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unstead homeses [People in Cages losing freedom in stages — Policy police on the fly — Some simply shuffling the pages — Somewhat the greater Good or the woulda shoulda cause they could. — One or another the sellout — And it’s always a good day to die. — Kickbacks paybacks and how much to shell out — The Corporate Beast — One or another Spy versus Spy — So many gathered for the celebratory Feast — Centrally Booking oh sigh. — Another industry not impartially to  tow — So circular for the crusty lemon Pie — Whichever the way should we goSomebody just wanna get high. — Rupert LikesTo Rhyme]TDRUGSFRONT

Led from the stone cold closet to the well lit room across the hall I sat with Vonnegut and Boris the Russian Spy on another metal bench while others were printed and photographed — Three men were escorted into the room behind us. One butt up in line and was immediately taken for processing. The other two sat to my left at the end of the line. “Ya got a match” one of the men asked leaning into me.

“You’re joking right.”

“You can get anything in here.”

“Don’t talk to me, " I said.

"I'll kick your sorry fuckin ass," the man at the end of the line said.

I looked straight ahead and was called next, though not next in line, to be finger printed and photographed.

"Duda - Sullivan Duda."

"Here," I said raising my hand.


03672_WINDOW_BLOGCHI ‘Commix’  all corruption with the need to stay on top — ‘Homologate’ or Watergate so castigate or otherwise masticate — Chew on that for awhile — O so change the rules don’t stop — And as yet to do it with a little style — ‘Titivate’ every situational comedic absurdity another the national treasure — One or another ‘Lotus-eater’ making rules for the sake of international monetary corporate pleasure — Pretty people get respect — Un hip Hooray the ‘Cheerleader effect’03257autobarn_BLOGCHIBe true to your school — So few delivering the munificent goods —  No matter how degrading or whatsoever the uncool — So many down and out and lost in the deciduous woods — At the mercy of one or another insidious control freak the fish cutter the Ultimate thieving the Fool —  So be Falling in line or outrageously attempting to somehow or another disconnect — People in cages oh so so to follow the leader –TOPTENCAGES– So much for the closeted wife beater neglect — My oh my the ‘Cheerleader effect’ — One more overprotected nefarious  ‘Lotus-eater’Soylent Green feeding for the leaner and the so much meaner — Obfuscating what once was simply for the sake of being and otherwise out of necessity the being the greener‘Titivate’ whether stones and Yo ho ho so and so to otherwise try to prefix — ‘Homologate’ one more genetically modified post chemical non organic cleaner — Not ever ammonia and bleach to ‘Commix’ –>>L.T.Rhyme