventeenth Time, " Boris said. "I'm clean now." PDFCover

"No you're not. You look like you slept in a Dumpster."

"You're wearing a Hawaiian shirt in November in Baltimore."

"I was watering the worms in the garden and she parked on my hose."

"That's no reason to hit a woman."

"I didn't hit a woman.I would never hit a woman.She hit me and I grabbed her husband's shoulder as a reflex and to keep from falling down.  I'm a Sad Old Man with Bad knees. Has anybody seen the AARP Rep?"

"So it goes."

I stood up with nervous energy and Vonnegut stretched out on the concrete bench. I told him that if I were a Black man I would probably be a serial killer.

"Hmm," he said.

"Life ain't fair but slander is not an option." I discussed what I thought were otherwise possible options for defending myself by filing assault charges against the woman since she attacked me.  This I assure you is an understatement.

"You might have to wait until after your court date," Vonnegut said. "It's whoever cries foul first," he said. I had heard the word assault in the arrest but I had yet to see any formal charges. I did remember that Jackie Chan was really quick on that cell phone.It was more of a starting gun than assault.

"If what you say is true," Boris said, "Do nothing.  People like that have a tendency to eventually implode because of there own vacuous nature."

"Yeah, Mean people Suck," Vonnegut said.

There was just enough room in the holding cell to practice the Tai-Chi short form. It's not that weird. Though weird enough for no one to question. I was a little rusty but practicing the form has always been a benefit rather than hindrance toward any physical and psychological or emotional balance. Of course this can be fixed. Can't it? Hopefully before they come to take me away again. What conspiracy.  Which grassy knoll. I didn't do it. I was in Mister Albert's sixth period English Class.  It was really weird when another Graduate of ABC replaced Vonnegut in lock up. Small world.

"Duda - Sullivan Duda.

"Needy - Frank Needy."

Photographs - memories - pictures -prints - matches and  threats of physical violence...

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