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Doggerel Day Afternoon – Photographs

unstead homeses[So Carl rover threatened to kick our Arse —  Just one Arse Hole to another — Confused by the generational Gap and the otherwise the meaning of farce — Where else is the absentee mother — Society’s Child and the unequally the measure — So much for the kick or the slap — Hidden cosmic innuendo and the subsequent treasure — Without music we’ll never take that any or another ways the rap. — Lay em down. — Or what for ever what the else is your pleasure. –>>Rupert Likes To Rhyme]  jacket-for-web-4in

“Stand like this, " she said as I positioned myself for the fingering,   putty in the hands of the woman. Next I stood behind a line and in proximity to a foot print on the floor, attempting to pose for the camera without exposing the recently gap in my otherwise capped and reconstructed teeth.  Dental insurance doesn't seem to work that well. While Posing for the Camera I thought about the threatening gestures of the two behind me and the exposure of the Gorilla Gang or whatever in the General Population, one convict impregnating a few of the female employees.  I was not looking forward to the possibility of being sent into the general population on trumped up charges.  I reasoned that this entire process was an attempt at intimidation.  It worked for me. -->>Duda Duda

BLOGGEREL DOGGEREL Preponderance of the Small

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